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EM will be leading the participation of 11 Mauritian agro food manufacturers and exporters at Anuga 2017, in Cologne Germany. Visitors will be able to discover a range of food and drink assortments.  For tasting of these exotic foods will bring mouthwatering while visiting the pavilion and stimulates the interest to source from Mauritius. Since 2009, Enterprise Mauritius (EM) has maintained a continuous presence at this show, giving also an opportunity to first time Mauritian exporters, mostly SMEs, to establish visibility and create contacts in traditional European markets. The products which will be showcased are:  

  • A wide range of “special sugars” and rough-cut sugar cubes, ingenuously crafted for locking-in rather than refining out, the natural elements of sugar cane juice while providing all the quality and food safety assurances required by the consumer.
  • Mighty Rice which is a special rice grown in dry land. It is arsenic free (<1 ppb) and low in glycemic index as well as drought tolerance.  
  • Rice preparations, soups, cakes & snacks mixtures which are dehydrated and mixed with necessary ingredients making it ready to cook and eat.
  • Speciality foods including pickles, chutneys and exotic fruits pastes such as mango, jackfruit, garlic, Rodrigues lemon and spices that gives the special taste to Mauritian cuisine.
  • Herbal infusions teas giving out health benefits of its nutritional leaves – including a cup of hot moringa drink.
  • Frozen snacks such as vegetarian and non-vegetarian samosas, spring rolls and “bonbon piment” (Chilli snacks).
  • Instant noodles available in 5 different flavours namely curry, vegetable and chicken. A new range of whole wheat noodles with nutritional benefits will also be introduced.

In 2016, Domestic Export of agro products to Germany stood at Rs. 353.6 million. The main products exported were sugar, live primates, fish fillets, tuna, victoria pineapples, pepper, agricultural rum, liqueurs and cordials. Mauritius is the leaving no stone unturned to penetrate further Germany and other EU markets.  

The Mauritius Pavilion at Anuga has been attracting many visitors for it has always created a special atmosphere for tasting of exotic food.

Download Exhibitors’ profiles here