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This sector has evolved from a mono-crop sector producing white sugar to a diversified cane industry producing special sugars, alcohol, molasses and ethanol. With the dismantling of a guaranteed price and abolishing quota with EU on sugar export, this sector is positioning by offering 15 types of special sugars, molasses and alcohol for exports. This sector has also re-engineered itself to produce electricity from bagasse, ensuring sustainability in energy production.Today the export of special sugar has increased to 120,000 tons targeting niche markets in some 45 countries.  

Presently, the country is producing around 400,000 tons of sugar which is also being exported under the fair trade label.  Special sugars being produced include Demerara, Golden Granulated, Light and Dark Muscovado, amongst others.  Special sugars are used in a variety of food products including cereals, dairy products, dry baking mixes, beverages, preserves and jellies, ethnic cuisine, snacks, cookies and baby foods.