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Dear Valued Partners

Gearing for 2017 challenges…

EM will have the daunting mission to cruise 2017 by gearing its resources to maximize return on marketing investment with the right marketing mix in each targeted market with the aim to position Mauritius as a reliable sourcing destination.   Read more …



Speed-to-Market Scheme

The Budget 2016/17 has announced a major Air Freight Rebate Scheme which will be known as the Speed-to-Market Scheme (STMS). The STMS will provide a 40% refund on basic Air Freight cost for Textile and Apparel exports to Europe including UK. The Scheme aims at giving a boost to Textile and Apparel exports to European countries and to enhance product delivery in terms of Speed-to-Market…..Read More


World Bank predicts 2.7% Global Growth in 2017

Global economic growth is forecast to accelerate moderately to 2.7 percent in 2017 after a post-crisis low last year, the World Bank said in a report released today. Obstacles to activity recede among emerging market and developing economy commodity exporters, the report said, while domestic demand remains solid among emerging and developing commodity importers…..Read More


Infographics – Trends in world textile and clothing trade

World textile and cothing trade declined by 7.4% to USD 744 bn in 2015 following increase in 5., % in 2014.Euro v/s US Dollar. Decline in textile and clothing was seen primarily in falls in exports to Europe, reflecting partly the depreciation of the Euro against the US Dollar. Largest textile and clothing exporter was China in 2015, with a 38% share of world textile exports, followed bu the EU…Read More.



Contact Promotion Programme (CPP) Spain  (1 – 3 February 2017)

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) is renewing with a CPP in Spain in 2 targeted cities (Madrid, Barcelona) from 1st to 3rd  February 2017 for the Textile and Apparel companies. Spain is one of the leading economies of Europe. In 2015, value of exports of Textile & Apparel from Mauritius to Spain increased from Rs 27m in 2014 to Rs 48m in 2015. This represents an increase of 81% and is the result of the consistent marketing efforts by EM….. Read More


Premiere Vision – Paris  (7 – 9 February 2017)

Textile and Apparel is one of the key pillars of the Mauritian economy. France remains one of the most prominent importers for Mauritius. In 2015, Mauritian exports to France with regards to textile and apparel amounted to Rs 3.1bn. In order to sustain the visibility of Mauritius in France, Enterprise Mauritius has been regularly participating in this ‘must-attend’ fair for the past years as more than 80% of the visitors at Premiere Vision are….Read More


Fruit Logistica – Berlin  (8 – 10 February 2017)

If there is one place in the world where Mauritius can grow and develop the success story of its exports of pineapples and litchis, harvest new ideas and make contacts with customers and suppliers worldwide, then this is it – FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin. Enterprise Mauritius (EM) will be renewing its participation in Fruit Logistica with a delegation of 8 companies in Germany from 8 – 10 February 2017. This will be the sixth participation,….Read More


Inhorgenta Munich Jewellery Exhibition  (18 – 21 February 2017)

Europe is the leading market for jewellery products accounting for one third of world’s jewellery imports. In line with our objective to increase awareness on ‘Made in Mauritius’ brand, Enterprise Mauritius is planning to lead a delegation of Jewellery manufacturers for the first time to participate at Inhorgenta Munich Jewellery Exhibition. This major international event is held on an annual basis since 1972. The coming edition will be held….Read More

Sourcing at Magic 2017

Sourcing at Magic  (20 – 23 February 2017)

In view of its market consolidation strategy in traditional markets, Enterprise Mauritius is renewing its participation in the forthcoming edition of Sourcing at Magic which will be held from 20th – 23rd February 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, USA. The participants will be showcasing a wide collection of apparel products ranging from knitwear, t-shirt, polo shirt, to jeans and high-end suits amongst others. … Read More


Gulfood – Dubai (26 February – 2 March 2017)

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region accounts for a significant and growing portion of worldwide food imports. The region’s dependence on food imports is expected to rise from 56% in 2000 to 63% by 2030 (World Bank) as a result of an unbalanced increase in supply and demand. Mauritius has exported to the tune of Rs 161.8 million to the MENA region in 2015. It is to be noted that Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. ….Read More


Foodex Japan 2017  (7 – 10  March 2017)

FOODEX Japan is Asia’s largest exhibition dedicated to food and drink targeting participation of about 77,000 buyers from around the world. To further enhance Mauritius as a reliable sourcing destination, Enterprise Mauritius (EM) is renewing the participation of Mauritian Producers/Exporters of food & beverage (agroindustry products) in the 42nd edition of FOODEX to be held from 7th-10th March 2017 in Japan. ….Read More


Contact Promotion Programme (CPP) Tokyo, Japan   (13 – 14  March 2017)

Japan, a member of the G7, is a potential emerging export market for Mauritius. It has a population of 128 million, relishing a GDP per capita of USD 38, 634 in 2015, which is forecasted to reach USD 43,503 in 2018. It imports 60% of its foods from abroad and represents a huge fashion market that offers real opportunities for Mauritian manufacturers…. Read More

Prowein 2017 logo

Prowein 2017 – Germany (19 – 21 March 2017)

Enterprise Mauritius will lead the participation of nine operators in PROWEIN 2017, to be held from 19th to 21st March in Dusseldorf, Germany. A range of products such as rum, blended spirits, vodka, wine, fruit wine and liquor will be showcased by Mauritian participants, namely Distillerie De Labourdonnais, Litchquor, Grays, La Rhumerie de Chamarel, E.C Oxenham & Cy, Indian Ocean Rum Company…Read more


Germany map-flag

Country Focus-Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is the largest country in Europe, with a surface area of 357,000 square kilometres. It is positioned in the heart of Europe and share its borders with nine other countries namely Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. Germans enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world  Read More


jewellery design

Capacity Building – Jewellery

In our drive to improve competitiveness of jewellery manufacturers, Enterprise Mauritius envisages to provide technical assistance to improve their operation efficiency. The program will start by mid March 2017. To enhance the skills and capacity of the Jewellers • To gear domestic oriented enterprises towards exports. Support through one to one in‐house
interventions. Advice on implementation of best practices…
 Read More

Capacity Building – Textiles

United Kingdom is the leading export market for Mauritius with total exports of Rs10.7 Bn in 2015, out of which Rs 6.0 Bn represented exports of Textile and Apparel.  Mauritian Textile and Apparel enterprises have been working with renowned brands such as ASOS, Hackett, Topshop, River Island, BHS, among others. To sustain our market share and to enable companies to be competitive in the UK market, Enterprise Mauritius….Read More



Malawi – Country Overview

Malawi is a substandard country in terms of wealth. However, the legendary friendliness of its people makes it well-known as ‘the Warm Heart of Africa’. Malawi is a landlocked state that lies east of Zambia, north and west of Mozambique and south of Tanzania. The major topography is Lake Malawi, a vast body of freshwater fringed by beaches of golden sand which is a scenic wonderland and a rich habitat for…. Read More


Future of e-commerce in Africa

As Alibaba, Amazon, e-Bay, Etsy, Facebook businesses and negotiations over Whats App and We Chat flourish, it is an indication of the upcoming marketing trend which enterprises need to absorb within their culture. Often considered a prerogative of developed countries, African manufacturers remain reticent to invest in this unconventional tool.  … Read More




Created in 1976 through a joint venture between a leading French Eyewear group and Espitalier Noel Ltd. Plastinax is now fully owned by ENL Commercial Ltd. The Company was very successful until the end of the 90’s when the Chinese competition changed the landscape completely. PLX had to reinvent itself and move upmarket in order to survive. “We have seen difficult years where we struggled with quality…...Read More

FASHION CARNET – Discover Mauritian Talent


Interview of Al. Muhamad, Director of POSH by EL

Company’s Insight: P O S H by EL is a private company created in 2015. The name itself is posh which means, stylish, modern, upmarket, elegant, luxury, chic, fashionable, high class, lav-ish and exclusive. The motivations behind: Here in Mauritius it is rare but not difficult to find custom made like on the red car-pet wear. Nowadays many women want to have something exclusive and chic to them and they are ready…..Read More


EM-Events 2016

Calendar of events

INTERNATIONAL FAIRS AND EVENTS 2017 : Below is a list of international events that might be of interest to local operators. Enterprise Mauritius will not participate in these events. Every effort is made to ensure that the information given is up to date and accurate. You are however, advised to reconfirm dates and other information from respective fair organizers....Read More



Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is a specialised, referenced, and computerised Trade Information Centre. Its main objective is to assist and proactively disseminate up-to-date, strategic and operational information to business operators. The Centre is involved in the collection, processing, dissemination, research, and links to useful intelligence sources.

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