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ISSUE NO 49  –  MARCH – APRIL 2016


Dear Valued Partners,

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) is a pact which aims to deepen economic ties between its member countries, eliminate tariffs and foster trade to boost growth. It involves 12 countries: the US, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru. In all 18,000 tariffs are concerned. Most goods and services are involved, but not all tariffs are going to be removed on ratification, some will be timebound.   Read more

Promotional Events

BSM-Soith Africa
banner-Uganda fair 2016

South Africa 
14 – 18 March 201t6

To consolidate our position in South Africa, Enterprise Mauritius organised for the first time two consecutive multi-sectorial BSMs in Durban and Johannesburg from 14th to 18th March 2016. The objective of the promotional events was to strengthen the visibility of Mauritius as a ‘Reliable Sourcing Partner’ …   Read more 

13 – 15  March 2016

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) organised for the first time the participation of local manufacturers in the second edition of the Uganda Trade Expo held from 13th to 15th March 2016.  Participation in this event was motivated by the good economic performance of Uganda.  .. Read more

JGF 2016

13 – 15 March 2016

For the first time Enterprise Mauritius (EM) organized the participation of Mauritian spirit manufacturers in PROWEIN which was held from 13th to 15th March 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany. The main objectives of this participation were to increase the visibility of Mauritian spirits in the EU, …   Read more 

19 – 22 March 2016

Enterprise Mauritius participated consecutively for the third time in the Jewellery Gem Fair-Europe, held from 19th to 22nd March 2016 at Messe Freiburg in Germany. The JGF-Europe 2016 featured 280 exhibitors from 27 different countries …. Read more

B2B Reunion

6 – 7 April 2016

The Government of Mauritius has always put emphasis on regional co-operation and trade.  In this respect, Enterprise Mauritius (EM) organised the participation of 26 companies, of which 25 SMEs, for a “Rencontre Business Maurice-Reunion” that took place on 6th and 7th April at Hotel Mercure Creolia, St Denis … Read more.

Forthcoming Events

bsm australia 2016

27 April to 5 May 2016

For the first time in the history of Mauritius, Enterprise Mauritius (EM) will lead 22 Captains of the Mauritius Manufacturing Industry for a promotional campaign in Australia. Mauritius will be showcasing a wide range of products …  Read more

Seafood Expo Global-advert

26 – 28 April 2016

Enterprise Mauritius is organising the participation of major Mauritian seafood exporters at the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, Belgium from 26th to 28th April 2016. Held annually at the Brussels Expo, this event is the world’s largest gathering of business stakeholders involved in seafood processing and trade …  Read more


9 – 13 May 2016

Enterprise Mauritius is pursuing its strategy to diversify exports of textile and apparel products to other countries in EU (other than France and UK). The last promotional campaign in Italy organised by EM in September 2014 confirmed that Mauritius was no more known as a sourcing destination by Italian buyers …  Read more


Kenya – Zimbabwe
9- 13 May 2016

Enterprise Mauritius is planning to organise Buyers Sellers Meetings (BSMs) in two major countries in Africa, namely Kenya followed by Zimbabwe.These events are scheduled to take place on 9th and 10th May 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya and on 12th and 13th May 2016 in Harare, Zimbabwe. So far, 15 companies from various sectors have registered to participate in both countries …  Read more


Czech Republic
10 – 11 May 2016

For the first time Enterprise Mauritius (EM) will be organizing a Buyers Sellers Meeting (BSM) in Prague, Czech Republic from the 10th to 11th May 2016.  12 Mauritian manufacturing companies will be showcasing the “Made in Mauritius” label for two days at International Hotel, Prague. …  Read more


12 – 13 May 2016

Often referred to as the Vanguard, Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, boast themselves as being the best countries in Europe, excelling in several areas, from economic competitiveness to social welfare. Denmark is the supply hub in the Nordic region and it is highly export oriented ….  Read more

fim 2016

19 – 22  May 2016

To consolidate our position and further promote Mauritius as a reliable sourcing destination, EM is organising the participation of 40 Mauritian companies in the 11th edition of Foire Internationale de Madagascar (FIM) 2016, which will be held from 19th to 22nd May 2016 at the Parc des Expositions, Tanjombato …  Read more

PLAM 2016- enews

The Netherlands
24 – 25 May 2016

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) will lead the participation of six local operators in the 2016 edition of Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) World of Private Label which will be held on 24th and 25th May 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. A range of products will be showcased by Mauritian participants  …  Read more

vinexpo 2016

24 – 26  May 2016

To diversify its markets, Enterprise Mauritius will lead the participation of 9 spirits producers under a Mauritian pavilion to Vinexpo Hong Kong. Apart from the panoply of products which will be showcased during the exhibition, visitors will also be able to take advantage of a series of seminars detailing the results of Vinexpo market studies conducted by IWSR …  Read more

BSM London 2016

United Kingdom
25 – 26 May 2016

Twenty textile and Apparel manufacturers from Mauritius will be showcasing their products during a Buyers Sellers Meeting (BSM) organised by Enterprise Mauritius (EM) at Hilton Olympia London from 25th to 26th May 2016. This event goes in line with the strategy of Enterprise Mauritius to increase market share in traditional markets …  Read more

Country Focus – Oman & Qatar


In line with the Government’s vision 2030 “to increase the contribution of the manufacturing sector to the economy from 18% to 25%”, Enterprise Mauritius (EM) has embarked on a market diversification strategy.  As a growing market, the Middle East represents a potential export market for Mauritian products and warrants that a market survey is carried out.  The aim is to identify opportunities and devise an appropriate strategy to penetrate this market…. Read more 

From the Policy Desk – Madagascar


For its 48th Independence Day anniversary (also the 24th year as a Republic), Mauritius had the opportunity to welcome the President of Madagascar, Mr Hery Rajaonarimampianina. Mauritius and Madagascar share diplomatic relations since August 1968. The Mauritian embassy has been operational in Madagascar since 1990. Throughout the years both countries have signed various agreements which have enhanced their bilateral cooperation. … Read more

Industry Focus


Manisa is a family business that was set up by my brother in the early 1980s with modest resources.  Production started in one room and gradually occupied more and more space as business grew.  After the company was incorporated in July 1988, we shifted location from Vacoas where it started originally to Rose-hill where we are actually, occupying a space of about 8,000 sq.ft.  It was then that we started production on an industrial scale, putting in place two lines of assembly and training our key personnel by Italian technicians. …  Read more

SME Development


Export involves a lot of commitment in terms of resources, which is not foreseen by SMEs.  Initially an assessment exercise on export readiness was carried out to identify the key areas that the entrepreneurs needed to focus on in order to succeed and eventually have a sustainable export business. The next step in the process of formulating an export strategy consists of analysing the external environment of SMEs as exogenous factors can affect the profitable outcome of marketing plans….  Read more

Rodrigues has always benefitted from the full support of Enterprise Mauritius to venture in international markets.  Several small entrepreneurs, companies and co-operatives from Rodrigues have participated in our export promotional campaigns in such countries like Madagascar, South Africa, Reunion Island and even in Europe. Sea food, pickles, honey, lemon, coffee and handicraft items are the typical products proposed by Rodrigues …  Read more

jewellery design


Understanding design and trends is a continuous quest in the Jewellery industry.  The challenges facing the jewellery sector in Mauritius, call for a multi-pronged approach to alleviate the needs of jewellery manufacturers. This entails administering an appropriate mix of capacity building and trade promotion programmes to enhance the capability of manufacturers to capture export markets.ns….  Read more

What’s new in the Knowledge Centre 


The Knowledge Centre is a specialized, referenced, and computerized Trade Information Centre. Its main objective is to assist and proactively disseminate up-to-date, strategic and operational information to business operators. The Centre is involved in the collection, processing, dissemination, research, and links to useful intelligence sources. …


INTERNATIONAL FAIRS AND EVENTS 2016 Below is a list of international events that might be of interest to local operators. Enterprise Mauritius will not participate in these events. Every effort is made to ensure that the information given is up to date and accurate. You are however, advised to reconfirm dates and other information from respective fair organizers. Read more …

Visitors at Enterprise Mauritius

chair-S.Africa Ambassador

Mr Yousuf Salehmohamed
Chairman of Enterprise Mauritius meeting with
H.E. Mr Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, G.O.S.K
Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius

zimbabwe Delegation

Meeting between the CEO of Enterprise Mauritius with Delegates from Zimbabwe


Mr Arvind Radhakrishna, CEO of Enterprise Mauritius
meeting with
H.E. Mr Paramasivum Pillay Vyapoory, G.O.S.K
Vice President of the Republic of Mauritius