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EM Office, 7th Floor, St James Court, 

St Denis Street, Port Louis, Mauritius

Enterprise Mauritius started the MQA approved GO EXPORT training course in August 2013. A total of 80 entrepreneurs have now been trained in export readiness and are now familiar with the export business. The aim of the course is to impart Export competence, expertise, knowledge and networking skills needed to help SMEs and Domestic Oriented Enterprises (DOEs) to grow internationally.

The GO EXPORT course is conducted in an MQA approved training center, the ‘Export Development Centre’.

The next GO EXPORT training course will be a joint training and mentoring program in conjunction with a panel of international marketing and management experts/ practitioners. EM targets SMEs and DOEs that require the necessary skills to be able to export regularly.

Enterprises willing to embark in the export journey are invited to apply now.

For more information about the Export Development Centre

Pplease contact: Mr Keeren Bhogun

Email [email protected]