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1. What is Enterprise Mauritius?

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) is the National Export Promotion Agency responsible for export promotion and export development. It is a collaborative partnership between industry and Government to help, within an integrated framework, businesses in Mauritius expand into regional and international markets and at the same time develop their internal capability to meet the challenges of international competition.

Enterprise Mauritius was awarded the best Trade Promotion Organisation (TPO) award in the Small Country category in 2006 and in the Small Island Developing States category in 2010 and 2014 by the International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva.

  • Vision

To be a World Class Export Promotion Agency that is at the forefront of the country’s economic development drive”

  • Mission

“Excellence in trade facilitation, export promotion and export development”

  • Core Values

           • Professionalism
           • Integrity
           • Service excellence
           • Team work

  •  Core Objectives
               • Promote Mauritius as a reliable and preferred sourcing destination for quality products and services
               • Consolidate and expand market share in traditional regions
               • Market and product diversification
               • Assist in product development to achieve market conformity in terms of quality, standards and norms
               • Promote enterprise development to enhance export readiness
               • Assist SMEs to internationalize their products through export marketing
  •  Stakeholders
               • Private sector
               • Local manufacturers
               • Local, regional and international institutions
               • Local and foreign embassies, governments and Ministries
               • Media (local and foreign)
               • International Donor Institutions
               • Local and foreign Consultants
               • Partner Agencies (Banks, NGOs etc.)
  • Services
              • Promotional activities nationally and internationally
              • Business Matchmaking
              • Enterprise Development
              • SME Capacity Building with focus on operational effectiveness and international marketing
              • Market Intelligence Dissemination
              • Knowledge Development
              • Promotion of Industry Innovation
              • Business Advisory and Counselling services
              • Policy Advocacy

5. Where is it located?

Enterprise Mauritius
7th Floor, Suite 706, St James Court
St Denis Street
Port Louis

6. How to contact Enterprise Mauritius?

Tel : (230) 212 9760
Fax : (230) 212 97 67
Email : [email protected] ;

7. Does EM have representation abroad? (EM Liaison Offices)

Enterprise Mauritius Kenya Liaison office
International House Ltd
Business Centre
Block No18, Mama-Nigina Street
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 22 50 205, +254 722 970 936
Email: [email protected]

South Africa Liaison officer
Mrs Sage Balladin Van Niekerk
No 25a Avenue De Mist
Rondebosch, Cape Town
Tel: +27 21 82044543; (+277) 7475 51776
Email: [email protected]

8. Is EM a private company or parastatal body?

It is a Government Owned Company.

9. What are the Schemes operated by EM?

i) Freight Rebate Scheme for Export to Madagascar, Reunion and Africa.
ii) Credit Guarantee Insurance Scheme and
iii) Participation in International Trade Fairs (Now through SMEDA)

i) Freight Rebate Scheme for Export to Madagascar, Reunion and Africa.

The scheme would apply to the following main 45 ports:
1. Angola-3 Ports (Lobito, Luanda, Soyo)
2. Cameroon-1 Port (Douala)
3. Comoros Island-3 Ports (Moroni, Port of Mutsamudu, Fomboni)
4. Congo (Brazzaville)-1 Port (Pointe Noire)
5. Egypt-3 Ports (Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said)
6. Gabon-2 Ports (Libreville, Port Gentil)
7. Ghana – 1 Port (Tema)
8. Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire)- 1 Port (Abidjan)
9. Kenya-1 Port (Mombasa)
10. Madagascar – 3 Ports (Mahajanga, Fort Dauphin, Tulear)*
11. Mayotte – 2 Ports (Longoni, Dzaoudzi) – (Effective as from February 2016)
12. Morocco – 3 Ports (Agadir, Casablanca, Ceuta)
13. Mozambique-3 Ports (Beira, Maputo, Nacala)
14. Nigeria – 5 Ports (Calabar, Lagos-Apapa, Port Harcourt, Warri, Onne Seaport)
15. Reunion – 4 Ports (Port Ouest (Le Port)/Point des Galets, Port Est, Port of Saint-Denis, Port of Saint-Pierre)
16. Senegal-1 Port (Dakar)
17. Seychelles – 1 Port (Port Victoria)
18. Tanzania –4 Ports (Dar es Salaam, Mtwara, Tanga, Zanzibar)

South Africa – 3 Ports (Cape Town, Durban, Coega)- Eligible only for Landlocked Countries *

How to apply ?

The application form can be downloaded from our website :

For any additional details you may contact Mr Pravin Soburrun or Mrs Reshma Napaul on 2129760 or check our website

ii) Credit guarantee insurance for export to Africa

Enterprise Mauritius refund 50 % of insurance premium for credit guarantee insurance for export to Africa , through eligible Credit Insurance providers.

Objective of the scheme

To provide a subsidy on the cost of credit insurance premium to eligible enterprises (Beneficiary client) subscribing for Credit Insurance Cover for their direct exports to Africa in order to encourage them to take a credit insurance cover and hence boost up trade with Africa.

Eligibility Criteria

(i) Companies registered under the laws of Mauritius and who hold a valid FSC license.
(ii) ‘Beneficiary client’ based in the Republic of Mauritius (company or societe) or any registered business based in the Republic of Mauritius;
(iii) Operating for at least one year;
(iv) Refund applies only to premium paid in connection with direct exports to Africa including Freeport Manufacturing,
(v) Trading Activities, trans-shipment and re-exports are excluded
(vi) Only direct exports on ‘open account’ or an alternative acceptable mode of payment will be considered; and
(vii) Direct exports to all countries of Africa are covered.

Ceiling on Refund

EM undertakes to pay 50% of the premium subject to a ceiling equivalent to a maximum of 0.2% of the insurable turnover directly to the insurers. The premium includes administrative/information fee.

iii) Participation in International Trade fairs

Who is in charge of the refund scheme?

SMEDA is looking after the refund scheme.

10. Does EM manage Industrial Buildings?

Yes. EM owns an Industrial Building at Corner Pleine Verte – Vallee des Pretres.
For more information contact Mr Pravin Soburrun Tel 2129760.

11. How to get the Mauritius Export Directory?

You can access our Mauritius Export Directory on our Website:

12. What are the sectors that Enterprise Mauritius explores?
Agro, Textiles & Garments, Light Engineering, Paint & Chemicals, Printing & Publishing, Jewelry

13. How to get an updated list of Exporters?
Export Directory:

14. What is the Knowledge Centre (KC)?

The Knowledge Centre is a specialized, referenced, and computerized Trade Information Centre.

15. What is the role of KC?

To assist and proactively disseminate market intelligence to business operators and industry stakeholders.

16. What is the aim of KC?

To create an information hub at EM to which operators of the sector will turn to, whenever they require information in relation to their various fields of interest. The Centre provides information tailored to the exigencies of industry needs in the most timely and cost effective manner.

17. What are the Services of KC?

 Free access and consultation of resources
 Free access to the Internet Kiosk
 Enquiry service via telephone, fax, mail, email, and onsite
 Personalized service and assistance in information retrieval, processing and packaging
 Document reprint service: photocopy, printing, scanning, and print-out services at nominal cost.
 Research works tailored to the exigencies of users’ need from national and international databases
 Sales of reports/publications depending on cost incurred

18. What are the Collections at KC?

 Books and Multimedia
 Specialized Magazines & Newsletters
 Market Information (Briefs, Reports and Surveys)
 Country Specific Information – Country profiles, Trade guides, Market updates, Product catalogues, Directories, etc
 Trade Directories
 Online access to international databases

19. Where is it located?

Enterprise Mauritius
7th Floor, Suite 706, St James Court
St Denis Street
Port Louis

20. Does Enterprise Mauritius provide fund for developing or starting new businesses?
No, for starting any new business or funding the client must contact SMEDA, MBGS or The Development Bank of Mauritius Ltd.

21. Who are the CEO and Chairman of Enterprise Mauritius?
     CEO – Mr Arvind Radhakrishna


     Chairman – Mr Yousuf Salemohamed.

Where are we located?

Enterprise Mauritius is located at;

7th Floor, St James Court,

St Denis Street,

Port-Louis, Republic of Mauritius


Tel: (+230) 212-9760

Fax: (+230) 212-9767

Does EM have any overseas representative office?

Yes, to further provide proactive services to our exporters, EM has established liaison offices in Kenya, USA and South Africa.

For details about the Kenya office, click here

For details about our USA representative, click here

For details on our South African representative, click here

Will EM help me for a Non-EM led fair?

Yes, EM can provide financial assistance via the International Fair Grant Scheme which provides funding of up to Rs200,000 on an annual basis.  It refunds the following:

  • Air ticket cost (economy class)
  • Stand cost
  • Accommodation cost

As an SME, What facilities are available to participate in International Fairs?

In the budget speech, it was announced that a grant will be provided to finance the participation of SME’s in international fairs up to a maximum of Rs. 200 000 per year.

Prior to participating in the fair, preferably one month before, you need to fill in the application form and submit with the relevant documents.

Your application will then be assessed in the Management Committee and you will be notified if your application has been approved. After attending the international fair, you have to fill in the International Grant Claim Form and submit with the following:

Invoice and receipt for payment of stand cost (including bank debit advice)

  • Air Ticket and Boarding Pass;
  • Receipts (air fare & accommodation costs);
  • Exhibitors Pass/Badge

Once your cheque is ready you will be contacted to come and collect in person.

Where can I find a list of Mauritian Suppliers?

Mauritian suppliers may be consulted from the Export Directory. However you can also contact us, and our officers will be happy to help you.

As an international buyer, why should I source from Mauritius?

Mauritius has, over the years, meticulously assembled the prerequisites to make the island a business-friendly, profitable and safe location of unmatched service quality, for both traders and investors. Mauritius presently exports manufactured goods of over 3000 products lines to over 150 countries.  With regards to international trade, Mauritius pursues a liberal economic policy.

Mauritius has a long track record in Manufacturing and International Trade, complying with international quality and social standards. Mauritius is a sourcing destination that certifies its quality products from international certification bodies, such as EU certification.

Mauritius has preferential access, duty free and quota free to the following countries:

  • The EU under the ESA-EU Economic Partnership Agreement
  • USA under the African Growth and Opportunity Act: AGOA
  • The Region under SADC and COMESA Trade protocol
  • Turkey and Pakistan under Bilateral Trade Agreement
  • Scandinavian countries, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and Canada under General System of Preferences (GSP) Scheme 

Mauritius Manufacturing Sector always keeps re-inventing itself by using the latest production technology and benchmarking with other competing countries in order to offer superior quality products. Mauritian exporters also provide global logistics and supply chain management services to deliver products on time. Some companies can also undertake small orders with short lead times.

Mauritius has state-of-the-art infrastructure and reliable support services. Mauritian quality products are exported across the world and can be found on the shelves of leading retails and departmental stores in major cities. Our exporters have built long-term relationship with buyers across the world, and keeps re-inventing their products to keep in pace with changing trends and demands.

At the regional level, Mauritius has emerged as the hub ‘par excellence’ for trade, investment, and finance. Mauritius is now poised to become the business capital of Africa.

What are the charges for EM?

EM is funded by the Government of Mauritius. There is no charge for EM services. However, there is an administrative fee of Rs 10,000 per event for participating in international Trade fairs. EM officers take pride in what they do, and are very happy to help businesses. During the years of service, we have built close and ongoing relationships with many businesses.

How can businesses participate in International Trade Fairs?

At EM, we not only help businesses participate in International trade fairs, but we also provide full support to businesses before the event, during the event and after the event.

For Pre-Event support, EM will help your business in the following;

  • In depth Country Research
  • Briefing on potential buyers in targeted markets.
  • Trade Regime & Regulations for entering the market
  • Export readiness

During the event support, EM will help your business in the following;

  • Assistance on travel arrangements
  • Pre-arranged to one to one meetings
  • Built-Up & decorating of booths
  • Professional display of products
  • Advertising
  • Return of Exhibitors

After the event, EM will help your business in the following;

  • Additional Intelligence on the market
  • Report on the event
  • Organize inward mission of buyers
  • Updates on Trade-related Legislations & regulations


What is the “Knowledge Center”?

EM has an in-house fully fledged knowledge center which is the information hub for operators. The knowledge center provides up to date information tailored to the exigencies of industry needs in the most timely and cost effective manner. The Knowledge Centre has a wide range of books, Country Reports, Magazines, Newsletters and numerous Market Surveys to assess potential markets for Mauritian products.

How are we going to help local businesses export?

Over the years, EM has helped many companies to secure business and most importantly build solid relationship with reputable international buyers. In addition to participation in international trade fairs, Enterprise Mauritius also facilitates joint ventures and inward buying missions. And where it makes sense, we will even assist in bringing key buyers to Mauritius.

Our other activities include:

  • Market Research and Surveys to find new markets.
  • Conducting business matchmaking between international buyers and local manufacturers and seek appointment for international buyers.
  • Country briefs and market intelligence reports
  • Assistance in the development of new products for existing markets or for new markets
  • Assistance in conducting market tests of sample products with potential buyers
  • Dealing with issues relating to trade barriers [Non-Tariff Barriers (NTB) and Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)]
  • Assisting and counseling SMEs to be export ready

Who are we aiming to help?

Enterprise Mauritius aims at helping Mauritian manufacturing businesses with a desire to grow their international market shares by acting as a facilitator between the suppliers and the buyers.

For buyers wishing to source products from Mauritius, we can connect you by matchmaking the right suppliers to suit your specific needs in your desired lead times.

Which sectors can EM help?

Our focus relies mainly on manufacturing and agricultural, exportable products. In order to provide a tailor-made service to our clients, we have a dedicated team working on the following cluster.

  • Textile, garments and accessories
  • Light engineering and jewelry
  • Agribusiness & Agro-processing (including seafood, beverages & fertilizers)
  • Printing, packaging, publishing and plastics
  • Furniture, paints and chemicals
  • Footwear

During the year 2012, Domestic exports were 56.2 billion MUR, driven by textiles 46.43%, Agro 38.1% and other manufacturing accounting for 15.5%. Exports towards South Africa have increased by 22.6%, becoming the second largest market after USA.

What makes Enterprise Mauritius different?

Enterprise Mauritius is a limited liability company structure as opposed to a government agency. It is a partnership between the public and private sector with representation from both groups on the board. Enterprise Mauritius takes a scientific, measurable approach towards business development.

How do we do it?

Enterprise Mauritius makes an assessment of each business, on a case to case basis, to see whether or not they are ready for export. For companies that are ready for export, Enterprise Mauritius has been actively promoting exports from Mauritius through a wide range of initiatives including the  coordination of businesses to participate in various local and international events, such as Trade Fairs, Buyers Sellers Meetings, B2Bs (Business to Business), Contact Promotion Programmes, and Conferences.

If the business is not ready for export, EM can provide assistance in;

  • Market development strategies
  • Financial assistance
  • Advice on regulatory and trade issues.
  • Product and quality improvement
  • Market and competitor intelligence
  • Skills and trends monitoring
  • Networking opportunities
  • Trade show participation and support.

What do we do?

Enterprise Mauritius helps local manufacturing businesses in Mauritius expand into international markets, and at the same time develop their internal capacity to meet the challenges of international competition. 

Who are we?

Enterprise Mauritius is a collaborative partnership between the Mauritian public and private sectors that, through the use of a structured and integrated approach, accelerates the development of Mauritian companies to achieve strong positions in global value chains resulting in increased national prosperity.

Our main responsibility is to promote and facilitate export of manufacturing products from Mauritius. We accompany locally-based businesses in their growth and development by providing them with various types of support.