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Food & Drinks exporters

AADICON BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTDMr Deepak YardiBio Fertilizers; Frozen semen, Bio control agents2927600 / 2927601[email protected]
AFRITEX VENTURES LTDMr. Gavin Van Der BurghFresh and frozen Tuna2062308[email protected]
AGREX CO LTDMr Ricardo BotsarAnthurium flowers, andreanum blooms636 0531[email protected]; [email protected]
Al RASHID INDUSTRIAL BAKERY LTDMr. Nazir HosanyPre-cooked frozen bread, frozen pastries2448514[email protected] ; [email protected]
ALIMENTARY PASTES CO LTDMr. Patrick Wong Woon ChongPasta shapes, macaroni, coquillettes, torsades superieur, spaghetti,vermecelli2405098[email protected]
AMEEN SHAIK FOOD COMPANY LTDMr. Ameen Shaik MohedeenSnacks, roasted peanuts, banana chips, snacks made with flour, cheese & potato674 7238[email protected]
ANANAS VICTORIA LTDMr. Sanjay ProagVictoria pineapple, litchis, breadfruit, passion fruit4169918[email protected]
ARABELLA LTDMr. Balah CanjamalayAnthurium & andreanum flowers2340308[email protected]
AURIFLA CO LTDMr. Vishnu R. PermallChilled fish and frozen crustaceans2628379[email protected]
AVIPRO CO LTD Mr. Frederic BardothierChilled and frozen poultry products4049000[email protected]
BELLA AMIGO Co.Ltd Mr. Indiren ParasuramanFresh/Chilled fish2628367; 2626263[email protected]
BELLA EXOTICA LTD  Mr. Conwarbijhye MeghuFresh fruits & vegetables2648599[email protected]
BEST DAIRY CO LTDMr Raj GayaFresh & flavoured milk (pasteurised), fruit juice4243979[email protected]
BIO-CULTURE (MTIUS) LTDMr. Owen GriffthsFarming of crocodiles and hides6262503[email protected]
BISCUITERIE H RAULTMr Patrick SenequeCassava biscuits6319559[email protected]
BOURBON VANILLA LTDMrs. Dominique VaudinVanilla and vanilla derivated products (spices, salt, sugar, olive oil, vinegar)2492620[email protected]
BUTTER AND DAIRY ENTERPRISES LTDMr Gishore RamdeneeBakery margarine, ghee, butter6967970 - 4[email protected]
COCONUT LTD Mr. Bernard De SennevilleIsland recipe rum2666599[email protected]

COMPAGNIE INDUSTRIELLE DE PAILLES LTEESoft drinks, fruit juices , ice tea, energy drinks211 8840[email protected]
COMPTOIR DES EPICES LTEEMr Michel AbadSpices, vanilla products4540339, 4548007[email protected];
CONSERVERIE SARJUA LTEEMr Danesswar Sarjua    Fresh fruits & vegetables; jams, pickles, spices, curry powder, garlic and ginger in brine, herbal tea2110897, 2121118[email protected]
CONVENIENCE FOOD LTDMr Thierry Kon Kam KingChicken burgers, Frozen,prepared, and preserved fish products; fish fillets, shrimps/prawns, nuggets,fish fingers, dim sum. Pizzas, frozen vegetables, vegetarien foods. 2481665[email protected]
CORRY TRADE DEVELOPMENT LTDPastas 233 2463[email protected]    
CORSON TEA ESTATE CO LTDMrs Deborah Adam Natural and flavoured teas : loose tea in packets, bags, caddys ( metal tin) - 125, 250, 500 gms packets; tea bags 50 gms & caddies 50-125 gms,tea bag boxes 50 gms, pouch with zipper with tag less vanilla tea bags 50 gms.6704921[email protected]
COTTON CANDY LtdMrs. Zerin NarimanCandy floss; popcorn2161107cottoncandyseason [email protected]
CREASIM LTEEMr Eric MametCake decorations, wafers6705520[email protected]
CRUNCHIES FOOD INDUSTRIES LTDMr Philippe AhfatSnacks2422675[email protected]
CULPITT ADAM CO LTDMr Bernard B. De GersignyHandmade edible sugar cake decorations6746933[email protected]
DALAIS LAMA LTD Mr. Arnaud DalaisCoconut juice; sorbet; chutney 4171412[email protected]
DANISS LTDMrs. Samira SullimahFrozen snacks: chicken balls, cateless, samoussa4674037[email protected]
DCF ROOTS CO. LTDMrs. ChowreeCassava cereals57737676[email protected]; [email protected]
DELAFLORES / MIRAFIORIAnthurium flowers and foliages4315279[email protected]
DISTILLERIE DE LABOURDONNAIS LTDMs. Julia RoussetAgricultural Rhum , Liquor 2662177[email protected]
DOMAINE DE LABOURDONNAISMr. Jean Francois LagesseFruit paste, juice, jams, ice cream, sorbet, fruit puree2669533[email protected];
E.C.OXENHAM & CY.LTDMr. Alan OxenhamWines, Spirits ,Bougainville rum oaks and Ames Rum, Divine Fruit Wines696 79 50/51[email protected]; [email protected];[email protected]
EAU VAL LTEEMr. Laval TaoMineral water6336160[email protected]
ENGLISH BAY CO LTDMr. James Michael WebbProcessed Salted fish2342217[email protected]
ESKO & CO LTDMr. Patrick LimSweets, bubble gum, chocolates, wafers, biscuits, instant noodles 2474138[email protected]
EUGENIE FOOD PRODUCTS LTDMrs. Jocelyne LaurentPickles of exotic fruits, chilli pastes, jams, marmalades, chutneys4641514[email protected]
EXOGREEN LTDMr. Dev SewpalFresh pineapple and litchis2084000; 2135000[email protected]
EXQUISITE SPICES LTDMr. Sahid SummallySpices - curry powder, gram flour, ginger & garlic paste2413000/3001/3002[email protected]
FAST FOODS LTDMr. Ian ChanMeat preparations, pork products, ham, sausages, smoked chicken, chicken ham & sausages, salami, bacon, cured beef silverside, german type meat products2420530[email protected]
FAUCON PRODUCTS LTDMr. Denis Lai CheongBeverages: fruit juice, squash and syrup; pasta 2860031[email protected]
FERME MARINE DE MAHEBOURG LTD Mr.Pierre-Yves SemaesseFresh fish - aquaculture (Red Drum, Sea Bass) 4175205/ 4175212[email protected]
FIELD FLORA EXPORT LTD / FLOWER EXPORT LTDMr. Maurice BathfieldAnthuriums 6766089 / 6748780[email protected]
FINE FOODS MARKETING LTDMr. Mario GebertMeat, seafood, delicatessen, dairy products2480108[email protected]
FINEST FIRSTMr. Swabeer BolakyChicken mix coating (powder), Hot & Spicy Coating Mix, Tandoori/Barbecue Mix (Spices), Briyani Mix (spices), Chilli Paste57925200, 6270122[email protected]
FLAVOURS OF MAURITIUS & CO LTDMs Kalyanee HurryFrozen Snacks : mini pizza, samoussa, hakien, chilli bite, stiffed chilli etc..4185017[email protected]
FLORA MARKETING CO LTDMrs. Vinah GanooHorticultural, Ornamentals, Cycads, succulent, palm species, aquatic bulbs, vanilla, pepper, cardamons, cloves 6742737/ 6741555[email protected]
FLORALES PRODUCTION LTEEMr. Parama MardemootooAnthurium, tropical/ exotic flowers (heliconia)54710160[email protected]
FLORESCO LTDMr. Gary Kon Kam KingSalted & roasted peanuts, peanut butter, cashew nuts, mixed nuts, Almond.2409617[email protected]
FOOD AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTDMr. Guillaume HugninDairy products, Canned vegetables, poultry products, flour, animal feeds, processed poultry products4049000[email protected]
FOOD CANNERS LTDMr. Dick Li Wan PoFruit juice, flavoured milk, canned vegetables, sauces, snacks, jams2122100[email protected]
FOOD WORTH CO. LTD (MAUBON) Mr. Ved LuchmunBanana chips, fresh fruits and vegetables6274439, 6179531[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
FOODWORKS LTDMr. Kurt  Staheli                                                Frozen & chilled ready made meals (lasagnes, pies, pizza, macaronis, salads, salad dressings)4278794 / 57250340[email protected]
FRANCE DELICE LTDMr. Eric NgFrozen pastry ("croissant")261-7842[email protected]
FRUITS MAC LTEEMr. Abid MackyPineaples57808104[email protected]
GOLDWIN LTDMrs. Kanti RamburrunMassala, bessan, briani spices57777370/ 57699900[email protected]
GOONVIR BHOLAH LTDMr. Dhruv BholahCanned Food: Corned Mutton, Corned Stag, Chatini Cheverettes, Chatini Bomli, Vegetarian Food, Chicken Lunchon Meat, Coq à la King 6847066[email protected]
GOURMANDISE D'ANNE LTEEMr. Philippe LeclézioSweet bakery: Macaron, Napolitain6868822/ 59402186[email protected]
GOVINDA'S GIFT LTDMr. C MunesharVegetarian products - burgers, sausages, soya patties, paneer, kofta4375628[email protected]
GRAND FIESTAMr. Chaytun Ram BholahAnthurium flowers59192310[email protected]
GRAND FIESTA LTDMr. Chaytun Ram BholahAnthuriums 6753113[email protected]
GRAND LA FOURCHE CORAILMr. Cliff PeermamodeHoney 59364595[email protected]
GRAYS & INC LTDMr. Didier NoelMolasses Rum, cane liquor, spirits, vodka and bottling of wines2093000[email protected]; [email protected]
GROUPE SAINT AUBINMr. Patrick GuimbeauAgricultural rum, tea, herbal tea, infusions, vanilla pods, special sugars6261819[email protected];
H K NANDEE CO LTDMr. Haree Krishna NandeeFrozen fish, fresh fish, prawns, squid and octopus4243839[email protected]
HAMPA LTDMr. Mevinn RajiahSpices: haleem, briani, garam masala; curcumin, cardamon, pepper435 6912; 5760 5830[email protected]
HASHNOOR ENTERPRISE CO LTDMr. Parwez MaudhabuxSpices: Masala, curry, halim, roasted chicken, briani, chicken powder etc6866565[email protected]
HASSEN TAHER SEAFOOD (MTIUS) LTDMr. Bahim TaherFish and seafood products4545786[email protected]
HKS MANAGEMENT LTDMr. Sunil HassamalEssential oils6975369[email protected]
HV INDUSTRIES LTDMr. Bhupen GovindjeeInstant Noodles, pasta.6051400[email protected]
IBRAHIM GOLAUP & CO.LTDMr. Ilshaad GoolaupCurry powder and spices2422531[email protected]
ICE POINT CO LTD Mr. Sameer Unuth Kulfi ice cream in tubs and with sticks 4541275 / 57865089[email protected]
ICE WORLD LTDMr. Mohamed KaudeerLollipops, ice cubes, malai, pickles2666167[email protected]
INDIAN OCEAN RUM LTEEMr. Jean-Francois KoenigRum4520400/1[email protected]
INNODIS LTDMr. Reynolds Moothoo Poultry - broiler chickens, day old chicks2065868[email protected]
INTERNATIONAL DISTILLERS (MAURITIUS) LTDMr. Jacques Li Wan PoAlcoholic beverages: rum, cane spirits, whisky, gin, brandy2126896/7/8[email protected]
ISLANDS MARINE ENTERPRISES LTDMr. Gerard AlexandreFrozen tuna52549665[email protected]
ITALPRO DEVELOPMENT LTDErman IndirliWine, gin, vodka, whisky6866699; 6962222[email protected]; [email protected]
JARDIN DE SAINT JULIENMr. Savy RamburrunFresh Fruits and vegetables 4240564[email protected]
KHILESH CO LTDMrs. Vidhya Bhanu SarjuaPickles, Spices, paste and chutneys2649551[email protected]
KING'S CANDY FACTORYMr. Philippe Ah FatSweets, candies, popsicles2422675[email protected]
L.V.M (MAURITIUS) LTDMr. Danny ChanSnacks: Potato chips, Sev, moolkoo, baguette fromage, peanuts, pop corn, peas, corn chips4339105[email protected]
LA JOLIETTE WINERYMr Chari DhaurooWine5980 7568[email protected]
LA CHARTREUSE TEA FACTORYMr. Asvin Kumar BokhoreeTea, tea bags, flavoured tea 6771212[email protected]
LA LAITERIE CUREPIPE LTEEMr. Indra ThanacodyYoghurt, curdled milk, fruit nectars & drinks, cheese, jellies, drinking yoghurts 6707800[email protected]
LA SALIERE DE L'OUESTMr. Asif KhadabocusRefined table salt4838299;4838303[email protected]
LA SAVEUR DU TERROIR LTEEMrs. Nathalie MametSpices54932867[email protected]
LA TROBE CO LTDMr. Lawrence WongMilk, Cereals, Beverages 4333800[email protected]
LALLMATIE GRINDING MILLMr. Rajiv ProagGrinding of spices4183370[email protected]
LARIBEES CO. LTDMr. Christian RitterMonofloral Organic Honey6703437[email protected]
LE HOCHET BISCUIT FACTORY Mr. Mike Coopoosamy Biscuits - Cookies and Chapelure 2480016[email protected]
LES BRULERIES DE LA FOURNAISE LTEEMr Sebastien ConstantCoffee2492241; 2492394[email protected]
LES COLINIERES LTDMs Isabelle Rougier Lagane Rum, Island recipe rum, flavoured rums.6741463[email protected]
LES MOULINS DE LA CONCORDE LTEEMr. Philippe la Hausse de LalouvièreWheat bran, flour2179100[email protected]
LETCHIS DU PARADIS MAURICE COPERATIVE SOCIETY LTDMr. Vivek LochunFresh litchis, passion fruit, pineapple4124119[email protected]
L'EXIL LTEE C/O RHUMERIE DE CHAMARELMr. Olivier CouacaudRums, liquors4837980[email protected];
LFL AQUACULTURE & EXTRUSION DIVISION Mr. Christophe NoëlFeeds for prawns and fishes2493196[email protected]
LIM KAM SIAN BROS LTDMr.Bertrand LimBiscuits, custard powder, wafers, flavouring essence, dessert mix2490988[email protected]
LITCHQUOR LTDMr. Frederic BestelRum2438686[email protected]; [email protected] /
LIVESTOCK FEED LTDMr. Rocky ForgetAnimal feeds and concentrates2863900/ 2861112[email protected]
LOCHUN AGRO PRODUCTSMr. Vivek LochunFresh litchis, passion fruit, pineapple, citrus4124119[email protected]
LOLITA MARIEMrs. Lolita MarieIsland recipe rum4800783[email protected]
LOTUN SWEETMART LTEEMr.Uwais Lotun Snack( 'Sev', peanuts,popcorn,'baguette fromages','moulkoo',banana chips,chips,'sipec', 'cravate')57727200[email protected]
MAMAN SALUJA LTDMr. Luximan CousnahFrozen faratas, Frozen snacks: samoussas 4836168 ; 54221202[email protected]
MARGARINE INDUSTRIES LTD Mr. M. Rafic SullimanGhee, pastry margarine spread, butter, vanaspati and shortening.4549073/9664[email protected]
MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY PRODUCTSMr. Cougen Purseramen Fish meal, fish oil2047730[email protected];
MAUCAFE LTEEMr. Bernard VincentRoasted coffee, granular / grinded57743081[email protected]
MAUMADA EXPORTS LTDMr. Lutchmayah AppanahDehydrated pink peppercorn, black/green pepper, ginger powder, cinnamon, chillies2648103[email protected]
MAURILAIT PRODUCTION LTEEMr. Jean Jacques BoulléYoghurt, "long-life" milk, ice cream and nectars6972203[email protected]
MAURISTEA INVESTMENT CO LTDMrs. Stephanie StaffordHerbal tea2424511[email protected]
MAURITIUS OIL REFINERIES LTDMr. Andre Espitalier NoelEdible oil (soyabean, sunflower, pure vegetable, olive)2069800[email protected]
MAURITIUS SUGAR SYNDICATEMr. Devesh DukhiraUnrefined cane special sugars, white refined sugar, bulk raw sugar2120814/0815/5090, 2087053[email protected]
MAYIL SPICESMr. Pillay MootienSpices, Mixtures & seasonings, bakery products, grains and cereals, flour4339788[email protected]
MEADERS FEEDS LTDMr. Iqbal MohungooAnimal feeds, raw materials for animal feed2493860[email protected]
MEDINE DISTILLERY CO LTDMr. Maxime SauzierAlcohol in bulk, bottling and distribution of rum and rum based products4016000[email protected]
MER DES MASCAREIGNESMr. Patrick HillFrozen fish products (steaks, cubes, loins, portions)2066980[email protected]
MICROLAB LTDMr. Jean FelixMicro-propagated plants through tissue culture, including ornamentals ex: Anthuriums,Orchids,Gingers,Bromeliads,Plants,Plants for renewable energy (biomass) and edible ex : Banana, Vanilla, ETC4166934[email protected]
MIEL'OR LTDMr. Anas MoorbannooPure And Natural Honey2424468[email protected],
MONTIDA POULTRY LTDMr. E KwokBroiler chicken2486541/2[email protected]
MTK LTDMr. Mukesh BalgobinScotch whisky, refined rum, compounded spirit & cane spirit2115063[email protected]
NDUM COMPANY LTD Mr. Dumé DuvalMauritian snacks , gateaux Piment,chili cake, cakes,idli,gulabjamoon,poutou,sweet potato,spices for rice,icing sugar,ground rice ,flour for dhall tipuri, soup,(Halim,Dhall-pitha,Pasta soup,Rasson,Meefoon,Moolooktani6865041[email protected]
NEW GOODWILL & CO LTDMr. Patrick Kie Chong Tao Kong ManAlcoholic beverages. Bottling of rum and spirits247 2841/ 46[email protected]; [email protected]
NEW MAURIFOODS LTDMr. Nicolas LamusseProcessed poultry products; Canned fruit and vegetables; Green salads and raw vegetables6963016[email protected]
NF FLOWERS PRODUCTION LTDMr. Olivier PascaleAnthurium Flowers57292310[email protected]
Nirvaved 5 Lotus Enterprise Ltd Mr. Anilsing DeonananHerbal teas, Ayurvedic  food supplements 6700212/6744988/[email protected]
NONICO CO LTDMr. Bharat RamruttunNoni juice 2490278[email protected]
OCEAN PRODUCTS LTDMr. Ashok RamdeneeSalted fish6967970-74[email protected]
OMEGA WINE FACTORY & CO LTDMr. Antoine LaiWine, alcohol6862662/3[email protected]
ORCHARD FRESH LTDMrs. Usha BahadoorLitchis4277179[email protected]
ORIENTAL FOODS LTDMr. Brian Ah ChuenSoya / mushroom sauce, fish sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, puree & sauce, pizza sauce, prawns in spices4520112[email protected]
ORNAMENTAL MARINE WORLD LTDMs. Gurroby meneekaOrnamental fishes 2635170[email protected]
OTF/ EXOFRUITS EXPORT LTDMr. Vikram HurdoyalFresh fruits and vegetables - pineapples, litchis4152836 [email protected]
OVAL EXPORT LTD Mr. Vyrish AwootarFresh fruits and vegetables - pineapples, litchis57588557[email protected]
PACK PLUS LtdMr. Jerome BoutillierPacking of sugar (special and white) 2863264/5[email protected]; [email protected]
PANACEA PHARMAMs. Anabelle F LelieEssential oils 4278122[email protected]
PEJIBAYE CO LTDMr. Gerard RohanPalm heart2636110[email protected]
PELAGIC PROCESS LTD Mr. Kevin PedersenFresh / Frozen fish2177444[email protected]
PENINSULA RICE MILLING LTDMr. Rahim BholahMilling of high quality rice

2065812[email protected]
PHOENIX BEVERAGES LTD Mr. TheysBeer & beverages, bottling services, carbonated soft drinks, water6012000[email protected]; [email protected]
PLANETFRUIT LTDMr. Dev SewpalFresh fruits2084000[email protected]
PLUIE D'OR CO LTDMr. Laurant ChanSnacks 2409456[email protected]
POIVRE D'ORMrs. Pascale Vallet100% natural: homemade jam, honey, condiments; gift boxes, fruit paste, spices, tea, vanilla pods, chocolates, fruit pulp4151377[email protected]
POM D'OR LTEEMr. Vivian MoutouFood stuff, samoussa, pâtés, crispy balls, hakien & burger (veg & non-veg)52960800[email protected]
POULET ARC EN CIEL LTEEMr. Gerard Wong Chicken meat631 8869[email protected]; [email protected]
PRAJO ENTERPRISEMrs. Pratibha JohaheerPickles, jams, crystalised fruits & snacks6226371[email protected]
Prime Products LtdMrs.Geraldine KatticMeat processing (All meats )2384561[email protected]
PRINCES TUNA (MTIUS) LTDMr. Phillip RyleCanned tuna2069000[email protected]; [email protected]
PYAMOOTOO & FILS CIE LTEEMr. Bala KrisnahFood items- hakien, spring rolls57875420[email protected]
QUALITY BEVERAGES LTDMr. Azim F CurrimjeeSoft drinks & mineral water,sparkling drinks4542096/2090/2096[email protected]
R & R FRUITS EXPORT LTDMr. Yudish RamnarainFresh Fruits and vegetables 454 5664[email protected] ; [email protected]
RAMDENEE EDIBLE OIL PRODUCTS LTDMr. A RamdeneeEdible cooking oil6967954[email protected]
RK PARADISEMr Rudy ThannooPacking of sugar, spices, vanilla425 0062[email protected]
RODIA PROCESSING PLANTMr. Jasen SoobramaneyChicken & food processing6750388[email protected]
RODRIGUES TRADING & MARKETING CO LTD Ms. Corina Raboude Pickles, fresh citrus8324218[email protected]
ROMA ICE CREAM CO LTDMr. Christian LiIce cream, Lollies & Ice pop (pixi doux)2480581[email protected]
S&M NULLIAH LTDMrs. Mayavedee NulliahCurry powder & variety of mixed spices2668453[email protected]
S.F.M TRADINGMrs. Fatma MohumdallyFresh chilled or processed fish2493982
SAIKO TRADING LTDMrs. Ranjeeta DamreeBanana chips6272496
SAINS PRODUCT LTDMr. Rooks MahomedSausages, wors, polonies, biltong, salamies (beef, chicken)2173043[email protected]
SAKHABUTH MFG LTDMr. Hossen SakhabuthFrozen foods / snacks - chilli bite, frozen samoussas, 'beignets'4643495
SALT AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTDMr. B SewrazRefined kitchen and table salt2334746[email protected]
SAPMER PREMIUM SEAPRODUCTS LTDMr. Eddy BoutouriaFrozen Tuna-Steaks, loins4059730[email protected]
SAVEURS VEGETALES LTEEMr. Sanit SeebaluckPate a samoussa','samoussa','Rouleaux de Printemps', 'Bonbons piments', 'piment farci', 'Ravioli', mini pizzas, Croquettes de Fromage, ' Beignets', 'Roti'/ 'farata', 'Dhallpuri',wafers,'Macarons'54433508[email protected];[email protected]
SEALORD FISHING LTDMr. Rajesh GhinaFish processing2126828 [email protected]www.ghina-ncs.comimported: fishingMrs Neeta Ghina
SECRET GRAND MEREMrs. Anooradah PooranGreen & Herbal teas6701943[email protected]
SESKEL ENTERPRISES LTDMr. Oliver Ng Kwing KingFish, Salted fish2486541/2[email protected]
SEVAM & SONS CO LTD.Mr. Soopaya Allaghen Food Items and spices4128241[email protected]
SIROP DOWLUTMr. Reza DowlutConcentrated flavoured syrup 2330399[email protected]
SLK GOLD TASTE LTD Mr. Kevin RamanahFrozen food( Pies, Indian bread, spring rolls, samousas)4330750/0841[email protected]
SP FRUITAL (Mtius) Co LIMITEDFresh Fruits and vegetables 4160070[email protected]
STANFORD COVE LTDMr. Theo PietersenFlavoured rums: watermelon, pineapple, coconut and banana flavours with alcohol strength of 30%, cream liqueurs2612233[email protected]; [email protected]
STIRLING EXPORT HOUSE LTDMr. Yogen BachaRum, fruit wine, beer, soft drinks2121686[email protected]
SUKPAK LTDMr. Sylvain LavenerableSpecial Sugars2483217[email protected]
SUN AIR SEA DISTRIBUTION LTDMr. Christopher Aulner/ Mrs. Syvie AulnerRhum4837884[email protected] ; [email protected]
SUNDARAM SPICES ROCHE CARRIMr. Dassen Nagapa-ChettySpices4133284[email protected]
SURIYA MASALA & SPICES LTDMrs. Chitra VenkatramananTurmeric, curry powder, chili powder, spices4315118 /57334499[email protected]
T & T INTERNATIONAL FOODS LTDMr. Ian Tin FookInstant & dried noodles, pasta products2342969;[email protected]
THALASSA EXPORT CO LTDMr. Benoit LenoirFrozen fish and seafood, pink pepper 4836140[email protected]
THE LINKS COMPANY (POIVRE D'OR)Ms. Pascale ValletJam, honey, condiments, spices, tea, vanilla pods, chocolates, fruit pulp4135091; 4135064;4152960[email protected]; [email protected]
THYA'S FOOD ENTERPRISE LTDMr. Reuben Thyagarajen AnendenSpice paste2632663[email protected]
TILANI & COMPAGNIE LTEEMr. Alain BoutonRum, Island Recipe Rum, Spices4332817[email protected]
TROPICAL CUBES LTDMr. Arnaud RaffrayRough cut cane sugar cubes & Special Sugars2615840[email protected]
V KANHYE HEALTH FOODS CO LTD Mr.Vinay Kanhye Moringa infusion and powder59370239[email protected]
VAN ANN LTDMrs. Ann Van Den BerghChocolates243 4000[email protected]
Verger des Fruits Crystalises LtdMr. Clifford MalepaCrystalised fruit54935621[email protected]
VIJAY TRADING CO LTDMr. Vijay LutchmunPickles, Garlic paste, Water, salt, vinegar,spices2642238[email protected]
VITA RICE LTD Mr. Herman SuhirmanArsenic free Rice2108967[email protected];
VITAL WATER BOTTLING CO. LTDMr. Azim F. CurrimjeeFlat and sparkling water4545420/2090/2096[email protected]
WAMAND INTERNATIONAL LTD Mr. Wamandeo RamnarainChillies2641947[email protected]
WEST AGRO-PROCESSING RODRIGUES CO LTDMrs. Maryline LegoffJam, Syrup, crystalised fruits, pickles, chilli, sweet and sour8327524[email protected]
WINMORE ENTERPRISE CO LTDMr. S CathapermalSpices, curry powder4334683[email protected]
WORLD TROPICALS LTDMr. Gerard Martin Tropical Flowers, cut leaves4165932/4334100[email protected]
ZOE FARM LTDMr. Desire PerrineMeat processing4542141/2474264[email protected]
BLUE MAURITIUS LTDMr George RaganRum & Spirits5253 0011[email protected]https:\\