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Food & Drinks exporters

AADICON BIOTECHNOLOGIES LTDMr Deepak YardiBio Fertilizers; Frozen semen, Bio control agents2927600 / 2927601[email protected]
AFRITEX VENTURES LTDMr. Gavin Van Der BurghFresh and frozen Tuna2062308[email protected]
AGREX CO LTDMr Ricardo BotsarAnthurium flowers, andreanum blooms636 0531[email protected]; [email protected]
Al RASHID INDUSTRIAL BAKERY LTDMr. Nazir HosanyPre-cooked frozen bread, frozen pastries2448514[email protected] ; [email protected]
ALIMENTARY PASTES CO LTDMr. Patrick Wong Woon ChongPasta shapes, macaroni, coquillettes, torsades superieur, spaghetti,vermecelli2405098[email protected]
AMEEN SHAIK FOOD COMPANY LTDMr. Ameen Shaik MohedeenSnacks, roasted peanuts, banana chips, snacks made with flour, cheese & potato674 7238[email protected]
ANANAS VICTORIA LTDMr. Sanjay ProagVictoria pineapple, litchis, breadfruit, passion fruit4169918[email protected]
ARABELLA LTDMr. Balah CanjamalayAnthurium & andreanum flowers2340308[email protected]
AURIFLA CO LTDMr. Vishnu R. PermallChilled fish and frozen crustaceans2628379[email protected]
AVIPRO CO LTD Mr. Frederic BardothierChilled and frozen poultry products4049000[email protected]
BELLA AMIGO Co.Ltd Mr. Indiren ParasuramanFresh/Chilled fish2628367; 2626263[email protected]
BELLA EXOTICA LTD  Mr. Conwarbijhye MeghuFresh fruits & vegetables2648599[email protected]
BEST DAIRY CO LTDMr Raj GayaFresh & flavoured milk (pasteurised), fruit juice4243979[email protected]
BIO-CULTURE (MTIUS) LTDMr. Owen GriffthsFarming of crocodiles and hides6262503[email protected]
BISCUITERIE H RAULTMr Patrick SenequeCassava biscuits6319559[email protected]
BOURBON VANILLA LTDMrs. Dominique VaudinVanilla and vanilla derivated products (spices, salt, sugar, olive oil, vinegar)2492620[email protected]
BUTTER AND DAIRY ENTERPRISES LTDMr Gishore RamdeneeBakery margarine, ghee, butter6967970 - 4[email protected]
COCONUT LTD Mr. Bernard De SennevilleIsland recipe rum2666599[email protected]

COMPAGNIE INDUSTRIELLE DE PAILLES LTEESoft drinks, fruit juices , ice tea, energy drinks211 8840[email protected]
COMPTOIR DES EPICES LTEEMr Michel AbadSpices, vanilla products4540339, 4548007[email protected];
CONSERVERIE SARJUA LTEEMr Danesswar Sarjua    Fresh fruits & vegetables; jams, pickles, spices, curry powder, garlic and ginger in brine, herbal tea2110897, 2121118[email protected]
CONVENIENCE FOOD LTDMr Thierry Kon Kam KingChicken burgers, Frozen,prepared, and preserved fish products; fish fillets, shrimps/prawns, nuggets,fish fingers, dim sum. Pizzas, frozen vegetables, vegetarien foods. 2481665[email protected]
CORRY TRADE DEVELOPMENT LTDPastas 233 2463[email protected]
CORSON TEA ESTATE CO LTDMrs Deborah Adam Natural and flavoured teas : loose tea in packets, bags, caddys ( metal tin) - 125, 250, 500 gms packets; tea bags 50 gms & caddies 50-125 gms,tea bag boxes 50 gms, pouch with zipper with tag less vanilla tea bags 50 gms.6704921[email protected]
COTTON CANDY LtdMrs. Zerin NarimanCandy floss; popcorn2161107cottoncandyseason [email protected]
CREASIM LTEEMr Eric MametCake decorations, wafers6705520[email protected]
CRUNCHIES FOOD INDUSTRIES LTDMr Philippe AhfatSnacks2422675[email protected]
CULPITT ADAM CO LTDMr Bernard B. De GersignyHandmade edible sugar cake decorations6746933[email protected]
DALAIS LAMA LTD Mr. Arnaud DalaisCoconut juice; sorbet; chutney 4171412[email protected]
DANISS LTDMrs. Samira SullimahFrozen snacks: chicken balls, cateless, samoussa4674037[email protected]
DCF ROOTS CO. LTDMrs. ChowreeCassava cereals57737676[email protected]; [email protected]
DELAFLORES / MIRAFIORIAnthurium flowers and foliages4315279[email protected]
DISTILLERIE DE LABOURDONNAIS LTDMs. Julia RoussetAgricultural Rhum , Liquor 2662177[email protected]
DOMAINE DE LABOURDONNAISMr. Jean Francois LagesseFruit paste, juice, jams, ice cream, sorbet, fruit puree2669533[email protected];
E.C.OXENHAM & CY.LTDMr. Alan OxenhamWines, Spirits ,Bougainville rum oaks and Ames Rum, Divine Fruit Wines696 79 50/51[email protected]; [email protected];[email protected]
EAU VAL LTEEMr. Laval TaoMineral water6336160[email protected]
ENGLISH BAY CO LTDMr. James Michael WebbProcessed Salted fish2342217[email protected]
ESKO & CO LTDMr. Patrick LimSweets, bubble gum, chocolates, wafers, biscuits, instant noodles 2474138[email protected]
EUGENIE FOOD PRODUCTS LTDMrs. Jocelyne LaurentPickles of exotic fruits, chilli pastes, jams, marmalades, chutneys4641514[email protected]
EXOGREEN LTDMr. Dev SewpalFresh pineapple and litchis2084000; 2135000[email protected]
EXQUISITE SPICES LTDMr. Sahid SummallySpices - curry powder, gram flour, ginger & garlic paste2413000/3001/3002[email protected]
FAST FOODS LTDMr. Ian ChanMeat preparations, pork products, ham, sausages, smoked chicken, chicken ham & sausages, salami, bacon, cured beef silverside, german type meat products2420530[email protected]
FAUCON PRODUCTS LTDMr. Denis Lai CheongBeverages: fruit juice, squash and syrup; pasta 2860031[email protected]
FERME MARINE DE MAHEBOURG LTD Mr.Pierre-Yves SemaesseFresh fish - aquaculture (Red Drum, Sea Bass) 4175205/ 4175212[email protected]
FIELD FLORA EXPORT LTD / FLOWER EXPORT LTDMr. Maurice BathfieldAnthuriums 6766089 / 6748780[email protected]
FINE FOODS MARKETING LTDMr. Mario GebertMeat, seafood, delicatessen, dairy products2480108[email protected]
FINEST FIRSTMr. Swabeer BolakyChicken mix coating (powder), Hot & Spicy Coating Mix, Tandoori/Barbecue Mix (Spices), Briyani Mix (spices), Chilli Paste57925200, 6270122[email protected]
FLAVOURS OF MAURITIUS & CO LTDMs Kalyanee HurryFrozen Snacks : mini pizza, samoussa, hakien, chilli bite, stiffed chilli etc..4185017[email protected]
FLORA MARKETING CO LTDMrs. Vinah GanooHorticultural, Ornamentals, Cycads, succulent, palm species, aquatic bulbs, vanilla, pepper, cardamons, cloves 6742737/ 6741555[email protected]
FLORALES PRODUCTION LTEEMr. Parama MardemootooAnthurium, tropical/ exotic flowers (heliconia)54710160[email protected]
FLORESCO LTDMr. Gary Kon Kam KingSalted & roasted peanuts, peanut butter, cashew nuts, mixed nuts, Almond.2409617[email protected]
FOOD AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTDMr. Guillaume HugninDairy products, Canned vegetables, poultry products, flour, animal feeds, processed poultry products4049000[email protected]
FOOD CANNERS LTDMr. Dick Li Wan PoFruit juice, flavoured milk, canned vegetables, sauces, snacks, jams2122100[email protected]
FOOD WORTH CO. LTD (MAUBON) Mr. Ved LuchmunBanana chips, fresh fruits and vegetables6274439, 6179531[email protected]
FOODWORKS LTDMr. Kurt  Staheli                                                Frozen & chilled ready made meals (lasagnes, pies, pizza, macaronis, salads, salad dressings)4278794 / 57250340[email protected]
FRANCE DELICE LTDMr. Eric NgFrozen pastry ("croissant")261-7842[email protected]
FRUITS MAC LTEEMr. Abid MackyPineaples57808104[email protected]
GOLDWIN LTDMrs. Kanti RamburrunMassala, bessan, briani spices57777370/ 57699900[email protected]
GOONVIR BHOLAH LTDMr. Dhruv BholahCanned Food: Corned Mutton, Corned Stag, Chatini Cheverettes, Chatini Bomli, Vegetarian Food, Chicken Lunchon Meat, Coq à la King 6847066[email protected]
GOURMANDISE D'ANNE LTEEMr. Philippe LeclézioSweet bakery: Macaron, Napolitain6868822/ 59402186[email protected]
GOVINDA'S GIFT LTDMr. C MunesharVegetarian products - burgers, sausages, soya patties, paneer, kofta4375628[email protected]
GRAND FIESTAMr. Chaytun Ram BholahAnthurium flowers59192310[email protected]
GRAND FIESTA LTDMr. Chaytun Ram BholahAnthuriums 6753113[email protected]
GRAND LA FOURCHE CORAILMr. Cliff PeermamodeHoney 59364595[email protected]
GRAYS & INC LTDMr. Didier NoelMolasses Rum, cane liquor, spirits, vodka and bottling of wines2093000[email protected]; [email protected]
GROUPE SAINT AUBINMr. Patrick GuimbeauAgricultural rum, tea, herbal tea, infusions, vanilla pods, special sugars6261819[email protected];
H K NANDEE CO LTDMr. Haree Krishna NandeeFrozen fish, fresh fish, prawns, squid and octopus4243839[email protected]
HAMPA LTDMr. Mevinn RajiahSpices: haleem, briani, garam masala; curcumin, cardamon, pepper435 6912; 5760 5830[email protected]
HASHNOOR ENTERPRISE CO LTDMr. Parwez MaudhabuxSpices: Masala, curry, halim, roasted chicken, briani, chicken powder etc6866565[email protected]
HASSEN TAHER SEAFOOD (MTIUS) LTDMr. Bahim TaherFish and seafood products4545786[email protected]
HKS MANAGEMENT LTDMr. Sunil HassamalEssential oils6975369[email protected]
HV INDUSTRIES LTDMr. Bhupen GovindjeeInstant Noodles, pasta.6051400[email protected]
IBRAHIM GOLAUP & CO.LTDMr. Ilshaad GoolaupCurry powder and spices2422531[email protected]
ICE POINT CO LTD Mr. Sameer Unuth Kulfi ice cream in tubs and with sticks 4541275 / 57865089[email protected]
ICE WORLD LTDMr. Mohamed KaudeerLollipops, ice cubes, malai, pickles2666167[email protected]
INDIAN OCEAN RUM LTEEMr. Jean-Francois KoenigRum4520400/1[email protected]
INNODIS LTDMr. Reynolds Moothoo Poultry - broiler chickens, day old chicks2065868[email protected]
INTERNATIONAL DISTILLERS (MAURITIUS) LTDMr. Jacques Li Wan PoAlcoholic beverages: rum, cane spirits, whisky, gin, brandy2126896/7/8[email protected]
ISLANDS MARINE ENTERPRISES LTDMr. Gerard AlexandreFrozen tuna52549665[email protected]
ITALPRO DEVELOPMENT LTDErman IndirliWine, gin, vodka, whisky6866699; 6962222[email protected]; [email protected]
JARDIN DE SAINT JULIENMr. Savy RamburrunFresh Fruits and vegetables 4240564[email protected]
KHILESH CO LTDMrs. Vidhya Bhanu SarjuaPickles, Spices, paste and chutneys2649551[email protected]
KING'S CANDY FACTORYMr. Philippe Ah FatSweets, candies, popsicles2422675[email protected]
L.V.M (MAURITIUS) LTDMr. Danny ChanSnacks: Potato chips, Sev, moolkoo, baguette fromage, peanuts, pop corn, peas, corn chips4339105[email protected]
LA JOLIETTE WINERYMr Chari DhaurooWine5980 7568[email protected]
LA CHARTREUSE TEA FACTORYMr. Asvin Kumar BokhoreeTea, tea bags, flavoured tea 6771212[email protected]
LA LAITERIE CUREPIPE LTEEMr. Indra ThanacodyYoghurt, curdled milk, fruit nectars & drinks, cheese, jellies, drinking yoghurts 6707800[email protected]
LA SALIERE DE L'OUESTMr. Asif KhadabocusRefined table salt4838299;4838303[email protected]
LA SAVEUR DU TERROIR LTEEMrs. Nathalie MametSpices54932867[email protected]
LA TROBE CO LTDMr. Lawrence WongMilk, Cereals, Beverages 4333800[email protected]
LALLMATIE GRINDING MILLMr. Rajiv ProagGrinding of spices4183370[email protected]
LARIBEES CO. LTDMr. Christian RitterMonofloral Organic Honey6703437[email protected]
LE HOCHET BISCUIT FACTORY Mr. Mike Coopoosamy Biscuits - Cookies and Chapelure 2480016[email protected]
LES BRULERIES DE LA FOURNAISE LTEEMr Sebastien ConstantCoffee2492241;
LES COLINIERES LTDMs Isabelle Rougier Lagane Rum, Island recipe rum, flavoured
LES MOULINS DE LA CONCORDE LTEEMr. Philippe la Hausse de LalouvièreWheat bran,
LETCHIS DU PARADIS MAURICE COPERATIVE SOCIETY LTDMr. Vivek LochunFresh litchis, passion fruit,
LFL AQUACULTURE & EXTRUSION DIVISION Mr. Christophe NoëlFeeds for prawns and
LIM KAM SIAN BROS LTDMr.Bertrand LimBiscuits, custard powder, wafers, flavouring essence, dessert
LITCHQUOR LTDMr. Frederic; /
LIVESTOCK FEED LTDMr. Rocky ForgetAnimal feeds and concentrates2863900/
LOCHUN AGRO PRODUCTSMr. Vivek LochunFresh litchis, passion fruit, pineapple,
LOLITA MARIEMrs. Lolita MarieIsland recipe
LOTUN SWEETMART LTEEMr.Uwais Lotun Snack( 'Sev', peanuts,popcorn,'baguette fromages','moulkoo',banana chips,chips,'sipec', 'cravate')
MAMAN SALUJA LTDMr. Luximan CousnahFrozen faratas, Frozen snacks: samoussas 4836168 ;
MARGARINE INDUSTRIES LTD Mr. M. Rafic SullimanGhee, pastry margarine spread, butter, vanaspati and shortening.4549073/
MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY PRODUCTSMr. Cougen Purseramen Fish meal, fish;
MAUCAFE LTEEMr. Bernard VincentRoasted coffee, granular /
MAUMADA EXPORTS LTDMr. Lutchmayah AppanahDehydrated pink peppercorn, black/green pepper, ginger powder, cinnamon,
MAURILAIT PRODUCTION LTEEMr. Jean Jacques BoulléYoghurt, "long-life" milk, ice cream and
MAURISTEA INVESTMENT CO LTDMrs. Stephanie StaffordHerbal
MAURITIUS OIL REFINERIES LTDMr. Andre Espitalier NoelEdible oil (soyabean, sunflower, pure vegetable, olive)
MAURITIUS SUGAR SYNDICATEMr. Devesh DukhiraUnrefined cane special sugars, white refined sugar, bulk raw sugar2120814/0815/5090,
MAYIL SPICESMr. Pillay MootienSpices, Mixtures & seasonings, bakery products, grains and cereals,
MEADERS FEEDS LTDMr. Iqbal MohungooAnimal feeds, raw materials for animal
MEDINE DISTILLERY CO LTDMr. Maxime SauzierAlcohol in bulk, bottling and distribution of rum and rum based
MER DES MASCAREIGNESMr. Patrick HillFrozen fish products (steaks, cubes, loins, portions)
MICROLAB LTDMr. Jean FelixMicro-propagated plants through tissue culture, including ornamentals ex: Anthuriums,Orchids,Gingers,Bromeliads,Plants,Plants for renewable energy (biomass) and edible ex : Banana, Vanilla,
MIEL'OR LTDMr. Anas MoorbannooPure And Natural,
MONTIDA POULTRY LTDMr. E KwokBroiler chicken2486541/
MTK LTDMr. Mukesh BalgobinScotch whisky, refined rum, compounded spirit & cane
NDUM COMPANY LTD Mr. Dumé DuvalMauritian snacks , gateaux Piment,chili cake, cakes,idli,gulabjamoon,poutou,sweet potato,spices for rice,icing sugar,ground rice ,flour for dhall tipuri, soup,(Halim,Dhall-pitha,Pasta soup,Rasson,Meefoon,
NEW GOODWILL & CO LTDMr. Patrick Kie Chong Tao Kong ManAlcoholic beverages. Bottling of rum and spirits247 2841/;
NEW MAURIFOODS LTDMr. Nicolas LamusseProcessed poultry products; Canned fruit and vegetables; Green salads and raw
NF FLOWERS PRODUCTION LTDMr. Olivier PascaleAnthurium
Nirvaved 5 Lotus Enterprise Ltd Mr. Anilsing DeonananHerbal teas, Ayurvedic  food supplements 6700212/6744988/
NONICO CO LTDMr. Bharat RamruttunNoni juice
OCEAN PRODUCTS LTDMr. Ashok RamdeneeSalted
OMEGA WINE FACTORY & CO LTDMr. Antoine LaiWine, alcohol6862662/
ORIENTAL FOODS LTDMr. Brian Ah ChuenSoya / mushroom sauce, fish sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, puree & sauce, pizza sauce, prawns in
ORNAMENTAL MARINE WORLD LTDMs. Gurroby meneekaOrnamental fishes
OTF/ EXOFRUITS EXPORT LTDMr. Vikram HurdoyalFresh fruits and vegetables - pineapples, litchis4152836
OVAL EXPORT LTD Mr. Vyrish AwootarFresh fruits and vegetables - pineapples,
PACK PLUS LtdMr. Jerome BoutillierPacking of sugar (special and white) 2863264/;
PANACEA PHARMAMs. Anabelle F LelieEssential oils
PEJIBAYE CO LTDMr. Gerard RohanPalm
PELAGIC PROCESS LTD Mr. Kevin PedersenFresh / Frozen
PENINSULA RICE MILLING LTDMr. Rahim BholahMilling of high quality rice
PHOENIX BEVERAGES LTD Mr. TheysBeer & beverages, bottling services, carbonated soft drinks,;
PLUIE D'OR CO LTDMr. Laurant ChanSnacks
POIVRE D'ORMrs. Pascale Vallet100% natural: homemade jam, honey, condiments; gift boxes, fruit paste, spices, tea, vanilla pods, chocolates, fruit
POM D'OR LTEEMr. Vivian MoutouFood stuff, samoussa, pâtés, crispy balls, hakien & burger (veg & non-veg)
POULET ARC EN CIEL LTEEMr. Gerard Wong Chicken meat631;
PRAJO ENTERPRISEMrs. Pratibha JohaheerPickles, jams, crystalised fruits &
Prime Products LtdMrs.Geraldine KatticMeat processing (All meats )
PRINCES TUNA (MTIUS) LTDMr. Phillip RyleCanned;
PYAMOOTOO & FILS CIE LTEEMr. Bala KrisnahFood items- hakien, spring
QUALITY BEVERAGES LTDMr. Azim F CurrimjeeSoft drinks & mineral water,sparkling drinks4542096/2090/
R & R FRUITS EXPORT LTDMr. Yudish RamnarainFresh Fruits and vegetables 454 ;
RK PARADISEMr Rudy ThannooPacking of sugar, spices, vanilla425
RODIA PROCESSING PLANTMr. Jasen SoobramaneyChicken & food
RODRIGUES TRADING & MARKETING CO LTD Ms. Corina Raboude Pickles, fresh
ROMA ICE CREAM CO LTDMr. Christian LiIce cream, Lollies & Ice pop (pixi doux)
S&M NULLIAH LTDMrs. Mayavedee NulliahCurry powder & variety of mixed
S.F.M TRADINGMrs. Fatma MohumdallyFresh chilled or processed fish2493982
SAIKO TRADING LTDMrs. Ranjeeta DamreeBanana chips6272496
SAINS PRODUCT LTDMr. Rooks MahomedSausages, wors, polonies, biltong, salamies (beef, chicken)
SAKHABUTH MFG LTDMr. Hossen SakhabuthFrozen foods / snacks - chilli bite, frozen samoussas, 'beignets'4643495
SALT AND ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTDMr. B SewrazRefined kitchen and table
SAPMER PREMIUM SEAPRODUCTS LTDMr. Eddy BoutouriaFrozen Tuna-Steaks,
SAVEURS VEGETALES LTEEMr. Sanit SeebaluckPate a samoussa','samoussa','Rouleaux de Printemps', 'Bonbons piments', 'piment farci', 'Ravioli', mini pizzas, Croquettes de Fromage, ' Beignets', 'Roti'/ 'farata', 'Dhallpuri',wafers,'Macarons';
SEALORD FISHING LTDMr. Rajesh GhinaFish processing2126828 frozen@intnet.muwww.ghina-ncs.comimported: fishingMrs Neeta Ghina
SECRET GRAND MEREMrs. Anooradah PooranGreen & Herbal
SESKEL ENTERPRISES LTDMr. Oliver Ng Kwing KingFish, Salted fish2486541/
SEVAM & SONS CO LTD.Mr. Soopaya Allaghen Food Items and
SIROP DOWLUTMr. Reza DowlutConcentrated flavoured syrup
SLK GOLD TASTE LTD Mr. Kevin RamanahFrozen food( Pies, Indian bread, spring rolls, samousas)4330750/
SP FRUITAL (Mtius) Co LIMITEDFresh Fruits and vegetables
STANFORD COVE LTDMr. Theo PietersenFlavoured rums: watermelon, pineapple, coconut and banana flavours with alcohol strength of 30%, cream;
STIRLING EXPORT HOUSE LTDMr. Yogen BachaRum, fruit wine, beer, soft
SUKPAK LTDMr. Sylvain LavenerableSpecial
SUN AIR SEA DISTRIBUTION LTDMr. Christopher Aulner/ Mrs. Syvie ;
SURIYA MASALA & SPICES LTDMrs. Chitra VenkatramananTurmeric, curry powder, chili powder, spices4315118 /
T & T INTERNATIONAL FOODS LTDMr. Ian Tin FookInstant & dried noodles, pasta products2342969;
THALASSA EXPORT CO LTDMr. Benoit LenoirFrozen fish and seafood, pink pepper
THE LINKS COMPANY (POIVRE D'OR)Ms. Pascale ValletJam, honey, condiments, spices, tea, vanilla pods, chocolates, fruit pulp4135091; 4135064;;
THYA'S FOOD ENTERPRISE LTDMr. Reuben Thyagarajen AnendenSpice
TILANI & COMPAGNIE LTEEMr. Alain BoutonRum, Island Recipe Rum,
TROPICAL CUBES LTDMr. Arnaud RaffrayRough cut cane sugar cubes & Special
V KANHYE HEALTH FOODS CO LTD Mr.Vinay Kanhye Moringa infusion and
VAN ANN LTDMrs. Ann Van Den BerghChocolates243
Verger des Fruits Crystalises LtdMr. Clifford MalepaCrystalised
VIJAY TRADING CO LTDMr. Vijay LutchmunPickles, Garlic paste, Water, salt, vinegar,
VITA RICE LTD Mr. Herman SuhirmanArsenic free;
VITAL WATER BOTTLING CO. LTDMr. Azim F. CurrimjeeFlat and sparkling water4545420/2090/
WEST AGRO-PROCESSING RODRIGUES CO LTDMrs. Maryline LegoffJam, Syrup, crystalised fruits, pickles, chilli, sweet and
WINMORE ENTERPRISE CO LTDMr. S CathapermalSpices, curry
WORLD TROPICALS LTDMr. Gerard Martin Tropical Flowers, cut leaves4165932/
ZOE FARM LTDMr. Desire PerrineMeat processing4542141/
BLUE MAURITIUS LTDMr George RaganRum & Spirits5253 0011md@bluemauritius.bizhttps:\\