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To sustain the market diversification strategy, Mauritius is unlocking doors in Germany and other neighbouring countries in Europe for the jewellery sector. In 2016, Europe imported $50.9 bn worth of articles of jewellery including precious and semi-precious stones which represent 23% of world’s import. Mauritian exports of jewellery products have been focused principally to France and Switzerland in Europe. There is more market potential to be explored.

In this stance, The Trade & Export Office of the Economic Development Board is leading a delegation of eight jewellery manufacturers to Inhorgenta Munich 2018 Jewellery Exhibition which will be held from 16-19 February 2018.  Inhorgenta Munich is a major international event, featuring different categories of jewellery and related products such as fine jewellery, precious and semiprecious stone, silver jewellery, classic and contemporary jewellery, designer’s jewellery, and smart jewellery. 

The 2017 edition attracted 987 exhibitors from 40 different countries and 27,500 visitors from 75 countries. Buyers were mainly from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czech, Belgium, Spain, UK and among others. Inhorgenta Munich has earned a name since its inception in 1972 as a reference jewellery trade fair in Europe.

It is important to note that the Germanic style jewellery is saleable in Germany, Switzerland, Czech, Austria, Scandinavia, Luxemburg, UK which is a market of more than $23 billion. Moreover, the Inhorgenta Munich allows Jewellery manufacturers to meet with clients to discuss product development and future businesses and is a good platform to establish contacts with new buyers.

This event will undoubtedly help to position Mauritius as a sourcing destination for jewellery products in Europe as well as increasing exports of jewellery products taking into consideration the existing duty-free export of Mauritian jewelries to the German market.