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MAGMA- The Fine Jewellery Collection from Mauritius

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Millions of years ago, a start was born. Lava surfaced the earth to the Pristine Blue waters of the Indian Ocean. A fusion of Chaos and Beauty creates eternal life.

‘’Dina Harobi’’ it was named by the arabs. ‘’Cirne’’ it was known to the Portugese. Through love and passion for their homeland, the Dutch called  it ‘’ Prins Maurits Van Nassaueiland’’. The French described it as ‘’Isle de France.’’

And the British renamed it ‘’Mauritius’’

Weathered by the sun, air, wind. Rocked by the cyclone and caressed by the pure water flowing from the lush green mountains.

Toiled by Labourers and hand crafted Masters,

‘MAGMA reveals the quintessence of life from Mauritius’’