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About the Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre of Enterprise Mauritius was set up in June 2005 with the primary objective to assist and provide comprehensive trade-related information to the business community, particularly, the exporters and SMEs. It is an open-access Trade Information Centre which started operation with an extensive range of collections from the Information Resource Centre (IRC) of the Export Processing Zones Development Authority (EPZDA) and the Trade Information Centre (TIC) of the Mauritius Industrial Development Authority (MIDA).The specialized, referenced and computerized Trade Information Centre is involved in the collection, processing, research and dissemination of up-to-date, strategic, and operational information to business operators based on its:

  • Mission: Identify, organize, and provide access to information.
  • Vision: Strive to become a first-stop trade information centre for enterprises.
  • Values: Friendly, accessible service and responsive to the needs of the business community

Information Retrieval

The Centre uses CinDoc, an Electronic Document Management (EDM) software to streamline its day-to-day operation and information management.  The software was set up in the Knowledge Centre under the European Union’s Decentralised Cooperation Programme (DCP) in April 2010.  The database allows easy retrieval of references to information held in the Centre and is accessible to Management only. Furthermore, the Centre uses the Special Classification (In-House) Scheme; Author, Title & Subject Index and Computer as the physical form of catalogue.

Information Request

Knowledge Centre has been attending to various local and overseas queries  in the most timely, convenient, interactive and cost effective manner through telephone, fax, e-mail, and onsite visits. In this information era, emails and telephone calls are seen to be the most convenient, cost-effective, and timely way to communicate.

The services of the Knowledge Centre are of direct benefit to EM target enterprises. State-of-the-art technical and up-to-date market information is available for reference to local enterprises so that they are better armed to face global competition and to expand their businesses. The Knowledge Centre is open to investors, exporters, importers, smes and the business community at large.