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The Light Engineering Sector in Mauritius englobes some 200 large companies and 800 small establishments employing  around 10,000 persons. This sector can be subdivided into the followings:

Medium to High Tech Engineering products

  • Scientific and laboratory equipment,
  • Surgical and medical devices
  • Cardiac catheters,
  • Transmission towers,
  • Fibre optics cable,
  • Electrical cables,
  • Electronic digital locks,
  • Printed circuit boards and Smart LED TVs
  • Instruments for physical/chemical analysis

Sheet Metal / Mechanical Engineering products

  • Cutlery,
  • Aluminium kitchen utensils,
  • Metal forgings and stampings,
  • Manhole covers,
  • Tools making, punching tools, machinery and equipment,
  • Cast iron valves, hydraulic pumps,
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning assembly
  • Transmission towers
  • Automotive brake linings, clutch pads and linings, brake pads, air filters,
  • Coachworks, metal pipes, fish hooks, stainless steel products,
  • Watch and clock dials

Non Metallic / Plastic Engineering Products

  • Water tanks,
  • Swimming pools,
  • Injection moulding parts like hangers and plastic containers, 
  • Extrusion process products like plastic pipes and trucking,
  • PVC parts for piping,
  • Sunglasses & googles
  • Yacht, fibreglass boats and beech & leisure products.
  • Tubes, pipes & hoses & fittings of plastics, glassware

Medical Sector products

  • Sterile and non-sterile balloon catheters
  • Ophthalmic protheses
  • Cardiovascular grafts, vein stripper, embolectomy catheters, venous implantable ports and safe huber needles, inflation devices and Y-connectors
  • Silicone breast implants
  • Radiopaque Injectable Synthetic Bone Substitute
  • Surgical and medical devices
  • Cardiac catheters,

Construction related materials and products

  • Aluminium and UPVC Products
  • Electrical Wiring Products
  • Iron and sheet metal Products
  • Furniture (Home & Office)
  • Paints & construction glue / adhesive