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The textile industry is rightly considered as the catalyst of the Mauritian industrial revolution.  For the  past  4  decades, the  textile  industry has  spearheaded the  structural  transformation of  the Mauritian economy to such  an extent  that  this sector  has acted  as the engine of economic growth, attracting FDI from various countries, creating new employment opportunities, and  strengthening the manufacturing base of the economy.

Evolving from  a producer of basics  in the 70’s to a vertically integrated supplier of high  value added, design-led garments, the  local  textile  industry is  today geared to  face  challenges of  a liberalized market place by providing flexible solutions adapted to the exact needs  of buyers from the world over.

The local textile  landscape is made  up  of a diversified base of manufacturers able to cater  for the needs  of a wide  spectrum of buyers with  a wide  range  of options in terms  of price points, volumes and runs. Some of our leading entrepreneurial manufacturers have accumulated enough expertise to  invest  in  additional production units  in  neighboring countries, transferring knowledge to countries enjoying relatively low  labour costs,  while  providing the  right  degree of flexibility  for our clients.

The  regional transfer of Mauritian textile  expertise has  turned Mauritius into  the  textile  hub  of excellence  in Southern & Eastern Africa, making our success story  a business model  that  is currently being benchmarked right  across Africa. The Mauritian manufacturers have the capability to supply a wide range of textile products at varying price points, with a focus on quality that includes T-shirts, lingerie and loungewear, shirts, sportswear, trousers and denim, children’s wear, pullovers, uniforms and beachwear to name a few. Traditionally, the main export markets for textiles and apparel have been Europe and the US, but during the past few years, exports to the South African market have been constantly increasing.

Our Main Products

Our local manufacturers have the capability to supply a wide range of textile products at varying price points, flexibility on volume of orders and with a focus on quality:

  • T-Shirts & Polo Shirts
  • Shirts & Suits                  
  • Trousers & Denim                         
  • Pullovers/Cardigans             
  • Beachwear/Underwear
  • Children’s Wear

Number of Companies by Sub-Sector  (A total of around 225)

  • T-Shirts/Polo Shirts: 70
  • Shirts / Babywear, Sports & Work wear: 30
  • Trousers/Suits/ Fabric Yarn:  48
  • Lingerie/Knitwear, Swimwear & Beachwear:  26
  • Accessories & Others:  51      

Production Capacity for our main Apparels (million pieces);

  • T-Shirts : 82
  • Shirts:  23
  • Trousers : 15
  • Pullovers :  6

Our Export Market

Traditionally, the main  export  markets for apparel have  been  Europe and  the USA but  since  the last  few  years   our  exports to  the  South   African   market  have  been  constantly  increasing. In 2015, domestic exports to Europe accounts for 40 %, USA: 24% and South Africa:  21%.

Salient Features

In brief, the textile and apparel industry has been the backbone of the Mauritius Export Processing Zone (EPZ). In the early seventies, it started as a very labour intensive. Gradually and up to very recent past, it went through a phase of vertical integration with local spinning and dyeing. The local production respecting eligibility criteria benefitted from preferential access to Europe (Lomé Convention), USA (AGOA), Africa (Comesa, Sadc).

Others: – Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP), with reduced tariffs to Scandinavia, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Contribution to GDP =  8.7%

Contribution of the value added for the manufacturing sector = 56%

Contribution of Domestic Exports =  43%

Employment =   45,000

Number of Active Enterprises =    174

Exports: US$ 933 million

Mauritius: More than Just Duty-Free

  • Quality, Reliability &Flexibility
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Eco friendly & Green Manufacturing
  • State of the Art Technology

Some Famous Brands We Manufacture

Calvin Klein, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, Guess, Adidas, Levi’s, Puma, Burton, Orchestra, Top Shop, Woolworths, Esprit, Abercrombie, Harrods, Fitch, Truworths, Foschini, Edgars, Cerrutti, Polo Sport, Adidas, Puma, River Island, Promod, Marks & Spencer, Celio, Monsoon.