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Scheme Terms and Conditions


In the budget speech, paragraph 369, provision has been made to provide a grant to finance the participation of SMEs in international fairs up to a maximum of Rs. 200,000 per year.

The Participation in International Fairs Grant Scheme (PIFGS) is meant to assist companies/enterprises which are already exporting or export ready.  Enterprise Mauritius will provide eligible companies/enterprises from the manufacturing and agricultural sectors with a financial assistance to meet part of expenses in relation to their participation in International Fairs. The grant covers the costs of stand, air ticket and accommodation. Eligible companies/enterprises may benefit up to a maximum of Rs. 200,000 per year, irrespective of the number of trade fairs they attend.

Eligible Criteria:

  • SMEs with Turnover less than Rs 50 Millions
  • SMEs in Manufacturing and Agricultural Sector
  • An assessment will be carried out by Enterprise Mauritius to determine ability to export

Eligible Costs for Refund under the Scheme include:

  • Cost of Stand
  • Cost of an Economy Class Air Ticket for one company representative
  • Accommodation cost for one person during the Fair

Documents to be submitted with Application Form

Eligible companies/enterprises should submit an application to EM on the prescribed form together with the supporting information and documents listed below:

  1. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation from Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Co-operatives
  2. Certificate of Registration from SMEDA (If Any)
  3. Copies of latest Management accounts/Operational accounts+
  4. A certified copy of list of Directors and shareholding structure or the list of office bearers in the case of Co-operatives.
  5. A brief about the Fair

On receipt of a complete Application Form from an eligible company/enterprise, EM shall submit the information to the Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee which shall process the same within 3 weeks and inform the applicant of the outcome accordingly.

Processing of Application

The application form can either be:

Collected at the reception desk of Enterprise Mauritius located on the 7th Floor, St James Court, St Denis Street, Port Louis. Or Fill the Online the registration form above.

Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee

A Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee has been set up under the chairmanship of Enterprise Mauritius for processing and evaluation of all applications.

Once a project is recommended for approval by the Project Evaluation and Monitoring Committee, the applicant will be issued a letter of intent.


After attending the fair, the applicant should submit a Claim Form along with the following supporting documents:

  1. A small brief on the outcome of the fair, specifying the number of contacts established, the value of trial orders and expected value of orders.
  2. Proof of payment (receipts for Cost of Stand, Air Ticket and Hotel Accommodation)
  3. Copy of Air ticket and Boarding Passes.
  4. Exhibitor Pass/Badges

EM will refund the costs incurred within 14 working days of receipt of all relevant documents supporting the claim and subject to all conditions being met.

Non- Compliance

The approval of a grant under this scheme shall be deemed to have lapsed if the company/enterprise fails to participate in the trade fair for which approval is granted and/or if the company/enterprise has provided false or misleading information at the time of application.

Applications for Approval of Grant

All application forms should be duly filled and submitted along with the required documents at least ONE month before the applicant’s participation to allow for timely processing and approval of the grant.


Date of Incorporation:

Contact Person:






VAT Registration Number:
(where applicable/available)

Company Registration Number:

SMEDA Registration Number:(If any)

Have you applied for this scheme before?:

If yes, state where and amount obtained:

What product(s) is/are manufactured by your enterprise?:

Turnover for the last three years:

Local Sales for the last three years:

Export for the last three years:

Forecast for the next three years:

No. of Employees

Management & Administrative:

Employees in Production

During of Fair:


Details of Fair

Name of Fair:

Official Web Site of Fair Organiser:

Contact Person and Contact Details of Fair Organiser:

Duration of the Fair (Date and No. of days):

Country where the fair is being held?:

What are the reasons for selecting the proposed fair?:

What product (s) (goods) is (are) being promoted?:

Funding Required

Size of the Stand (sqm):

Cost per Sq Meter:


Rate per day/night:

Room Categories:

Estimated Freight Cost for Sample and Promotional Materials:

Name of Freight Forarder:

Quantity of Samples (Pieces/Kg):

Typed of Sample/Promotional materials for the Fair:


I AFFIRM that information in this application is accurate and complete, and the project proposal, including plans and budgets are fairly represented. I agree that once funding is provided, any change to the project proposal will require prior approval of Enterprise Mauritius