Issue 16 - January 2013  
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  Dev Chamroo CEO  
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Dear Valued Partners

TeamEM wishes you a Happy New Year 2013 and welcomes you to our first Newsletter for 2013.

While some analysts are busy evaluating the performance of 2012 and comparing it to previous years, others are making forecasts for 2013. Will 2013 be a good or a bad year compared to 2012? Hence many scenarios and many forecasts are being built. However, the prime condition of ‘cateris paribus’ (other things remaining the same) unfortunately will not be the same.

Some modest optimism has now slowly replaced wholesome pessimism of the last few years. With the future of Eurozone locked in, the US Presidential elections behind us and with the forced rebound of the Chinese and Indian economies, the time is to build and to grow. However, the challenge of uncertainly has to be factored in into our plans. The business environment will remain complex, tough and highly competitive. While, on the one hand, we see a marginal decline in competition from traditional competitors like China, Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia, on the other hand we have to face new challenges from countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Columbia among others. Moreover, several major brands are seriously contemplating re-locating their production into eastern European countries, namely in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania amongst others.

On the backdrop of such tumultuous background, Mauritian exporters should look forward to 2013 with a lot of optimism. They have shown high resiliency, combatibility and innovation to perform yet again, above-par, compared to their peers in the region, in increasing our exports. The raw data for 2012 confirms the good performance of our export sector with total EOE exports reaching Rs 46,378 bn compared to Rs 43,100 bn in 2011, representing a growth of 7.6%. A closer look at the figures also show the following:-

(i) The share of Textile and Clothing in total EOE exports has dropped to 55.9% compared to 59.6% in 2011;
(ii) Consequently, the share of Non-Textile Sector export, has increased to 44.1% compared to 40.4%;
(iii) The prominence of our traditional markets has dropped from 57% in 2011 to 51.9% in 2012; and
(iv) The rise of Africa, as an important market for Mauritian products.


This augurs well and confirms the diversification of both our industries and markets. TeamEM shall, this year, further strengthen this process to achieve better results, on all the above fronts, through structured and focussed promotional campaigns in selected markets. A copy of our Action Plan 2013 is herewith annexed. With the start of the new year, we have launched our 2013 activities with the following events.

1. Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Germany from 6 to 8 February
2. Zoom by Fatex in Paris, France from 12 to 14 February
3. Sourcing at Magic, Las Vegas, USA from 18 to 21 February


More intense campaigns in Rwanda, Uganda and in South Africa are also being organised.

On the Policy Advocacy front, several important initiatives have been launched namely:-

1. The holding of the 2nd Meeting of the Joint Committee on Cooperation on Textiles and Clothing between Mauritius and India (28 – 30 January 2013) in Mauritius.
2. Signing of the Mauritius – Turkey Framework Agreement (4 – 8 February 2013)
3. Workshop on Non-Tariff Measures (NTMs) in collaboration with International Trade (under ITC, Geneva)


In the margin of the 2nd Meeting Joint Committee on Cooperation on Textile and Clothing between Mauritius and India, Enterprise Mauritius signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOI) with the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) of India for closer cooperation in the field of textile and clothing. The salient features of the Agreement relate to collaborations in the following areas:-

1. Capacity building of Mauritian textile companies on Compliance issues (Health & Safety, Labour Law, environment, social standard) benchmarked on the successful DISHA Programme of AEPC. www.aepcindia.com
2. Joint collaboration to promote the India-Mauritius – Africa Textile corridor.
3. Regular Exchange of personnel and industry experts.
4. Capacity building in ‘Export Readiness’ of local companies.


A Plan of Action for collaboration has already been worked out and shall be announced shortly.

Thus, the mandate of EM has been extended to include capacity building of SMEs and first-time exporters on export readiness. In this regard, a series of structured workshops, trainings and in-factory interventions has been planned for 2013. It should be noted that last year, Enterprise Mauritius supported 547 companies of which 375 were SMEs in establishing 6568 contacts with businessmen overseas.

As TeamEM gathers strength, momentum and technical resources, we shall be organising an ‘Exporter’s Award’ to mark the 45th Independence Anniversary of Mauritius.

We will keep you posted of all developments.

I wish you a pleasant reading and welcome your comments and views.

Dev Chamroo
Chief Executive Officer

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