November 2013 ~ Issue No 26  
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Dear Valued Partner

We are now in last month of the current year and TeamEM is pleased to inform its valued partners that we have effectively and successfully completed all the activities that we had planned for 2013.  Time now is for Monitoring & Evaluation to measure the impact of our actions.  We have effectively assisted over 700 participations of Mauritian companies in international trade fairs and exhibitions helping them establish, collectively, over 9000 business contacts worldwide.
The world economic situation remains morose and aggressive with the lingering side effects of the protracted financial and economic crisis in the US and the EU respectively and its effects on other emerging economies.

The global environment this year has been most unsupportive of Mauritian products in our tradition markets with reduction in consumer demand, downward pressure on prices due to rising inventories and fiercer competition, while the growth in the emerging markets in Africa remains weaker and erratic.

Despite these odds, our captains of industry have succeeded to ride the rough waters through sheer patience, creativity and innovation.  The latest data from Statistics Mauritius confirm the resilience of Mauritian exporters.  Total Exports (Domestic Exports + Re-Exports + Ship’s Stores & Bunkering) for the period January to September 2013 recorded a 11 % growth compared to the same period last year.  Total Domestic Exports (Exports of E.O.Es + Exports of D.O.Es) have increased by 8% for the period January to September 2013 compared to its corresponding period of last year to reach Rs 43.6 bn against Rs 40.6 bn last year.  On the other hand, exports of E.O.Es continue to perform at 5% growth for the periods under review.  This, above parity performance compared to most of our neighbouring countries and the developed countries is driven by increase in exports of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, Textile yarns, fabrics and make up articles, and fish and fish preparations.While during the same period exports of jewellery, watches and clocks and articles of apparel and clothing accessories recorded negative growth.

As regards market diversification, the market share of the Non-Traditional Countries has increased to reach 56% of total domestic exports for the period January to September 2013 compared to 54% for the same period last year.  Consequently, our Traditional Markets now account for less than 44% of our total domestic export compared to 46% last year.  However, exports to Africa for the period January – September 2013 reached Rs 7.4 bn representing a drop of 1% compared to same period last year.  Consequently, the share of Africa has fallen from 18% (January – September 2012) to 17% this year.  This is mainly due to a drop in exports to South Africa.
With a view to redynamising exports from Mauritius, Enterprise Mauritius has planned an ambition and aggressive promotional campaign for 2014 targeting 36 countries, of which at least 12 will be African countries.  The Action Plan 2014 for Enterprise Mauritius comprises:

  1. Participation in 20 International Trade Fairs;
  2. Holding 5 Buyer Seller Meets;
  3. Organising 10 Contact Promotion Programmes;
  4. Conducting 8 Market Surveys;
  5. Organising 3 Mauritian Investment Trade and International Forum (MATIF) in collaboration with BOI;
  6. Hosting a series of Inward Buying Missions; and
  7. Organising structured events in Mauritius for the Regional market.

The focus of our actions will remain consolidation of our market share in our traditional markets, diversification of our exports to emerging markets in Africa, and nurturing new markets for Mauritian products.
This policy refinement calls for the re-organisation of our manufacturing set-up to improve domestic value-addition into our product value chain through creativity, design and innovation.

The recent interactive workshops by Mr Giacomo Valentini, Founder/Owner of Orobianco, s.r.l Italy emphasized on the need for Mauritius to build a Sustainable Brand for its products on the world market.  Timing is appropriate to transcend the high brand image of Mauritius, 20th in the Country Branding Index 2012-13, into the attributes and value of products manufactured in Mauritius, so as to reflect high quality, reliability, efficiency, luxury and style of our products.  TeamEM has effectively planned its future promotional activities under the Brand Identity “Mauritius-Made with Care.”

Mauritian products have to find their own niche in the global market place and Mauritius to improve its visibility as a “Reliable Sourcing Destination”.  Enterprise Mauritius will help make this happen.

We will keep you posted of all developments and wish you a pleasant reading.

Dev Chamroo
Chief Executive Officer



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