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JULY 2014

Issue No 34



Dear Valued Partner

COST, COMPLIANCE AND SPEED are the main components of today’s global sourcing environment and define the competitiveness of any exporting nation.

There is constant pressure on buying prices with the emergence of new sources of supply, there is demand for healthy, safer and environmentally friendly working  conditions and now  we have new obligations in terms of speed on delivery.  These are further compounded with other exigencies in terms of value-added services, quality of products and more generous credit terms.  The complexities of doing export business on the global market remain daunting and full of challenges.  The recent trends in ‘re-shoring’ and ‘near-shoring’ in the US and EU add another dimension to the difficulties of global exporters.

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The 3rd edition of MAITEX, the premiere edition exhibition for Made in Mauritius products will be held this year from 21 to 24 August at the Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC), Pailles.

This is an initiative of Enterprise Mauritius to link Mauritian manufacturers with buyers. Last year’s editions comprised 100 exhibitors and about 200 foreign buyers visited. MAITEX 2014 announces to be much bigger as it will host more for than 150 exhibitors

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Enterprise Mauritius brings you the 3rd Mauritius Rum Festival showcasing premium Mauritius Rums in the context of MAITEX 2014. 10 rum producers will exhibit their rums coupled with tasting sessions.  More than 10 international rum buyers will attend this event to take cognizance of the wide panoply of rums

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The prestigious Exporters Award 2014 night will be held at Swami Vivekananda International Convention Centre (SVICC) on the 21st of August 2014.  The ceremony will be graced by the presence of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection, Honourable Cader Sayed-Hossen.  Awards will be presented in four categories

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Mauritius has since the advent of AGOA, been aggressive to penetrate the US market and is banking on our potential as a prominent sourcing destination in the Sub-Saharan region.  On the eve of discussions for AGOA renewal, Mauritian operators are optimistic about the U.S market. On the basis of the perceptible slight recovery in the U.S economy E.M has seized this opportunity by renewing our participation of Textile & Apparel manufacturers to Texworld USA

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Export Development Centre

Enterprise Mauritius has completed its first GO EXPORT training course in July 2014. A first batch of 20 enterprises was trained in export readiness and is now familiar with the export business.

The aim of the course is to impart Export competence, expertise; knowledge and networking skills needed to help SMEs and Domestic Oriented Enterprises (DOEs) to grow internationally.

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Enterprise Mauritius will be again participating (for the second time) in the COMPAMED fair, which will be held from 12 – 14 November 2014, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

COMPAMED is the international trade fair for suppliers’ products in medical manufacture, offers a comprehensive range of parts and components, raw materials, precursor products, equipment and technologies for medical instruments, as well as packaging and services for the medical technology industry.

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Market survey Japan

Enterprise Mauritius carried out a field research in Japan in collaboration with PMC Japan Ltd, a Tokyo based consulting firm. This field research took place in Tokyo from July 9 to 13 in the context of a market survey in order to assess the potential certain Mauritian products in Japan.

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Workshop Angola and Zambia

Enterprise Mauritius (EM) in collaboration with Munich Advisors Group conducted two market surveys; Zambia and Angola.

The aim of these two market surveys was to gather maximum market intelligence with specific regards to the supply capacity of Mauritius and to boost exports to these two countries.

To disseminate the findings of the Market Survey, EM organized an interactive workshop, led by Mr. Emanuel Chibesakunda, a consultant from Munich Advisors Group on 1st July 2014 at La Cannelle, Domaine Les Pailles

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Redynamising the Footwear sector

Enterprise Mauritius continues its effort to support the footwear sector to build their export capacity

Following the visit of Mr Pierre Valleray , the consultant from France, another expert in the footwear sector  Mr Jean Louis Antz  was in Mauritius for three weeks.  Mr Valleray set the guidelines for  our local shoe manufacturer  to be able to produce a competitive product. During his intervention much focus was on the importance of using the right tool to fabricate quality products and enhancement of quality by paying especial attention to small technical details. Although much have been achieved with Mr Valleray still there are other aspects of fabrication that needed to be addressed for which Mr Antz has been solicited through ECTI.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Enterprise Mauritius is conducting an online Customer Satisfaction Survey of its services offered to its Operators in 2013/2014. The main objective of the survey is to identify weaknesses and gaps in the EM service delivery and to consult with its stakeholders on the type of activities that Enterprise Mauritius should undertake in 2015 with specific focus on targeted market and priority products.

The Online Customer Satisfaction Survey is a short questionnaire of 10 questions which is available on the following link 

Enterprise Mauritius invites all Companies in the Manufacturing sector who are willing to export or already exporting to participate in this survey by latest 15th August 2014.
For more information about the customer satisfaction survey please contact:

Mrs. Dooshala Ramlaul

Email:  [email protected]

Telephone:  (230) 2129760