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Mauritius and Egypt are both members of the FTA (Group I Member States) of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and goods are traded, across borders, duty and quota free. At the last COMESA Summit in Malawi in October 2011, Egypt’s adoption of the 35% value addition threshold under the COMESA Rules of Origin was welcomed by member states. Read more >

About Egypt
Long known for its pyramids and ancient civilisation, Egypt is the largest Arab country and has played a central role in Middle Eastern politics in modern times. Egypt formally gained independence from Britain in 1922 and acquired full sovereignty following World War II. Read more >

Doing Business in Egypt
Egypt is considered as one of the largest Arab countries with a population growth rate averaging 2% per annum for the last few years and likely to reach 106 million by 2030 according to United Nations projections. Read more >

Market Potential for Agro Products
In general, the key success factors for a new agro product to penetrate the market are: Suitable prices, long expiry date and well known brand names. Read more >

Market Potential for Textile and Apparel Products
Mauritius is currently exporting denim fabrics, cotton yarn and T-shirts to Egypt and has thus a large market to exploit. Textile products which have good potential to penetrate Egypt are knitted garments but at competitive price. Soft skinny denim trousers with mixture of cotton and elastic at competitive pricing will definitely be successful on the Egyptian market. The strategy to adopt by Mauritian textile operators is high-volume-low-price. Read more >

Market Potential for Other Manufacturing Products
Mauritius is not exporting much of the non-agro-non-textile Manufacturing products to Egypt. The market survey has revealed that Catheters have good potential to penetrate the Egyptian market and medical agents are keen to test the market. The Mauritian supplier of Cathether is advised to work with an agent who will be the ambassador for the Mauritian product among a network of medical agents in Egypt in order to target the users directly such as cardiologists, urologists, etc. Read more >