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Zimbabwe: A Promising Export Destination

Zimbabwe has a population of 12 million with a relatively better spending power and the highest literacy level in the region, estimated at 92%.  For the past three years Mauritius domestic exports to Zimbabwe has been rising by an annual average of 8%

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Doing Business in Zimbabwe

The Doing Business section sheds light on Zimbabwe’s sourcing preferences, business relationship, language, business environment and culture.

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About Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country, centrally situated in Southern Africa and sharing borders with Mozambique (to the East), South Africa (to the South), Botswana (to the West) and Zambia (to the North). It is 390 757 square kilometers with approximately 1% of its surface area being water.

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Zimbabwe – External Trade

In 2011, imports amounted to USD 8.59 billion, an increase of 47% over the USD 5.86 billion recorded in 2010 before decelerating to 7.48 billion in 2012. South Africa remains Zimbabwe’s single largest trading partner accounting for at least 50% of total exports and 60% of total imports.

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Market Potential for Plastic Products

In terms of plastic products, Zimbabwe represents a good market for Mauritius. The Mauritian flexible packaging samples were rated to be of good quality.

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Market Potential for Footwear Sector

Mauritius industrial shoes stand a good chance to penetrate the market. Although, our prices are slightly expensive when compared to other sourcing destination, it has been revealed by potential importers that they are ready to pay a premium for better quality and durability products.

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Market Potential for Chemical Sector

The survey has revealed that laundry bars, washing powders, detergents, beauty soaps and deodorants have good potential to penetrate the Zimbabwean market. Moreover, Bio-Fertilizers have received a positive response from Zimbabwean importers who have expressed their willingness to import from Mauritius.

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Market Potential for Light Engineering Products

Aluminum openings have good potential but are mostly sought by the affluent consumers. The overall response received from key players in the industry showed that Mauritian designs have a modern and attractive look. Other construction materials that have good potential are PVC Pipes and Connectors. However, the demand is dependent to some degree on the number of investment taking place in Zimbabwe. From this perspective our meetings with key players have revealed that in the future, there will be a good demand for such products.

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Market Potential for Agro Products

The potential for Mauritian manufacturers to export rum and enter the Zimbabwean market is medium.  It is a relatively small market but with good growth potential.

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