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Historically, in 1638 when sugar cane was introduced in Mauritius from Java, the island settlers were producing “arrack” a precursor to rum. With the diversification of the sugar industry, sugar producers have opted for distilling sugar cane to produce alcohol as well as industrial rum from molasses. Distillation of cane juice is also being done to produce agricultural, flavoured and island recipe rums.  Other spirits being manufactured includes island wine, beer, vodka and liqueurs.

In 2015, Mauritius has exported 6.4 million litres of ethyl alcohol, strength >=80% by volume mainly to Madagascar, Seychelles, Kenya, and Uganda which is used as industry raw mats in these countries and also rum production. In 2015, exports of rum and other spirits turns had turned around 425,000 litres with scope for an increase in volume and value being exported to EU, African and Asian countries. 

Our main export markets for agricultural and industrial rums are Netherlands, UK, France and Spain.  Mauritius Rums are also gaining international recognition through participation in rum tasting competition and winning awards in various Rum Festivals worldwide. Rum exporters are also targeting Asian markets such as China, Hong Kong and Japan. Other beverages being exported include mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages.