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seafood expo 2018 banner


The Seafood Expo Global (SEG) is one of the world’s largest seafood trade events. Mauritius has been organising participation of seafood companies in this most sollicited international fair since 2009, with every participation consisting yielding huge orders.  The last edition of SEG in April 2017 attracted nearly 30,000 visitors from 150 countries.  With the growing demand for seafood it is expected that the forthcoming edition of SEG will continue to attract a growing number of buyers.

SEG offers the ideal platform to meet with professionals from the hotel, restaurant and catering (HORECA) industries, which represent potential buyers.  It also enables them to connect with EU buyers, develop new contacts and even test new product offers.

Over the past decades, competition from Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, and Sri Lanka, that have been granted duty-free access to EU market has been increasing.  To maintain visibility and stay top of buyers’ mind, participation in SEG has never been that pertinent for Mauritian enterprises.

The seafood sector is the second most important manufacturing sector, occupying a share of 18% of total domestic exports which represents Rs 10 billion in export earnings.  With a total Exclusive Economic Zone (maritime zone) of 2.3 million square kilometres, the opportunities in the ocean economy are huge.  Presently our major export market remains Europe which absorbs 90% of our seafood exports. To maintain our position in this market, especially amidst rising competition, the Economic Development Board – Trade & Export Office is renewing participation in Seafood Expo Global (SEG) 2018.