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One of the major activities of the Ocean Economy is fishing and aquaculture of various fish species including pelagic and demersal species. Mauritius has a total maritime zone of 2.3 million square kilometres with an Exclusive Economic Zone of 1.96 million square kilometres and a continental shelf of 396,000 square kilometres co-managed with the Republic of Seychelles. The Mauritius seafood hub has facilities for trading, transhipment, storage and warehousing, processing, distribution and re-export of fresh chilled and frozen raw or value added seafood products.

Fish products includes canned tuna, pre-cooked vacuum packed tuna loins, frozen tuna loins/steaks, frozen fish fillets, fresh chilled whole fish/fish fillets, smoked fish, salted fish, fish oil and fish meal. The seafood processing sector has generated 6,000 direct employment and 10,000 indirect employment created from its ancillary services.

In 2015, exports stood at 9.5 billion rupees. The main export markets include UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France, Japan and Belgium. Aquaculture has greater prospect as Government of Mauritius is also encouraging investment in fish farming at sea and produce high value added seafood products such as sea cucumber.