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Why Source from Mauritius ?

Mauritius has, over the years, meticulously assembled the prerequisites to make the island a business-friendly, profitable and safe location of unmatched service quality, for both traders and investors.

Mauritius pursues a liberal economic policy with regards to international trade, investment and tourism. Mauritius offers the following:

  • Preferential market access to the EU (EPA), USA (under the African Growth and Opportunity Act- AGOA) and Africa (SADC and COMESA)
  • A wide network of Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTA’s) and Investment Promotion Agreements
  • Close historical, political, economic and cultural ties with countries on the competitive edge of technology and information society (India, China, Europe, Asia and USA)
  • One shareholder company with no minimum capital requirement is permissible. 100% foreign ownership is allowed.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and reliable support services- airport and port logistics facilities, telecommunications, banking and finance, business parks, industrial facilities and office premises.
  • A business friendly framework for doing business based on clean and crystal clear guidelines.
  • Rank of Mauritius as “19th” in the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Report 2014

Mauritian quality products are today exported world over and can be found on the shelves of leading retail and departmental stores in the major capitals.

Our exporters have built long-term customer relationship with buyers worldwide. Moreover, over the past four decades, they have acquired the relevant experience in dealing with the exigencies of modern markets.

At the regional level, Mauritius has emerged as the hub ‘par excellence’ for trade, investment, and finance. Mauritius is now poised to become the business capital of the Africa.


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