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Handicraft & Furniture exporters

ANDRE DESCOT LTDMrs Sadhvee BheenickLuxury pens 57996960[email protected]
ANNICK LEUNG KEIMrs Annick ThomasHome textiles, handicraft and decorations, jewellery items2116427[email protected]
ANYTHING WOOD LTDMr Musa A.RubinFurniture and wood products2175691[email protected]
ARTGLASS Mr Chhaginlal Ashley Glassart4336742[email protected]
ATELIER ARTISANAT MAURICIENMr Dit Sylva France AntoineWoodcraft/ Painting6976142[email protected]
ATELIER DU BOIS LTEEMr Ambroise DuboisWooden lacquered products: boxes, coffrets2492709[email protected]
B. RAM & SONS LTDMr Deepak RamFurniture works, upholstery works,metal works, fencing works6966996[email protected]
BLUETAG LTDMr Sumboo DharamrajSoft toys (peluche)6770865[email protected]
C.C MEUBLES LTDMr Abdus Samad ChoychooKitchen furniture, sofa and partitioning54492363[email protected]
CANEWOOD INDUSTRIES LTDMr Adeliss LouisRattan and wooden furniture464 2544[email protected]
CARECO (RODRIGUES) CO LTDMr Paul Draper (MBE)Costume jewellery handcrafted from coconut, coconut tableware, mobiles, bowls, utensils, honey, etc8311766[email protected]
CASTING WORLD LTDMrs Subratty SharanazCoral designs and handicrafts for aquarium 4652884[email protected]
CHELVAN FURNITURE LTDMr Anthony ChelvanSofa, amrchair , ottoman, cushion, bean bag and general furniture6701840[email protected]
CLASSICAL FURNITURE WORKSHOPMr Bhawoo SudendraraoSculptured/painted woodcraft6862312
COMAJORA LTDMr Kreshna RamasawmyScale models, ship models, handicraft6701668[email protected]
CONSTANCE ARTS & CRAFTSMr Tony ConstanceShip models (typical mauritian boats, half hull, model in glasses), wooden fishes, other handicraft products like wooden airplanes6317611[email protected]
D.Beekhun Enterprise LtdMr Vinay BeekhunRaffia, wooden and plastic blinds and shades283 2714[email protected]
D.I.Y FURNITURE & CO LTD.Mr Dilmohamud Iqbal YousoufWooden furniture2491940[email protected]
DECORATIVE BLINDS CO LTDMr Didier KoenigBlinds603 2990[email protected]
DECORUM INTERIORSMrs Rushmee GhoorahInterior decorations, soft furnishings: cushions, curtains, soft furnishings, furniture2631579[email protected]
DREAMWORLD FURNITURE CO LTDDr D. KowlessurCabinet making and furniture2618913[email protected]
EBENISTERIE D'ART LTEEMr Saminaden ArmoogumSolid wood and hand carved furniture, Compagnies des Indes style furniture4355607[email protected]
FIRST FLEET REPRODUCTIONS LTDMr ZimpelScale replices of boats & ships6980161[email protected]
FIT-OUT (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Gerard GoupilleFurniture, joinery and carpentry works, false ceilings, partitionings, shop fittings, thatch roofs4668100[email protected]
FLORYCHANTE LTDMr Debbie Merlo               Pottery ceramics2115979[email protected]
GAVIK Co. LtdMr Kamudu GabrielJute/Textile bags/ Fancy Jewellery4651214[email protected]
GREWALS (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Denis GalletTimber, shingles, plywood, mulch, floorings, doors, varnish, iron sheetings, purling and accessories, zinc coated fence, galvanised field fencing, hot dip galvanised tubes and aluminium profiles & accessories, beta fence2866619[email protected]
GYPSUM PRO LTDMrs Neelum GoindenFalse ceiling and partitioning466 1690[email protected]
HAPPY WOOD LTDMr Jean Noël LiWooden furniture, wooden flooring, heat & sound insulation, handicrafts2135242[email protected]
HARCHARAN & SONS LTDMr Vinaye HarcharanSofas and office furniture6771300, 6771381[email protected]
HISTORIC MARINE LTDMr Sierge PiatReduced models of boats, planes, vehicles, furniture and toys 2839404[email protected]
INTELLIGENTLY MADE FURNITUREMr Ruben ChockalingumFurniture (bed room & office) and wall units2491939[email protected]
JO ART LTEEMr Jacques Joseph ClaudePolyresin Figurines59876751[email protected]
JOONAS INDUSTRIES LTDMr Shahzad JoonusOffice and conference furniture (desks, chairs, filing systems, etc ), foodcourt furniture, bulk archive system shelvings etc..2171800[email protected]
KEVIN PLASSANMr Kevin PlassanWooden ustensils and other equipment based in wood 7909106[email protected]
K-WOODMr Edgar KoenigFurniture and cabinet making2331982, 233 1511[email protected]
LA BOISERIE MAURICIENNE LTEEMr Shariff BissessurWooden openings (doors and windows, shutters), fit out, office furniture, timber works 2492950/1[email protected]
LA FLOTTE LTEE Mr Kadress SoobaroyenShip Models 6752899[email protected]
L'ART DU VERREMrs Sylvie Marie FrancescaHand made glass jewellery, accessories and crockery

2618280[email protected]
LASKA FURNITURE INDUSTRIES LTDMr Lawrence ChongOffice furniture216 9966[email protected]; [email protected]
LE VOILIER EN BOISMr Prakash PanchooShip models6701047[email protected]
LI TUNG SANG & CO LTDMr Ah-Vee Li Tung SangWood products2179090[email protected]
LOCAL HANDS ASSOCIATIONMrs D'Hotman AngeliqueCoconut, textile, pottery & recycled materials6013345[email protected]
MADE IN HEAVENMr Beehary Panray KeshwarCraft2438459[email protected]
MARITIME MODELS CO LTDMr Sam Gangala RamsamyShip models, fiberglass fish models, handicrafts(mini dodos)2439347[email protected]
MAURITIUS GLASS GALLERYMrs Treebhoobun Annette Glass blown items6963360[email protected]
MAYFLOWER INDUSTRIES LTD & MAYFLOWER CENTRE LTD Mr Suresh Jankee Furniture/ decorative items212-5359[email protected]
METAL CASTING AND PRESSING ( IND) LTD Mr Arexfa GoburdhunTrophies, key rings, souvenirs,letter and cork openers2128477[email protected]
MEUBLES DES ILES LTEEMr Jean Michel FanchetteCabinet ware & furniture2634200[email protected]
MOBILIER INTERNATIONAL LTDMrs Zina PerrineOffice and school furniture2170119[email protected]
MOSART ARTECRAFT LTDMr S MosahebWooden handicraft items, lampshades2126814, 2110969/577766103[email protected]
NOOR CREATION LTDMr Gurib Fazle MuhammadJute bags6257051[email protected]
NOVA INDUSTRIES LTDMr G JoonasOffice furniture (wood, metal) and building materials2425545/6333[email protected]
NUNLALL SHIP MODELS MANUFACTURINGMr Nunlal RajmunShip Models6700171[email protected]
PANACHE & CO LTDMr Dominique de ComarmondKitchen units, wooden & rattan furniture, office furniture, prefabricated wooden houses4334111/4637/2854[email protected]
PRIDE OF THE ISLAND LTDMr Dean MootoosawmyHand made ship models6982999[email protected]
R. K. Paradise Co LtdMr J.Rudy TannooCoconut shell Craft Souvenir /home/office decorative products

[email protected]
RI INTERNATIONAL LTDMrs Benedicte de GermayWooden and foundry metal decorative furniture for kids, children's furniture2834612[email protected]
RITA SIVRAM VANNERIEMrs Sivram RitabyeRattan furniture & Craft4374869[email protected]
ROSE BOBOIS LTDMr Adelisse Lim SamCabinet making4642544[email protected]
ROYAL POTTERY CO. LTDMrs Nobin Sabrina MarieCeramics pots, burner, gift items4333298
[email protected]
S.P.E.S (Société pour la Promotion des Entreprises Spécialisés)Mrs Helena LangloisHandicraft items4247414[email protected]
SALEM MEUBLES LTD / BNJ HOLDINGS LTDMr S M Nasser JaulimOffice wooden furniture6764777[email protected]
SEA CRAFT LTDMrs Simrick ShenazFancy Jewellery
2656242[email protected]
SHAFA FURNITUREMr Saleem BolaFurniture and cabinets2612146[email protected]; [email protected]
SHASH CREATION LTDMrs Hurry UshaCandles, soaps, curtains and home deco6868447[email protected]
SOUVENIR CASTING LTDMrs S Jooumah FoondunSculpted hand painted, miniatures, figurines animals, statuettes, collectors, pieces thimbles works of Art books signets, special high quality gifts in brinze, silver and gold, 1600 models2911747[email protected]
SSS FURNITURE CO LTDMrs Maya SewnathWooden furniture2492724[email protected]
STUDIO 44 (MAURITIUS) Mr Jean Claude Desvaux de MarignyGlass products -key rings,paper cut,pens,corks crew,paper press,magnifying glass,penholder, business card holder4891009[email protected]
SUI KO CO LTDMr Andre ChanCandles 2452550[email protected]
T.F.P. INTERNATIONAL LTD / MASCAREIGNES ARTS & CRAFTSMr Maqsood Wooden household, kitchen & office furniture6866491/3107, [email protected]
TALIPOT LODGEMrs Kim TiaTies and Scarves 5250 4949[email protected]
TECK D'OR LTEEMr Sameer Dil HossainSolid teak furniture- bedroom, sofa set, bed, display cabinet, dinning table, coffee table, benches, bedside, chair, consoles, dressing table. fireplace, mirrors, occasional tables, office tables, sideboards, t.v. furniture, wardrobes, writing desk, tea sofa, small items, shelves, chest of drawers,gazebo ,garden furniture, flooring

57019999/ 52503044[email protected]
THE MAURIITUS GLASS GALLERY Mrs Annette TreebhoobunGlass products- paper press ,business card holder,pen holder6963360[email protected]
THE HAMILTON FURNITUREMr Bhoyroo Mohammad NadimTrendy sofa sets5739 0574/5714 7462
USTAD FURNITURE CO LTDMr Gungah VikramsingPanel base cabinets and furniture wares-bedroom sets, office systems, living room items, dining room items2168897[email protected]
VERSOPUBMrs Fanny MartinPromotional gifts, textile products,Office and stationery gifts, electronic gifts such as USB,power banks, clocks,head phones, bluetooth speakers,eco- friendly gifts etc. 2866666[email protected]
VOILIERS DE L'OCEANMr K SakeesinghShip models6766986[email protected]
VOON SHIN TRADING CO LTDMr Jean Noel LiFurniture and flooring4210000, 2135242[email protected]
WEST COAST CONSTRUCTION LTDMr Samonahko GayetreeSliding gate,kitchen furniture,'abri metalique'57576453