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Jewellery exporters

A WORLD OF BEADS LTDMs Veronique de GuardiaSemi-precious jewellery items and fashion accessories2821411[email protected]
A.P JEWELLERY LTDMr SaheballyGold jewellery: earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants2420004[email protected]
ACADIA LTDMrs Cindy Jouaneau CuvellierFancy jewelleries with glass beads, shells, coconuts, semi-precious stones and woods5755 3920
[email protected]
AKRITI JEWELCRAFTZ (MAURITIUS) PVT LTDMs Shadminee GunputhHandicrafted semi-precious stones slabs206 2370, 206 2374[email protected]
ALLEGRA CRÉATION LTDMrs Michèle PonciniGold ,silver & brass jewellery items with precious stones, chains, jewellery findings in brass & precious metals2110818[email protected]
AREMO LTDMr Francois de GrivelSwivels, spring rings, jewellery findings, clasps, hand made chains, bracelets (silver & brass)2837943[email protected]
B.G.H. LTEEMr Michael VerchereLinks for metallic wrist watch straps2820500[email protected]
B.W. NECKLACES LTDMrs Larissa WilhelmGold and silver jewellery (necklaces, bracelets, rings,anklets)4679475[email protected]
BELDIAM CO. LTDMr J P RouillardDiamond cutting and polishing6256255/5031[email protected]
BELLA BIJOUX CO LTDMr Mosaheb Swadick Personalised Gold, Silver and Platinum jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones2691414[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE & ORFEVRERIE MAURICIENNE & CIE LTEEMr Yousouf SumodheeJewellery items: machine-made chains and hand-made jewellery2426488[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE C. SEEWOODHARRYMr Chandradutt SeewoodharryGold & Silver Jewellery: Rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, chain pendants6273646[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE K. JALLOO & FILS LTDMr Vinesh JallooGold & silver jewellery
464 5038[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE LINLEY TRITONMr Linley TritonSilver jewellery6763763[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE MAURI-SIAM LTEEMr Ashok ChoradiaColoured stones (precious and semi-precious)208 6979[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE ROSHNIMrs Keerun RosuneeGold and silver wares413 2859
BIJOUTERIE SAHADEO BEEDAHMr Noorad BeedahRings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, silver jewellery, chain pendants6367614[email protected]
BIJOUTERIE SOUVERAINMr. Sawmy Soomoogayah PillayGold and silver jewellery454 2767[email protected]
BIJOUX PLUS LTEEMrs Praba BoolakyFancy gold & silver products6273928[email protected]
BLUE RIVER DIAMOND JEWELLERS LTDMr Jimmy LeeGold and silverwares and precious stones675-1818[email protected]
BOLERO JEWELS LTDMr Ilan AsbetJewellery, cutting and polishing of cultured diamonds5254 05 11[email protected]
CAUNHYE BIJOUX LTDMs Nafissa Caunhye Necklaces, chains, earrings, bracelets, rings,Various kinds of 18K gold jewels, with precious and semi precious stones. 212 1891[email protected]
CHERRY D'OR LTDMr Rouben CuniappenGold and silver jewellery 57508784[email protected]
CHIC MADAME CREATIONMrs Mireille RamsamyFancy jewellery with coconut straw, pearls and shells (chain, ring, hair clip, bag, belt, bracelet, vase, cloth)57437946[email protected]
CHICOULEUR LIMITEEMr Tom Denaive Jewellery and related articles 2485000[email protected]
CIRA CO LTDMr Martin BeffertGold and silver jewellery4339262[email protected]
COCO D'OR LTDMr Ailesh (Veesham) CahoolessurGold and silver jewellery (rings,bracelets,pendants,earings,cufflinks and others), magma jewellery2929668[email protected]
COVER TECH INTERNATIONAL LTDMr Marday VenkatasamyLeather products- jewellery and watches2492800[email protected]
CREA BIJOU LTDMr Swabeer RamjanSupplies of jewellery tools, equipments and accessories2484294, 2412209[email protected]
CREATIONS BIJEM LTDMr Roberto TucciGold and silver jewellery4339241[email protected]
CUTTING WORKS (MAURITIUS) LIMITED/LEGEMMrs Sadhna SokhalPrecious and semi precious stones and jewellery6960769[email protected]
DIAMANANDA CO LTDMr. Annanda Sameenaden Cutting & Polishing of Rough Diamond57288320[email protected]
DINAGOLD LTDMr Cyril JeanpierreGold, Silver and plated jewellery2439532[email protected]
EQUINOXE LTEEMr Sanjeev Persand
Watch dials2838751/2[email protected]
FIBULA JEWELLERY CO LTDMr Wannas KodabaccusGold and Silver jewellery211-4693[email protected]
FILAO LIMITEEMr Marday VenketasamyLeather watchstraps, leather articles2492800[email protected]
FLOREAL DIAMOND CUTTINGS LTDMr Edley ChimonCutting & polishing of diamonds, jewellery manufacturing6988959[email protected]
G.SOOKLAUL BIJOU D'OR CO. LTD Mr Gharbarun SooklaulGold, silver and Magma jewellery57513623[email protected]
GALERIE D'ART AMRITA DYALAHMrs. Amrita DyalahHand made fancy jewellery - precious & semi-precious stones269 0519[email protected]
GOLD DASHMr. Vikash SooklaulGold jewellery4278064[email protected]
HELENA TALBOT CRAFT LTDMrs Helena TalbotEco friendly jewellery - handcrafted jewellery items4137994[email protected]
ISM LIMITEDMr Julien SpacioWatch dials2821893/4[email protected]
JR JEWELS LTDMr Kailash RamkhalawonDiamond jewellery269 0959[email protected]
KAMVICH ENTERPRISE LTDMr P MatikolaGold and silver jewellery 4132751[email protected]
KANGEL BIJOUX LTEEMrs Perraud Karine CinthiaFancy Jewellery
[email protected]
KAYLRAY CO LTDMr T.R. RamkhalawonJewellery items, casting, chains, stone setting, wax making and high quality alloys2169271[email protected]
KHADIM COMMERCE LTD (KHADIM GOLD & DIAMONDS)Mr B Saoud KhodadinGold and diamond jewellery, cultured diamonds, and precious stones4165050[email protected]
KODGOLD LTDMr Waleed KodabaccusGold and silver jewellery57575234[email protected]
LA TAILLERIE LTDMr D'Ambra Fabrice Diamonds, precious stones & semi-precious stones, jewellery items7321306[email protected]
LAURELTON DIAMONDS LTDMr ASLIMDiamond cutting & polishing, jewellery items6037750
LE DIAMANT LTEEMr H.K NandeeDiamond polishing & jewellery manufacturing (70% Gold, 30% Silver)424 3839[email protected]
LEGEM LTDMrs Sadhna SokhalPrecious and semi-precious stones and jewellery698 1490[email protected]
LOVY DIAMOND ENTERPRISE LTD Mrs Ashni NandeeDiamond cutting & polishing, diamond jewellery items424 3839[email protected]
MAURIDEN LTD Mr Stephen P. DentonCutting & polishing of diamonds, benching and setting of jewellery items6965246[email protected]
MOTIWALA JEWELLERS CO LTD/ BIJOUTERIE BIENVENUEMr Siddick Caunhye Chains by meters & Indian styled jewels2118522[email protected]
MY ART LTDMr Milord DuvalSilver jewellery465 5596[email protected]
NEW DAWN JEWELLERY LTD Mr Ashraf BordieGold and silver jewellery2120120[email protected]
ODYSSEE DIAMS & CO LTDMr Ramon CortesJewellery items with diamonds, meteorite, precious and semi-precious stones2633029[email protected]
OMKARA CO LTDMr Conhye RanveerGold and silver jewellery6770943[email protected]
PRASRAM MATIKOLA LTDMr Prasram Matikola LingiahGold and silver jewellery4134200[email protected]
PRESTIGE JEWELLERYMr V. NursungenJewellery items6227978[email protected]
RAMESHWAR JALLOO LTDMr Yovin JallooJewellery items4643657[email protected]
RAVIOR / RAVIOR CO LTDMr Ravi JetshanGold, silver & titanium jewellery items454 3229[email protected]
ROYAL V & V JEWELLERY CO LTDMr Vidianand TeeluckJewellery items (gold & silver)52528453[email protected]
SHIV JEWELS CO LTDMr K. K. NaranjiGold jewellery with diamonds & precious stones2117294[email protected]
SMS LTEEMr Jean Francois MathieuJewellery items2834376[email protected]
SMTD LTDMrs Joanick RousseauJewellery items in silver2341806
SOCIETE LUXIMON GUNNOO & CIE (BIJOUTERIE GUNNOO)Mr Navindrao Gunnoo18K rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, silver jewellery6969487[email protected]
SOCIETE MAURICIENNE DE SAPHIR LTD / SOCIETE MAURICIENNE DES PIERRES ET SAPHIR LTDMr Jean Claude MathieuCutting and polishing of synthetic stones28339305
SOKALOR LTEEMr H.SooklallGold and silver jewellery4242152[email protected]
STAMATI LIMITEDMr Forbes MavrosSterling silver and 18CT gold, jewelry and sculpture2491333[email protected]
STETTLER (MTIUS) LTDMr Andreas TannerSaphire glass for swiss watches, synthetic and industrial crystals2641348[email protected]
STEULET MECANIQUE LTEEMme Audrey Steulet Jewellery items234-4244[email protected]
Tresor Diamonds Jewellery LtdMrs Lesevre ShirlineJewellery items2632518[email protected]
UP TO DATE PLUS JEWELLERS CO. LTDMr Jainarainsing BoolakyGold and silver jewellerry6274174[email protected]
VENDOME JEWELLERY & DIAMONDMr Shyam Bheekun / Mr Sanjay AudavdjeeJewellery items2119287[email protected]
VOILA JEWELLERY LTDMr. Shadad ChoychooSilver & gold jewellery4652885[email protected]
ZARI SERVICES LTDPrecious stones and gold smelting2114153 / 57280942[email protected]
OLTRAMARE LTDMr Harriet PatriziJewelry - ocean pearls626 2535, 5918 9775[email protected]; [email protected]