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light eng

Light Engineering exporters

A.A MOTOR PARTS LTDMr Anwar OomarBrake linings and clutch relining and friction materials2930097, 57861915 [email protected]
A.G. NABEE & CO.LTDMr Salim NabeeBus & coach bodies, nails, plastic household products, supermarket, furniture for fast food, restaurant, pick-up, truck and van body2120466, 6864050, 6962162[email protected]
A.MAUNAPEN FENCING & CONTRACTORS LTDMr Armoogum MaunapenChain link fencing2335372[email protected]
ABC COACH WORKS CO LTDMr Sanjiv GoodorallyBus Bodies and Truck Bodies4059900[email protected]
ABITA SHADES LTDMs Amira RamjanSun shading products465 2800[email protected]
ADVANCE SPACE STRUCTURES LTDMr DawoodharrySteel structurer engineering work (Telecommunication Towers, Footbridges, Industrial and Commercial Building, Warehouses, Gymnasium)2482472[email protected]
ADVANCED DIGITAL ELECTRONIC LOCKS COMr Laval K S Chan Cheung ShingAssembly of high technology digital locks, control of locks through software, remote video surveillance through WEB browser, access control and time & attendance fingerprint systems 2422233[email protected]
AFRICASIA ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURING Mr.Jonid DowlutLED TV2062464/5/6/7[email protected]
ALCEDO LTDMr Sanjeev GuddoyFishing items such as rigs and tackles, fishing lines feeders and catapults 262 7979[email protected]
ALLIED ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS LTDMr H.K PatelAlluminium Structures: Aluminium Doors,Windows, Curtain Walls, Louvres, Shutters, Composite Panel Cladding & Allied products249 3656, 249 3947[email protected]
ALU SYSTEMES LTEEMr Jean François LeclézioRoller shutters2618301/2611144[email protected]
ALUMINIUM GLASS INDUSTRIES (MTIUS) LTDMrs Sharmila DassruthLOW E glasses,solar snergy glass,laminated glass, float glass ballustrade,shower screen sandblasting, double glazing and mirrors.2865465[email protected]
AMITDENT CO LTDDr Ramesh BoodhooDental equipment, motor chairs, light spitoon aspirators, x-ray units2401885, 2127036[email protected]
APOLLO TUBES LTDMr Jitendra TiwariSteel pipes, tubes, profiles & nails2833670/71[email protected]
AQUALIA DPIMr. Jean Francois RaultUPVC Pipes and fittings, polyethylene pipes and fittings 206 3333[email protected]
AQUEX FLEXI TANKMrs Priscilla MoothienFlexi tank2127473[email protected]
ATCHIA GENERAL ENTERPRISES LTD Mr. Yahyyah AtchiaFeather plucking, sterilisers, spices processing, dryer/dehydrators, ultrasonic bath, electromechanical Engineering services4540732[email protected]
ATELIER FRERE ANDRE LTEEMr Benoit AugustinWrought iron furniture for home and garden. Soves and BBQ grill, gears and parts for machines241 9619[email protected] / [email protected]
AUDIO VISION MANUFACTURING CO LTDMr K S ChoungAssembly of television receivers, cookers, air conditioners2489010
AUTOMATION & CONTROLS ENGINEERING LTDMr. Bruno Lee PLCs, 'variateur de vitesse','controleur gsm/3G,'Controleur de temperature','gestion et mesure d'energie'2488210/ 2488211[email protected]
AWARD LTEE / SURFACE DECOR LTDMr D. T KotiahPowder coating and wood effect finishes on all metal subtrates , wet sand blasting services , decorative concrete systems, textile accessories.
2110309[email protected]
B.D.C (PLASTIC INDUSTRY ) LTDMr R BeedassyPolysheet and polybags, shrink film, construction film, garbage bags, plain & printed polybags and polytubing6961857, 6866016[email protected]
BERDOU LTDZohra EbramjeeWrought iron furniture,security grids and gates242 2344/
[email protected];
[email protected]
BERYL ROSE Mr Hassam Choychoo (O.S.K)Cups, Trophies, Wooden & Acrylic shields, Medals and Personalised Awards, badges, Name tags, Labels etc. Engraving & Printing on almost all type of materials2336129 / 233 6129[email protected]
BEST DOR LTDMr Ayoob BauharallyMetal, wooden, aluminium door and windows, remote control openings, garage doors686 0807[email protected]
BISENCO LTDMr Oomasungkur BissessurMetal and steel products - garage doors and windows418-4853[email protected]
BN AUKIN LTDMr Farad AukinPlastic bags, take-away boxes, drinking straws2939974/2861575/2861283[email protected]
BOXMORE PLASTICS (MAURITIUS) LTDPET Preforms 2062350[email protected]
BRIGHT ALUMINIUM AND METAL ENGINEERING CO LTDMr. Jeeva Curpen Aluminium openings670 2352[email protected]
BRIO PRODUCTSMr LuchoomunSteel wool, steel fibres2111138[email protected]
BUCKETS & ALLIED PRODUCTSMrs Ameerah Bibi NuzooaMetal products249-2624[email protected]
BUFFALO DEVELOPMENT LTDMr Francois JodunBuffalo Developments Ltd is mainly specialised in the designing and implementation of Storage and Display solutions for shops, supermarkets, factories, warehouses and private bodies. Our aim is to help our customers save money by maximizing the use of their spaces in an economical and efficient manner. We also do Prefabricated metal structure for warehouses, factories, sheds, etc…2330086/5727 23300583[email protected]
BYSYSTEMS LTDMr Jerome TennantAluminium openings - curtain walls, doors, windows & louvres, Naco openings, Aluminium composite panels - external & internal cladding systems, Henderson sliding door gears2861745[email protected]
CHANTIER NAVAL DE L'OCEAN INDIEN LTDMr Jean Yves RuellouShip building (mechanics, electrical, hydraulic, welding, boilermakers, piping, etc) & repairs216-9517[email protected]
CONTINU-FIX (MTIUS) LTDMr Deo Rajah DookunRecuperation of used fixer solution and its rejuvenation4260852[email protected]
COOPRE 2 LTDMme Santa Indirlialuminium doors, windows, shutters, roller shutters, louvres, partitioning system, false ceilings, fireproof doors, double glazing units, sound screens6961314, 6970709[email protected]
COVER CRAFT LTDMr Pravee RamcharanFurniture 4661000/1[email protected]
D. BEEKHUN ENTERPRISE LTDMr Daram BeekhunBlinds and shades283 2714[email protected]
D. BHEEKUN & SONSMr Daneshwar BheekunRafia, wooden & plastic blinds2661000[email protected]
D.S. BATTERY (INTERNATIONAL) CO LTDMr Dawood SatarAutomative Batteries212 6119/2862820[email protected]
DANIELETI (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Reeema MoodelyScientific & analytical instruments6312700[email protected]
DESBRO GROUP OF COMPANIES Mr Subash C. Sennik PP/ UPVC/ LDPE/ HDPE pipes and fittings, microducts for telecommunications ,welded mesh/ Armature/ Galvanised Mesh in Rolls/ Welded Mesh Gabions & Matreesses / Cut & Steel/ Debars/ Steel Coils.PE Inspection Chambers/ Manhole Chambers/ Oil & Grease Traps / Septic Tanks/ Water Tanks/ Portable Tanks.2129972[email protected],
DIALTECHNIC LTDMr J M Reynaud, Mrs V PompeoMedical & surgical equipment: transfusers, perfusers4521803[email protected]
DIAMOND PLASTIC LTDMr Imran BoodhunPoly bags2116476[email protected]
DILTON CO LTDMr D RamessurBrake linings, clutch facings and disc brake pads4355273, 4139223[email protected]
DIOGENE MARINEMr Reginald de BarritaultCustom boats, yachts, ferries4234570[email protected]
DIPLOMAT SYSTEMS LTD / DIPLOMAT P.V.C.-U LTDMr Bashir SoogunUPVC openings : doors, windows, shutters, aluminium doors windows, shutters6972020/4157, 6981403[email protected]
DURACO LTDMr Dominique LeclezioPolyethylene products in rotomoulding process249 3300[email protected]
ECLAIR BATTERIES CO LTDMr Marc TecherBatteries (commercial & industrial vehicles), sealed lead acid, accessories2120356
ECO-DECK LTDMr Didier LagesseComposite decking, shingles, fencing, cladding & screenings, outdoor furniture6861250[email protected]
ECO-LED LIGHTINGMurugen PareatumbeeLED lights52552532[email protected]
ECOPOLY LTDMr Christian SaminadenMetal work, wrought iron products[email protected]
EMPE LtdMecanique de precision[email protected]
ENGITECHMr Eric LebretonElectric boards & panels2122847[email protected]
ENVASTE LtdMr Olivier Berc Medical disposables466 3054[email protected]
ESPACE ALU & PVC LTEEMr Robee GhurburrunUPVC & aluminium openings, shutters, garage doors, double glazing units, partitions, shower cabins etc2331096[email protected]
EUROSYSTEMS SOLUTIONS LTDMr Jeetendra Kumar BurrunUPVC openings, mosquito screens5805 0665[email protected]
EXCELLENT PLASTIC LTDMr A. Raheman PeerbocusPlastic bags2482976[email protected]
EXPLAST LTDMr. Dilip RamsahyePlastic bags4276778[email protected]
FAFA ENTERPRISES LTDMr Iqbal WahedScrap metal58097838[email protected]
FCI LtdMr Francois Capitaine282 0048[email protected]
FCI SUD LTDMr CapitaineOphthalmic prostheses2820048/0143[email protected]
FIBRE MARINE LTDMr Gerard DucrayFibreglass canopies, rearboxes and super lids, speedboats, watertanks, sceptic tanks, any other fibre-made products2492000[email protected]
FLEXICOM CO LTD / PEX HYDRAULICS (MTIUS) LTDMr Xavier TouletHydraulic hoses, vibrating equipment for building industry hoses.
FLORECOLDMr Jack BhaugeerotheeRefrigeration, air conditioning, precision metal works, insulated Bodies, polystyrene products696-2818[email protected]
FLOW SORT INTERNATIONAL LTDMrs Amoudam RamanjoolooDiamond recovery & reconcentration machines4137898[email protected]
FORGES TARDIEU LTDMr Hubert RaffraySugar machinery & components, power equipment from co-generation, petroleum storage & distribution, waste & waste water treatment. FORGES TARDIEU is an Engineering group, which has evolved over the past 166 years, from being a simple mechanical workshop and foundry to being an EPC/EPCC/EPCCM Group (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Management) offering specialized engineering services to the CANE, OIL & GAS, MARINE and MINING Industries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. From highly complex EPCC projects to the simplest of repairs, across 49 countries, our experienced and highly qualified team of industry experts are equipped to "Turn-Key" handle every engineering project with a focus on delivering results safely, on time and within budget. The FORGES TARDIEU Group is composed of 14 subsidiaries located in 7 countries across Africa, Asia and the Pacific . 2065200[email protected]
FORMACUT ENTERPRISE LTDMr PeriasamyCutting dies & knives, die cut, embossing dies, engraving of plates (name, door, commemorative)2334236/6252[email protected]
FOTAFLEX LTD/ FORGES TARDIEU LTDMr Bruneau LutchmoodooPolyurethane products, conveyor belts, mechanical seals, printing rollers2065260[email protected]
FUJI ELECTRIC CO LTDMr SalimLead-acid batteries2482033[email protected]
GALVANISED & FINE WIRES LTDMr Amit PatelPVC coated wires, nail wires, electrode wires, telecommunications drop wires, binding wires2101170[email protected]
GALVANISED & FINE WIRES LTDMr Bala DamryPVC coated wires, nail wires, electrode wires, telecommunications drop wires, binding wires2101170[email protected]
GALVANISING CO LTDMs. Lam Po TangTreat/coat of metal216 9920[email protected]
GLORIAMARIS LTDMr Franco BoldriniFibre glass boats (catamaran)6962523, 6980161[email protected]
GLORY PLASTIC INDUSTRY LTDMr Rajdeo HaroniaInjection moulded plastic products6276303[email protected]
HCF PLASTIC / HCF PLASTIC INDUSTRIES LTD.Mr Jean Marc How Wai SangPlastic polybags (plain and printed)2116575[email protected]
HESTIAN BUILDING SYSTEMMr N SadienStructural insulated panels for green building2169008[email protected]
HI METAL LTEE / HIGH METAL SERVICES LTDMr Gaetan De SpevilleConstruction materials- metals, aluminium261 6318[email protected]
HI-TECHNOLAB LTDMr Benoit LaganeSpecialised welded products603 2989[email protected]
HOLCIM (MAURITIUS) LIMITEDMr Dominique BillonCement2178000[email protected]
I.F. GLASS LTDMr Bilal AuliarBuilding glass and mirrors including lowe glasses, insulated glazing, bullet proof, anti-vandalism, glass for balconies, laminated glasses …2492550[email protected]
IBSONS LTDMr I BissessurCable clips, assembling of fluorescent lighting, wall & pendant light2168303, 6965701[email protected]
IDECO CENTER LTDMr Jerome HenryBlinds, carpet, wood, laminate & PVC floorings212-7214[email protected]
INDUSTRIAL & HOTEL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS LTDMr Patrick MametMetal works, stainless steel work, kitchen equipment2863324[email protected][email protected]
INTEGRITY METAL WORKS LTDMr. Steeve CouronneHigh precision metal parts216 9321/259 4425[email protected]
INTERKABLE LTD / PLASMOMr Sonny MoollanPower & armoured cables, telecom cables, PVC coated fencing,electrical accessories- switches, plugs, cords with moulded plugs & sockets2867729[email protected]
ISLAND BRUSH CO LTDMr. Didier DelauneySchools, Cosmetic and Artist brushes2839313[email protected]
ISLAND PROFILES LTDMr D Lam Po TangGalvanised purlins i.e. C,Z channels, top hat section2169920[email protected]
JACEY COMPUTER SYSTEMSMr Benoit LiongAssembly & configuration of personal computers, laptops, servers, printers, surveillance cameras, PABX systems, network cabinets, cabling works, other accessories2108888[email protected]
JARDIN MEUBLES CO LTEEMr. Sarvesh ManiyarPlastic moulded furniture i.e. chairs, tables, baby chairs, other plastic items. HDPE Pipes for fluid transfer & electrical wiring & PVC pipes for plumbing & electrical purposes[email protected]
JL AIR CONDITIONING AND REFRIGERATION LTDMr Joseph LeblancAssembly and installation of air conditioning, refrigeration, pumps, extraction fans, air purifiers and anti-corrosion treatment6867472, 6965369[email protected]
JUNGA LTDMr. David MaraisRubber products6310232[email protected]
KASIOS SUD LTDMr Didier Hung Synthetic bone substitutes for orthopaedic and spine surgery.412 3182[email protected]
KAYLOR ROTOMOULDERS LTDMr Dominique LeclezioWater tanks, solar water heaters, bins, wheel barrows, pallets, pots, crates, road barriers and sanitary products2122631[email protected]
KN MANUFACTURING CO. LTD Mr. Ravisen NaidooUPVC and HDPE fittings242 2770[email protected]
KOPIMAG LTDMr Koomar PurmessurHeat resistant ironing board covers6862947, 2501339[email protected]
L'ARTISTE DU PVC-U LTEEMr Ahmad SumodheeUPVC openings6865520[email protected]
LES GAZ INDUSTRIELS LTDMr Christopher Hart-de- KeatingMedical and industrial gases2121474[email protected]
LILMO LTDMr Georges Wong YickMedical devices - cardiovascular grafts, vein stripper, embolectomy catheters, venous implantable ports and safe huber needles, inflation devices and Y-connectors2438038/8134[email protected]
LITEZONE CO LTDMr NorbertLighting and electrical products6987510[email protected]
LUXOR BLINDS DÉCOR & CO LTDMr Daby Adoo BanseeRafia and PVC blinds / handicrafts, bamboo blinds, wooden blinds, wall partitioning, roofing, night lamps, table mats,
Magic Distributors Ltd Mr Kaviraj NeelooPlastic articles : brooms, brushes, mops, and other cleaning accessories; plastic containers, water cans, plastic spoons , forks , bottles.59589898/
MANSER SAXON ALUMINIUM LTDMr Jeff Ducourtioux Aluminium openings, curtain walls, aluminium cladding
MANSER SAXON CONTRACTING LTDMr Yavinash PatnyShopfitters, plumbing, electric, aluminium, timber
MARGUERITE POUDRE D`OR LTEEMr. Francois de GrivelFigurines and metal
MAURIFLEX ( FLEXO PRINTING AND PACKAGING ) LTDAnup Chaturvedi Plastic and paper bags, doypacks, paper labels and stickers- flexo printing and packaging2341255/
MAVASA DECO LTDSandrine -Arouff ParfaitBlinds, Interior Decoration
MECATRONICS LTDMr I PeerbuxElectronic & electrical line works, sports grounds and street lightings4653032,
MECHANISATION CO LTD (MECOM)Mr Luc Bax de Keating Excavators, loaders, telescopic handlers, bulldozers, tractors, trailers, forklifts, hydraulic
MESH & STEEL TRADING LTDMr Cavany Soobrayen                     Welded mesh reinforcement, debars in lengths and debars in coils2106590 (10 lines)
METAFENCE LTEEMr Mayeven Sellamuthu Metal
METAL CAN MANUFACTURERS LTDMr R DauratTin products: food cans, paint cans,
METAL CASTING AND PRESSING / BIJOUCHIC / GRAVOPRINTMr A I GoburdhunCups, medals, trophies, souvenirs, badges, commemorative items, pins, letter & cork openers, keyrings, bathroom & lighting accessories for leather garment & furniture industry; jewellery items, chroming2128477/8/9, 2108534/
METAL PACKAGING COMPANY LTDMr Mukesh RambhoroseMetal cans for tuna
METAL PLATING MTIUS LTD / JR JEWELS / KAYLRAYSilver fancy jewellery, electroplating services2491800/
METAL SHEETS INDUSTRIES LTDMr.Dereck LampotangAll type of corrugated & profiled metal
METALITE CO LTDMr Guy Alain MaujeanCustom lighting, Led Lighting,castor wheels, torchlight, engineering plastics,Solar Lights.2860640/
METEX TRADING CO LTDMr Ravisen NaidooPlumbing fittings/Sanitary Wires/Sloar Wtaer Heaters/Copper Pipes and Fittings/Brass Fttings 242
METINOX LTDMr P MametEquipment and furniture in stainless steel for hotel industry2863324,
MINIATURE MODELSMr François de GrivelPlastic miniature figurines2839502,
MIROVERRE LTDMr Jean PilotTrophies, desk and bathroom commodities, venetian mirrors, photo frames, vases, candle sticks, mirrors4336001/1024/
MRC WIRE PRODUCTS LTDMr Bala DamryWelded mesh, galvanised mesh in rolls, cut , bent steel and prefabricated steel2120016,
MU SAILMAKERS LTDMr Rob StevensonSails for yachts, catamarans, dinghies and winsurf
MULTIPLAST LTDMr Moonesh MareachealeePlastic hangers & other textile
NABRIDAS LTDMr Daniel CloselFibre glass products, spa bath, swimming pool & accessories
NATEC MEDICAL LTDMs Francine LanceleurSterile and non sterile balloon
NEEL INDUSTRIES LTDMr. Yousuf JeevaFurniture, interior design, general refurbishment and
NEEL INDUSTRIES LTDMr. Yousuf JeevaFurniture, interior design, general refurbishment and
NEETOO GROUP OF INDUSTRIES / NEETOO ENGINEERING CO.LTD / NEETOO INDUSTRIES & CO.LTD / NEETOO PVC PRODUCTS LTDMr. A. R. NeetooOffice furniture, safes, security doors, silencer boxes, shutters, powder coating, aluminium openings, steel tubes/pipes, UPVC openings, shuttering plates, screw jacks, wheel barrows, accordeon doors233
NEON EXPRESS LTDMr Patrick Leong SonNeon Signages, Luminous Boxes (including Neon boxes)242
NUCO LTDMr Nicolas DuboisEngineering / transmission products (bearings, belts / pulley, geared motors, seals, chains / sprockets industrial etc)
OKIPO LTDMr Stephane RouillardSolar thermal
OPP CONTRACTING LTDMr Oliver ReyHigh quality security
OPTHALMIC LENSES LTDMr Yann JullienneLenses & contact lenses
OPTIC MEDICAL LTDMr Gaetan Li Wan CheunSpectacles
OPTSUN MANUFACTURING LTDMr Lionel BertrandEyewear, sunglasses418;;
OUVERTURES & PROFILAGES PLASTIQUES LTEEMr Olivier ReyPlastic profiles for doors, windows, shutters, gutters, fencing, UPVC false
OWADALLY COACH WORKMr Ahmad OwadallyBus coach body, closed body on vans and trucks and sheet metal works696
P KOO MOY SING CO LTDMr Phillippe Koo Moy SingPlastic bags for textiles & food packing, packing tape, strapping machines, box sealing machines, bag filling
PACK PLASTICS LTD / PARK PLASTICS LTDMr Didier KoenigSpecialist in manufacturing hotel soft furnishings & give
PALM-STEP ELECTRONICS LTDMr Jan ChristliebElectronic starters for fluorescent
PARADISE CRAFTS LTDMr Patrick HuPicture framing & laminating6863436/
PARADISE PLASTICS & TOOLS LTDMr V HarrisonToolmaking, plasttic
PEARL & CO LTD / HAPPY UMBRELLA FTY LTDMr P Liu Man HimUmbrellas (ladies', gent's, beach, golf and children's)2411592/3, 2439136/
PERFORMANCE PLASTICS LTDMr Ken Lim SamHDPE, LDPE, PP plain & printed bags and films2481719/
PETIT VERGER METAL WORKSHOP CO LTDWills Alain GungadooMetal furniture and
PFAFF CENTRE (SUHOTOO INDUSTRIES LTD)Mr Taleb SuhotooSewing, overlocking machines and machines for leather industry2126703,
PHARMALAB PLASTIC SUPPLIES LTDMr Patrick PinharryPlastic bottles & other products2402147/3748/3749, 2161203/
PHILIPPE POLYBAGS MANUFACTURERS CO LTDMr P Koo Moy Sing / Mr Gerard LiPlain & printed polybags, PP, PE polybags (garbage, laundry, shopping, supermarket carrier, tubings and other plastic bags)
PHILIPPE SELF ADHESIVE TAPE MFG Mr. Gerard Limfg of adhesive packing
PHOTONICS LTDMr Simon NeedFibre Optics cable,Copper cable ,All Network Related
PLANET ALUMINIUM CRAFT LTDMr Aftab MoideenAluminium kitchen cabinet , door and window opening418 8621/
PLASPAK LTDMr Monesh MariachallyPlastic bags, plastic sheets, plastic bottles, laminated pouches/rolls, standy pouches with / without spout, flexi packaging
PLASTIC INDUSTRY (MTIUS) LTDMr Eric CorsonIndustrial plastic packaging (bottles, jerrycans, containers, buckets, crates), household plastic items (dustbins, flower pots, boxes, basin etc), advertising
PLASTICON LTDMr Ameeruddeen SumodheePlastic products: pet preforms, pet bottles, spoons, cups, caps and other; PET, PVC & HDPE blow moulding
PLASTICWEAR MANUFACTURING LTDMr R RamlollPVC boots, raincoats & jackets (parkas)4266822 /
PLASTINAX AUSTRAL LTDMr Nicholas ParkSunglasses, readers, optical frames4334638/
PLATRUSION CO LTDMr Bhyeronath RamjuttunPipes, hoses, plastic bags261
POLYPROFILE CO LTDMr Azad SumodeeHoses, rawlplugs, gaskets,
PORT LOUIS MARINE EXORTMr. Bertrand HardyManufacture of Fibre glass
PPP PIPING SYSTEMS LTDMrs Lucie ChongPVC pipes, PE pipes, plastic
PREISER (MTIUS) / MINIATURE MODELSMr F de GrivelPlastic miniature figurines2839502, 2125668
PREMIER AERIALS LTDMr Reza EmrithPlasticware: buckets, dish trays, dust pans & bins, laundry baskets, jugs, basins, flower pots
PREST CONTAINERS LTD (CLOSED)Mr A Chan ChongPlastic jerry cans, bottles2087782, 2083332/
PREST PLASTICS LTD (CLOSED)Mr A Chan ChongPlastic industrial items, housewares2083332,
PROFILAGE OCEAN INDIEN LTEEMr Didier Hardyprofiled and plain sheeting, aluminium roofing and cladding, false ceiling and fencing, 249
PRO-TAG INTERNATIONAL LTEEMr. Alex JuddooSecurity system products EAS System (Anti Shop lifting System) CCTV System, Vehicle/Public Transport Tracking System 3/4G, Wifi, GPS etc Airport Security System6972002/
RALEIGH BIKES LTDMr Houssein MauthoorBicycles, children wheeled toys, exercise equipment, furniture & baby products, motorcycles, air conditioners, generators, time recording hardware &
RAPID CELL PHONE SERVICES LTDMr Iqbal JownallyMobile Phone assembly and
REINFORCED ACRYLIC PRODUCTS CO LTDMrs Anne Marie Closel, Mr Sylvain PougnetAcrylic thermoformed products: sanitary wares, dome lights, lighting covers,
RESIGLAS CO LTDMrs Anne-Marie CloselFibreglass and polyethylene water tanks, sceptic tanks, grease traps, fibreglass swimming pools, boats, furniture and containers; polyethylene products and DMC products; acrylic sanitary wares, domelight, signage; resipore expanded polystyrene products 2433406/7resiglas@intnet.mu
REVAIS INTERNATIONAL LTEE (CLOSED)Mr Gerard Revais, Mrs Francoise MichalHair ornaments, bathroom accessories, plastic hangers, moulds for plastic injection5370225/
ROBERT LE MAIRE LTDDirectorElectric boards &
ROLLEX LTDMr Imran NeetooRoller shutters,and blades2334458/
ROTRAX INTERNATIONAL LTDMr Ponnusamy KalasekaranAssembly of electronic devices - printed circuit /
S.B. ENTERPRISE LTDMr. Bhojraj GhoobinuPVC and aluminium openings, Doors and windows,Shower cabins,
Aluminium hand rails,
Room partitions,Garage door(sliding/folding/under-ceiling vertical opening)
Automatic doors
248 1515/ 52571515 /
S.E.M.P. LTEEMr Shekal RamsurrunFishing hooks, baits &
SAMLO KOYENCO STEEL CO LTDMr Rajiv GowreesooIngots, bars, rods, angles and sections of iron and steel from metal scraps6655555/
SCAFFOLDING CO.LTDMr Anwar NeetooStructured metal
SDR ConstructionMr Shahildass Soniassy Ramchurnmetal structures, metal trusses, profiled metal sheets, metal scaffolds, slab;
SHAFA TRADING LTDMr. Monebahal Mamad Shameerperforated sheets249 3121 / 249 0102/
254 3271
SHAMROCK PLASTIC INDUSTRY LTDMrs Reena Devi DeerpalsingDisposable plastic containers (cups, plates, spoons, trays, bowls), shrink plastic, plain & printed polybags and films (LDPE, HDPE), printing on plastic
SOLATHERM CO LTDMr Mahendranath SumputhElectrical earthing and grounding materials, lightning and surge protection equipment, copper earth mats, concrete earth pits, disconnecting links, cable lugs, cable glands, bi-mettalic lugs, splicing kits, earthing compound, earth bars, plastic earth pits, heat shrinks, butt connectors, ESE terminals 6985210msumputh@intnet.mu
SPEVILLE CRAFT CIEMr Gilbert SpevilleBoats, water pedal boats, kayaks (simple /double)2835874/
STANDARD LABELS LIMITEDMr Hubert HarelManufacturing of Plastic labels, Shrink sleeves, flexible packaging, Self Adhesive, Thermo & Glue Sealed
STEEL SCRAP LTDMr Marc TecherCollection  of ferrous & other metal scrap - (aluminium, copper, lead), plastic, paper for recycling purposes2120356/
STONE SPECIALISTS LTDMr. Bruno CansingManufacture Basalt stones, marbles, sandstone, terrazzo, glass stone,
STPI LTDMr Vincent Lagarde Electromechanical components
STR MARKETING LTEEMr Abhijeet SennikDomestic, irrigation & sewage pipes & fittings, electrical & telecom conduits, ducts &
SUPER ALUMINIUM AND METAL SHEETING CO LTDMr Joseph WongAluminium openings, shower screen, frameless door, roller shutters (grilled galvanised, innox, aluminium), curtain wall, false ceiling, wall clading234
SURFRIDER CO LTDMr Louis LangloisRecycled plastic furniture2668182
SYMATESE AESTHETICS LTDMr Eric Wong Silicone I mplants4126690
SYSTEM ALUMINIUM OCEAN INDIENMr Nicolas l'EvequeAluminium openings2412460/3
T.B.A MAURICE LTEEMr Hubert  HarelPolystyrene granules
TALCO PLASTICS LTDMr J P TalbotMoulds, dies, plastic injection moulded products, custom made plastic injection products and pet bottles2116250/
TECHNICABLE LTDMr Alain Denaes Electrical and electromechanical
TECHNICABLE LTDMr Alain Denaes Electrical and electromechanical
TIMKOR BEST PLASTICS LTDMr Laval Lai MinPlain & printed polypropylene, LDPE & HDPE bags, rolls & sheets and shrinkable PE rolls2585522/
TOOLING & ENGINEERING PRODUCTS LTDMr Alain HaoPunching tools & accessories, moulds,
TORNADO LTDMr Bernard Law Min Air conditioning units and metal accessories (spiral ducting, grills and louvers, insulated plenum boxes) for the air conditioning industry2069271/2/
TOUT EN ALU TEEMr Dharmajaye Kumar Jhengree/ Mme Roomila Jhengree Indoor - Doors, Windows, Complete Kitchen interiors, Bathroom interiors including separations, Roller shutters with electronic options, false ceilings
 Outdoor - Doors, windows, Gates with electrical options
'418 4041/
5930 2439
TRIO MESHCO LTD Mr Vishan RamdeneeWelding electrodes, MIG wire and other welders' products (i.e welded wire mesh)
UJOODHA MECHANICAL WORKSHOP LTDMr Ritesh RamdarshanBuckets & rippers, mechanical and precision engineering, heavy machining, portable line boring, welding services, engine reconditioning
UNITED SOLAR WATER HEATER MANUFACTURING LTDMr. Jean Niel WongSolar water heaters & renewable energy940 1040/
252 8340
UNIVERSAL WEIGHT INTERNATIONAL CO LTDMr Rodney Victor FreemanScales- price computing scales, price labellers scales, platform scales and weighbridges from 100grams to 100tons
VELVINDRON PRODUCTS CO LTDMr M VelvindronPoultry equipment, solar water heaters, sheet metalwork & cable tray2082100,
VIASPACE LTDOceanographic satellite equipment, devices for human safety at sea, radio communication equipment and tracking software6312601 /
VICTORIA TACKLE LTDMrs Fiona Taylor Fishing flies, hooks to lines, terminal lines4105105/
W.W.T WORLD WATER TREATMENT LTDMrs Genevieve LeclercqWater Purification
WONDERSLOTS LTDMr. Shah- Nawaaz JamaldeenElectronic gaming machines (slot machines, dart machines and electronic roulette)6312729/
XPANDA (MTIUS) MFG LTD / KOSI MEUBLES LTDMr Maxim Rambert Metal works - security openings, aluminium doors and windows, powder coated galvanised roller shutters233 0814, 233