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Paints & Chemicals exporters

AJM MANUFACTURING LTDMr L.MaurelToileteries,Perfumes,Soaps2117517[email protected]
ARCHEMICS LTDMr Juy HarelDetergents, glue, cosmetics, textiles 2493191[email protected]
ARKOLAC LTDMr Niraj JealalPaints, wood varnish and allied products234 1750/1033/1035[email protected]
BEST CHEM LTDMr Ahmad MauthoorDetergent products and allied products2429821[email protected]
BRIGHT INDUSTRIES LTDMr T K ChanChemical products, household detergents212-4133[email protected]
BYCHEMEX LTDMr Ravi VenkatasamiBlending of textile auxiliaries, textile specialty chemicals, caustic solutions and caustic soda prills
2163990[email protected]
CALCIUM PRODUCTS CO LTD /MACONDE LIME CO LTDMr K M MauremootooCalcium carbonate powders (different grades), quick, hydrated and agricultural lime, lime based paint6228121[email protected]
CERNOL MARKETING LTDMr Yan BradshawDetergents and allied products such as bleach, dishwash, laundry and other domestic detergents206 1818[email protected]
CHEMCO LTDMr Ravi VenkatasamiIndustrial chemicals, acids (sulphuric, hydrochloric, phosphoric), hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda prills and solutions, detergents2163990[email protected]
CHEMICAL & TECHNICAL SUPPLIERS (I.O) LTD Mr W. RiethAerosol perfumery, deodorant, body sprays, sun care, roll-on2171000[email protected]
CHEMLOG LTD Mr Sunil Dutt PurmessurLiquid and powder detergents & laundry soap 2661240[email protected]
COMANU LTDMr Christian IpCosmetics (shampoos, deodorants, conditioners), toothpaste, soaps, dish washing liquid, chemicals2862782/3[email protected]
CWS LTD (Cernol Water Solutions Ltd)M Bernard ComarmondWater treatment products and equipment206 1818[email protected]
DESBRO TRADING LTDMr Naresh NamaIndustrial chemicals for textile and detergents, fertilizers, pumice stone,solvents, plastic raw materials, animal feed, greenhouses & accessories4336666[email protected]
DIDUS ART GALLERY LTDMs Asmita ChomrooPaintings, framings, sculptures and old maps[email protected]
DYNACHEM LTDMr J Duchenne Textile chemical auxiliaries, detergents, softeners, lubricants2061818[email protected]
EMINENCE MARKETING LTDMr Jean Claude YongHair cosmetics (hair colour, relaxers, peroxide cream, shampoo, conditioner), Home Care Products (dishwash liquid, polishers)230 4660229/ 4673245[email protected]
EUROLUX CO LTDMr Domah Pouraindranath KewalPaints and allied products, varnishes paints, automotive paints, marine paints6751825[email protected]
F. KHATIB & CO LTD Mr Farouk KhatibPaints and allied products, wire nails242 1301
GALVABOND LTDMr Anwar JoonasHot dip galvanising, protection against rust, steel surface cleaning2087311[email protected]
GAZ CARBONIQUE LTDMr Vincent Rogers Carbon dioxide, dry-ice, industrial oxygen, nitrogen, acetylene, helium, argon, atal, air, medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, gas cutting and welding equipment, arc, mig and tig welding machines & accessories6964779[email protected]
HYFLO LTD Mr Nicolas Dubois Industrial and heavy duty lubricants, industrial greasing systems, oil and chemical pollution control systems 4675770[email protected]
IN'FUSION VINTAGE SOAPSNataliSoaps and body products 57477231[email protected]
LABORATOIRES DES MASCAREIGNESMrs Sylvie MelietBiotechnologies and cosmetic products2665812[email protected]
MAN HIN BROS. INDUSTRY LTDMr Andrew Luu Man HinAir Freshner and Antimites2036300[email protected]
MAUVILAC INDUSTRIES LTDMr A.Roland Maurel JrPaint, glazing putty, paint brushes, ethanol, inks, cementations tile adhesive2064700[email protected]
MEDIPHARM LTDMr V MooroogenPersonal care: cosmetics, perfumery, toiletries4248001[email protected]
MOPIROVE LTDMr Sunjay M. CheekhooreeSoap, detergents and candle 2332900, 2330067[email protected]
NEW LIGHT MATCH FACTORY LTDMr Charles LaiSafety matches, chemical products2420108[email protected]
NIDOMAC & CO LTDMr. Arnaud KoenigDetergents, metal boxes, floor and shoe polishes286 5601-2[email protected]
OOMAR KHATIB BROS & COMr O H Khatib Car care products for professionals and DIY (cockpit shine, tyre shine, rubbing compound, glass cleaner, waterspot remover, car shampoo)2087727[email protected]
PAINT BRUSHES MANUFACTURING CO LTDMr R.AubeeluckPaint brushes, paint rollers, custom made brushes for textile factories, dog leg & radiator brushes and aluminium wire clip2081616[email protected]
POLYTOL PAINTS & ADHESIVES MAN. CO LTDMr Tariq SohawonPaints, wood coatings, adhesives & allied products2491299/2491499[email protected]
PRINCE INDUSTRIES LTDMr Emile LeePerfumes, toiletries, cosmetics, plastic toys, plastic packaging and take-away trays2341188/1199[email protected]
QUALITY CHEMICALS LTD Mr D RanglollDetergent powder4355687
QUALITY SOAPS LTDMr Arjoon CalchandSoap and detergents4184470/4480, 7885281[email protected]
ROGER FAYD'HERBEMr Clifford DoveHerbicides and insectiides208 1806
ROYAL CRESTA PAINTS (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Abhay SalunkheArchitectural and automotive paints206 2480/ 81/ 82/ 91
5905 9690/
5938 2939
[email protected];
SIKA (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Bernard PerdrauBuilding chemicals, joint sealants, concrete admixtures, speciality chemicals for construction and industry, waterproofing2128621[email protected]
SOAP & ALLIED INDUSTRIES LTDMr Rabin GungabissoonLaundry soap, toilet soap, shampoos, hand washing & washing machine powders, dishwashing liquid, household cleaning products, fabric softener, bleach2081000[email protected]
SOCIETE CHEE MAN SHING & CO LTDMr Nelson ChangCandles%s[email protected]
SOFAP LTDMr Eric AdamPaint, varnish, tile adhesive4057000[email protected]
TOP DETERGENT LTDMr Partab AnmolWashing liquid,detergents,handwash liquid59460177[email protected]