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Paper, Printing & Publishing exporters

A & W INTERNATIONAL LTD Mr Rajiv BuctowarPackaging materials, textiles accessories, paper products, hotel supplies and allied products2711640[email protected]
A.B.C CENTREMr Seeven PoovathalHandmade greeting cards4139090[email protected]
ALFRAN CO LTDMr Alan DriverPrinting and publishing2482358[email protected]
ANDRE ENTREPRISE LTDMr Harold NgToilet paper, facial tissues, kitchen towels2116783/7558[email protected]
ARSENIUS PRINTING & STATIONERY LIMITEDMr Sylvio ArseniusBooks, magazines, flyers, posters, business cards, rubber stamps, book binding, lamination, stationery, Digital Printing , Graphic deisgn etc.2342413[email protected]
ATLAS PRINTING & CO LTDMr Jean Marc LimOffice and School Stationery: Photocopy paper, exercise book, cash register roll, office pads, office files

2474888[email protected]
ATOBA LTEEMr Florent BeusseVisual identity - logos, brochures, annual reports, commercials, books, displays, websites2112435[email protected]
BAHADOOR PRINTING LTDMr Vidhnesh BahadoorMagazines, annual reports, calendars, business cards, letterheads, pamphlets, posters, sticker labels, hang tags, garment labels, graphic design, colour separation, advert designs, press adverts, web designs, web postings, binding works, lamination, rubber stamps, stationery2125363[email protected]
BEAU BEBE LTEEMr Hubert De Speville Diapers4545456[email protected]
BEST GRAPHICS LTDMr Jean Fran?ois Chung Kai Kai Colour separation, printed matters, publishing2331994/5[email protected]
BEST PRINTING LTDMrs Varsha MaureeScreen printing2330565[email protected]
BOOK PRINTING SERVICES LTDMr Georges AdamPrinted matters, textbooks, directories, religious books, educational books, diaries, posters, calendars2330506/4856[email protected]
BOX MANUFACTURING CO LTDMr Mathieu LionnetCarton boxes, back shirts, collar supports, trays2086633[email protected]
BUSINESS FORMS LTDMr Dany Chung Printing of NCR continuous stationery, cash registers and adding rolls, photocopy paper, fax rolls2342668[email protected]
C & N PRINTING LTD Mrs Adjani RamasamyDigital and offset printing services 2333042[email protected]
CARACTERE LTEEMr Patrick OliverAnnual reports, brochures, magazines, school books, pamphlets, folders2068484, 2068405[email protected]
CARTON AND BOXES CO LTDMr Jimmy CheungCorrugated boards, carton boxes, carton cover2336030[email protected]
CASLON PRINTING LTDMr Ganeshan Urlen Publishing of books, letterheads, business cards, magazines, brochures, notebooks2120314[email protected]
CATHAY PRINTING Mr Dany Chung For YuenPrinting of books, magazines, flyers, calendars, namecards, and booklets2342668[email protected]
COLOURSHARP DIGITAL PRINTING LTDMr Dany Chung For YuenDigital printing (flyers, brochures, letterheads, business cards)4678343[email protected]
COSMOPRINT CO LTDMrs Weena DesaiLetterheads, brochures, labels, invoices, books and general stationery4541472[email protected]
D. ANNASAMY & CO LTDMr Rouben NareedooPrinting matters, brochures, box envelopes, paper,banner, box2404008[email protected]
DAKRI CARTONS LTDMr H DakriCarton boxes, paper tubes, craft paper and waste paper recycling233 5880 / 5876 / 5872 [email protected]
DIADEIS (MAURICE) LTEEMr Jean Marc SantucciPre-press activities: typesetting, graphic design, scanning, page make-up, internet & multimedia development, telemarketing2116360/7429[email protected]
DRAGON PRINTING CO. LTDMr Jean-Marie Min FaMagazines, annual reports, books, brochures, posters, letterheads, business cards, rubber stamps etc.2404630[email protected]
DUBOURG EDITIONS LTD Mr Patrick Dubourg Publishing and editing magazines6700083[email protected]
DYNAMIC PRINTING & STATIONERY LTDMr Kausmally MahmoodPrinting of books, leaflets, stationeries, rubber stamps2405035[email protected]
EDITIONS DE L'OCEAN INDIENMr Sunil KundunPrinting and publishing of books, laboratory equipment and healthcare products4646761[email protected]
EDITIONS LE PRINTEMPS LTEEMr Ahmud I SullimanBooks, stationeries, magazines, publisher6961017[email protected]
EFX LABOGRAPH LTD Mr Angelo TontaGraphic design for textile [products4651629[email protected]
EMBOSS LTDMr Rooben KistnenDigital and offset printing services (books, brochures, magazines, corporate identity designs), signage and advertising display products (billboards, 3D signs, LED displays, posters)2340400[email protected]
EMCO LTDMr Dick Li Wan PoStationery, exercise books, copy books, sketch pads, hardcover books, envelopes2471045/50[email protected]
ENVELOPES MFG.CO.LTDMr Dick Li Wan PoPaper products, envelopes247 1050[email protected]
EVOLUTION LTEE / EVOLUTION PREPRESS LTDMr M CoquetPre-press activities2119015[email protected]
EXCEL SECURE TECHNOLOGIES LTDMr Vishal RaddhoaPrinting of MICR Cheque leaves and mailing statements, supply of smart / sim cards and postal stationery4522693[email protected]
EXPLAST LIMITEDMr Yogesh SinghPlain & printed plastic packaging, laminated bags & films, industrial food packaging, eco-friendly printed carton boxes made out of 100% recycled paper.4276778[email protected]
EXPRINT LTDMr Joseph LiScreen printing on textile2330727[email protected]
FILE PRODUCTS MANUFACTURERS LTDMr Moduth LocknauthPrinting of files2337531/8018[email protected]
GLOBE PRINTING Mr B. GoolaubPrinting of books, cards, leaflets2081863[email protected]
GRAPHIC PRESS LTD Mr Clifford ColimalayPrinting and publishing, colour separation, pre-press activities2068200[email protected]
HIGH QUALITY PRESS LTDMr Richard Lee Chong TongPrinting242-9744[email protected]
HW HIGIENE PRODUCTS LTD Mrs Nandini K Mohit Feminine hygiene products: sanitary pads2869950[email protected]
IMPRIMERIE ET PAPETERIE COMMERCIALE LTEEMr Michel CoquetPrinted matters and stationery items2124190[email protected]
IMPRIMERIE MICHEL ROBERT & CO LTDMr L.Yves RobertStationery items 4641442[email protected]
J & S PRINTING LTDMrs Kim GuehoOffset printing, graphic design and stationery items2426280[email protected]
KEOS LTDMr Oswald Tsang Man KinPublishing and advertising2086764[email protected]
LIM KEE CHANG (DE LUXE PRINTING) CO. LTDMr Andr? LimDigital printing (magazines, booklets, flyers, brochures, letterheads, business cards)242-1766[email protected]
LOVELLS PRINTING AND ARTWORK LTDMr Christian Gell?Design, printing and binding (laminating gloss or matt, saddle stitch and hot glue binding)4648843, 4648853[email protected]
LYS SUPPLIES LTDMr Pow LeeHerbal sanitary napkin, baby diapers, construction materials2480581, 2491383[email protected]Bhasker Desai
MASTER'S CONTINUOUS STATIONERY LTDMr MatikolaCarbonless paper, continous paper,
cards & scratch cards, digital printing, direct mailing & envelopes, mailers, pressure seal, rolls & paper tubes, security documents, offset printing and hot stamping foil
2128932[email protected]
MEICOS TEXPRINT LTDMr Lok Chi KongPrinted fabrics2471080[email protected]
MIXED PRINT LTD Mr Stephan MertesScreen printing on garments4656220[email protected]
MONEERAM PRINTINGMr Dev MooneeramPrinting of books, leaflets, stationeries etc6274857[email protected]
MULTIPRINT LTDMrs Daisy Wan Kwan WahPrinted matter, books, magazines, labels, stationery2421945/8135/1467[email protected]
OSMAN PUBLISHINGMr Shafick OsmanPrinting and publishing of books, dictionaries,atlases and other publications, layout & design, translaiton,sub-editing, proof-reading,illuatrations and photography4975465[email protected]
PACKLINES / ELITE OFFICE STATIONERYMrs Nathalie Hardymatressse,;;;
PAPER CONTAINERS CO LTDMr Jacques Li wan PoPaper bags2471050/2471025[email protected]
PAPER CONVERTING / AGRI PAC / UNIPACKMr Jadoo DookunBathroom tissues, kitchen towels, paper serviettes, sanitary protection, facial tissues, paper products: egg trays, fruit boxes, carton boxes4020852[email protected]
PAPER PLUS LTDMr Pierre Yeung Stationery items: envelopes, shopping bags, paper sacks and paper cups233 2913[email protected]
PAT-MAN PRINTING LTDMr F PokunPrinted matters and stationery items - books, brochures, continuous stationery etc2860173
PHILIPPE SELF ADHESIVE TAPES MFRS LTDMr Ruby VeeraragooPrinted packing tapes, plain packing tapes2330888[email protected]
PPS EDITIONS Mr Armand d'AvrincourtPrepress activities233 0007[email protected]
PRAD PAPER PRODUCTS LTDMr Dev BhurtahToilet papers, kitchen towels, towels, brooms, brushes, mops4522996[email protected]
PRECIGRAPH LTDMr Vincent D'ArifatPost cards, brochures, books, labels, diaries, calendars, annual reports, posters, magazines, page layout2121546[email protected];
QUAD PRINTERSMr Sanjiv MullooPrinted matter, promotional print, paperless products, web media,interactive CD, large format indoor and outdoor print, Annual Reports,Labels,Newsletters,Corporate profiles,high end brochuers, stationery, books2332101[email protected]
QUALILABELS LTDMr J P Ah HengPrinted labels, stickers, thermal paper2331949/1986[email protected]
REGENT PRESS CO. LTDMr Didier GnanyPrinted matters and stationery items2166125[email protected]
SCREENTEX LTDMr P N ChadeeScreen & transfer printing, serigraphie, flock, transfer, signage, embroidery services6987248/9[email protected]
SIMP'EX LTDMr Serge PigeotSelf adhesive labels2346600[email protected]
SOBRA PAPER CO LTDMr Sayeed SoobrattyEnvelopes, kraft paper in reel and sheets and herbal beauty products617 5059/
250 5959
[email protected]
SOUVENIR PRINTING CO LTDMr Bashir ChoychooPrinting of books, leaflets, stationeries etc2493758[email protected]
SUNARA & CO LTDMr Ishwar NowbotsingBooks, leaflets, stationeries, screen printing4547337[email protected]
SUPER PRINTING CO. LTD.Mr Ehsaan MansoorPrinting of magazines, books, annual reports, calendars, brochures, spiral table calendars, vouchers , registers, newsletters, file covers, copybook examination papers, and rubber stamps240 2340[email protected]
THREE ARS PRINTING CO LTDMr Rajen CallychurnPrinting and publishing4269000[email protected]
T-PRINTERS CO LTDMr Georges Chung Tick KanPrinting and publishing- magazines, directories, posters, school textbooks, financial reports2337519[email protected]
VIZAVI LTEEMrs Pascale SiewBooks, educational booklets, card games,cartoons2112435[email protected]
ZIG ZAG LTEEMr Jean Jacques CervelloSigns (Luminous & non-luminous)6962999[email protected]