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Textile and Apparel exporters

A.R.P.B GROUP LTDMrs. Anastasia RamlallCocktail and evening wear, chic day wear for women, fabrics used- silk, crepe, mousseline, silk satin (all types of fabrics)263 2836[email protected]
A.V.M & CO LTDMr Vikash AppiahBlouses, skirts and ladies garments4246337[email protected]
AASII LTDMrs Shameena Ayoob CassimBaby wear & accessories4654109[email protected]
ACL GARMENTS LTDMr. Patrick BeerensUniforms, trousers, overalls, jackets, caps, children's wear, t-shirts, beachwear, swimwear6255679[email protected]
ACR MINOUCHIC CO LTDMrs Ameena SorefanLadies and childrenwear, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts ,blouses, nighties , bermudas4545024[email protected]
ACUTE STEP CO. LTD Mrs Marie ThillayMenswear, ladieswear57818014[email protected]
AQUARELLE CLOTHING LTD (CIEL TEXTILE)Mr Eric DorchiesShirts 402 1100[email protected]
ARTEX LTD Mr M PoranT-shirts, polos, caps, beachwear, pareos, bermudas, uniforms, shirts (plain & printed)4263041[email protected]
ARVANI LTDMrs Rekha CowaloosurSocks (cotton/silk/anti-microbial/merino/flame-retardant)Compression Socks, Stockings, Tights, Sun Protecting Arm Gloves, Footcovers, invisible socks, Toe socks

6271040[email protected]
AURDALLY BROTHERS CO LTD Mr M. Yousouf SalemohamedMen and boys' shirts, trousers, school and corporate uniforms2122859[email protected]
AVANT (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Mandhir GujralT-shirts, polo shirts, jogging suits, children's wear and ladies' wear4275490[email protected]
BACOTEX LTDMr Bruno LanceleurT-shirts, readymade garments, beachwear.2821320[email protected]
BEACHWEAR EXPORTS CO LTD Mr G.M ToolseeBeachwear, Swimwear4545600[email protected]
BESTWILL GARMENTS LTDMr K C ChungT-shirts, polo shirts2473868[email protected]
BIMRAJ HAUTE COUTURE LTDMr Mahendra SubliTrousers, shirts, tunics, coats, overcoats6318296[email protected]
BKRR CO. LTDMr. Bala Ramiah T-shirts, poloshirts, shirts, knitwear, pullovers, sweatshirts, jogging suits425 6528 [email protected]
BLUE EYES LTDMr Yashin SunasyShirts, polo shirts, trousers697 0528[email protected]
BODY CURVES LTDMrs Tina ToolseeSwimwear, beachwear, floatsuits, sun hats, maternity swimwear, beach shorts.432 0100[email protected]
BRAND NEW DAYS (MTIUS) LTDMrs Annabelle Kok ShunT-shirts, poloshirts, workwears, shirts, trousers, shorts, overalls, overcoats, caps, hotel amenities4658385[email protected]
C & Y Affordwear LTDMrs BoyjonauthT-shirts, polo shirts, uniforms, hoodies 5791 6216[email protected]
C.D.L LIMITEDMr Guillaume Dalais                 Dyed fine knits fabrics602 3800[email protected]
CADIZ GARMENTS CO LTDMr Yousouf Alikhan HeematallyShirts, boxer shorts, blouses6262376[email protected]
CAM DENIM LTDMrs Sweta DewnundunDenim pants , shorts and jeans 413 0034[email protected]
CAMEL TEXTILE MANUFACTURING CO LTDMr J Abedeen KodabaccusT-shirts, polo shirts2085079[email protected]
CAP KALI LTDMr.Sanjay K. HurchundHats,caps, bags, aprons, overall, uniforms,trousers, shirts, bermudas, boardshorts, swim shorts, boardshorts, underpants, blouses, dresses, jackets.2821754[email protected]
CAUSTAT APPAREL LTD / CAUSTAT & SONS LTDMr S. MenonWearing apparel - suits, uniforms, children wear686-6818[email protected]
CHANCERY SHIRTS CO LTDMr Ajeet BusjuthShirts for men, ladies and children, men's underwear, boxer shorts, bermudas, nightwear, men's swimwear2615335[email protected]
CHEMISERIE BELLVILL & CO. LTDMr. Satanansingh Manoj JuddooWoven men's and boy's shirts, woven ladies blouses.6863414[email protected]
CITIZEN EXPORT ENTERPRISE LTDMr Mahboob HossenbaccusSportwear: football jerseys, tracksuits, jogging suits, shorts, t-shirts, jeans, slips52586285
CITIZEN WEAR LTDMr M EmamsaibTracksuits, football jerseys, singlets, sport shorts4541670[email protected]
CITY FASHIONS LTD/ RKY & CO LTDMr Ramacresnah Gengudu                           Shirts, dress, trousers, children shorts, children pyjamas, pantacourt6961333, 6977178 [email protected]
CLAUDIA FASHION LTDMr. Andreas HarringerLadies' underwears especially brassières4192490[email protected]
CMT SPINNING MILLSMr Francois WooCombed and cotton yarn, and any mixed yarn234 1160 [email protected]; [email protected]
COMPAGNIE MAURICIENNE DE TEXTILE LTEEMr Francois WooCotton t-shirts, polo shirts, jogging suits, skirts, shorts, jackets, shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, trousers and pants for men, women and children6018888[email protected]; [email protected]
CONSOLIDATED FABRICS LTDMr. Pascal WalterWoven fabrics (100% cotton, linen, poly cotton, poly viscose), piece dyed and yarn dyed2041670[email protected]; [email protected]
DENIM BAYMr Simon SeebaluckDenim jeans , skirts, shorts ,jackets, dungarees for ladies, mens & kids[email protected]
DENIM DE L'ILE LTDMr Gilberto CacciaDenim fabrics and garments412 5190/412 5614[email protected]
ELISRA CREATIONSMrs Ahalia SooknahBabywear, children's wear, hand embroidery works, sequins smock, dresses, nightwear, woven - table linen and bed linen, dolls clothes and ethnic dolls686 8168[email protected];[email protected]
ElSHADAI UNIFORM CO LTDMrs.Lily Chow Uniforms and corporate Garments.52590059[email protected]
EMMANUEL CREATION LTDMs Josiane BisasurLycra swimwear & accessories, shorts, skirts, dresses, pareos, sportswear, dancewear, aerobics, bermudas, beachwear, underwear & lingerie2820896[email protected]
ESQUEL (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Hemant Kumar Jugnarain100% cotton shirts4019850[email protected]
EXOTIC GARMENTS LTDMrs Marylin Ah ChoungPrinted jersey wear and screen printed garments with special effects such as foil, high density, puff, glow in the dark etc4651678 (Exotic Design)[email protected]
FAIRY SHIRTS LTDMr Antish BhowaneedinShirts 674 5575[email protected]
FAIRY TEXTILES LTDMr Ajay BhowaneedinReady-made garments,trousers , shirts, jeanswear, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets.6745575[email protected]
FANCY (J.D.R.R) GARMENTS LTDMr Rungoo Soodesh KumarPants, shorts, jackets, skirts418-8665
FASHION INDUSTRIES LTDMr Jean TangPleated skirts2334959[email protected]
FAST PRINTMr M ChadeeT-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, caps, skirts, screen printing676 5898[email protected]
FERNEY SPINNING MILLS LTD (CIEL GROUP)Mr Mushtaq Sooltangos100% lambswool blends with synthetic and cashmere6013000[email protected]
FIL-ERE LTEE (UNE HISTOIRE D'AMOUR)Mr Nikita RamenLadies underwear, lingerie, nightwear and beachwear427 4949[email protected]
FINE TEXTILES LTDMr Hossen NohurT-shirts, polo-shirts, caps, men's seamless underwears2661092[email protected]
FIREMOUNT TEXTILES LTDMr Anil KohliJeans & Twill Garments .2832431[email protected]
FIT-U GARMENT LTDMs Jenny PidialT-shirts, golfers, dresses, tops, shirts, medical garments4333653[email protected]
FLAMESAFE MAXISOFT LTDMr Peter BloomFlame retardant fabrics and apparels such as workwear ( poloshirts, jackets, henleys, windcheaters, sweaters, T-shirts, vests, gloves), sleepwear ( nighties, gowns, pyjamas) 2472866[email protected]; [email protected]
FLOREAL KNITWEAR LTD (CIEL TEXTILE)Mr Jean Baptiste Doger de Spévilleknitted sweaters6011000[email protected]
FM DENIM CO LTDMr Anil KohliDenim fabrics 233 3000[email protected]; [email protected]
FRUTEIN LTDMrs. Nathalie RenardHigh quality lingerie ,children and babywear, Polo shirt , t-shirts etc2639640/ 422 0466[email protected];
FX CREATIONS LTDMr Denis Ng T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, shorts, screen printing, fancy garments & accessories5258 5888[email protected]
G & T ACTION WEAR LTDMr Gerard Chan KinT-shirts, shorts, caps, shirts, pants, pareos, printed textile2111889[email protected]
GANGA TEXTILE LTDMr Kevin GangaLight knitted garments (men's, women's, children)- T-shirts, polo-shirts, jackets, pants4258660[email protected]
GARDROB LTD Garment Design, manufacture, conception & production/ design consultancy 686 9252[email protected]
GH GARMENTS LTDMr Akhtar GolamhossenShirts, t-shirts, blouses2435591[email protected]
GME LTD Mr Georges Brad Cartick Ladies wear (Dresses, top, skirts, pants)5 293 5062; [email protected]
GNP WEAR CO LTDMr Guness BeedaseeJeans , trousers, shorts, shirts, corporate uniforms, skirts, jackets, chino pants4357458[email protected]
GOLDEN THREADS CO LTDMr Clifford DuvalLadies' and men's garments, corporate and medical suits, specialised uniforms, shirts, blouses, jackets, trousers2547958[email protected]
GREENFIELD & SONS LTDMr UtteemunGarments & textile products - shirts, pillow cases, bed sheets2122404[email protected]
HABIT COMPANY LTDMr Patrick Desvaux de MarignyBranded street wear- t-shirts, polo, shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, boardshorts, bikini, ladies tops, dresses, kite & surf equipment2611080, 2611188[email protected]; [email protected]
HARPERS TEXTILE LTDMr. Ismet Koussa Shirts, ties, socks, suits, pants433 8279[email protected]
HEAVY KNITTING CO LTDMr Siva KistnenPolo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tops6965863[email protected]
HIMAVAN ENTERPRISE LTDMr Ancharaz VishwadevKnitted garments- T-Shirts, ladieswear4184400[email protected]
HONG KONG GARMENTS / MAYDON FASHIONMr Chien Si PuiT-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, blouses, skirts, tops, jumpers233 6701[email protected]
INNOWEAR LTDMr Purrahoo NeerunjunCashmere pullovers6376869[email protected]
INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES LTDMr V RamrachiaBedsheets, towels, blankets, shirts, pullovers2080062[email protected]
IV PLAYMr Kevin LiReady made garments- t-shirts, shirts, shorts, jeans2331561[email protected]
IVY LEATHERS LTDMr Tariq MalikLeather garments - jackets, skirts, pants, coats2669560 /1[email protected]
JACK TELLOR INTERNATIONAL LTDMr Abdoul RavateHigh quality men suits, women suits, classic and sportswear2862163/4, 2869703/4[email protected]
JADE VANESSA LTDMrs Chin WongCorporate uniforms247-2871 / 2[email protected]
JI YUN KNITS LTD Mr Kwong Chung Fat YuenKnitwear (ladies top: pullovers, cardigans)283 6234[email protected]
JUPITER APPAREL LTDMr N K Ho Fon SingWoven shirts698 8693[email protected]
JUPITER JMK LTDMr. Anand JhoomuckT-shirts, towels, sega dresses, fancy dress, shirts, bags 413 4364[email protected]
KARINA INTERNATIONAL LTDMs Shirley DalaisPrinted and embroidered children's garments - dresses, blouses, shorts, pants & ladies' blouses 6867903[email protected]
KAVINDI CO LTDMr Koomaren MooneyanT-shirts, polo shirts, rugby, sweat shirts and all fancy styles6255836[email protected]
KIMCAT LTDMrs Brigitte CharoyHand knitted, crochetted and embroidered pullovers for ladies and babies; skirts, trousers, cotton tunics and hand-made fashion accessories for ladies2630963[email protected]
KLINE TEXTILES LTD / UNIVERSAL FABRICS LTDMr Ian Espitalier NoelKnitted fabrics (cotton and blends)6975155/[email protected]
KNE CO LTD Mr Tandrayen BrianT-shirts, trousers, pants, tops, dresses, shirts6960849 [email protected]
KNITEX GARMENTS CO LTD / KNITEX LTDMr Dominique LowingT-shirts, polo shirts, knitted fabrics, collars, cuffs247 2350[email protected]
KRITEX GARMENT LTDMr Heman RughooT-shirts, polo shirts, ladies, men and children's garments4278190, 2588004[email protected]Director
LA CHANCE LTEEMr Philippe LamusseT-shirts, dresses, tops, skirts6846735[email protected]
LAGUNA CLOTHING LTDMr Maneesh PatelGarments: casual wear, formal wear - shirts and blouses4019000[email protected]
LE COMPTOIR DE LA BRODERIEMr Michel AbadHand-embroidery works, smocks, handmade knitwear, cardigans, waistcoats, range of cashmere; tableclothes2633017[email protected]
LE TEXUMA LTEEMrs Uma ParbhunathT-shirt, Ladies, men's, and children's wear2087788[email protected]
LE TRICOT LTEEMr Ariff CurrimjeeT-Shirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts, pullovers2833723[email protected]; [email protected]
LEO INT'L LTEEMrs Mishra LajwanteeJackets and trousers4198868[email protected]
LIAM TEXTILE LTDMr S. AppadooT-shirts, polo shirts, pareos,leggings, caps, screen printing & embroidery works2161741[email protected]
LIDA O'REILLYMrs Lida O'ReillyReady made garments for ladies and wedding gown6701546[email protected]
L'INATTENDU LTEEMrs Aline WongT-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits, blouses, dresses, shorts, children's wear,
LINDENWEAR LTDMr Leong Ho Fon SingT-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits
M FAZIL BACKUS AND CO LTDMr. Fazil BackusScreen printed
MAC' ALLAN LTEEMr Jean Claude Ip Man PunLeather wallets, bags, folders, purses; textile products - polos, t-shirts, trousers,
MAURIFIL LTDMr Bundhoo NaimCotton, polyester cotton, spun polyester sewing
MAXIWEAR LTDMr Denis NgLight knitted garments, childrenswear and babieswear- ranging from semi-fashionable t-shirts to high value-added designer wear and sportswear2649640/
MEEMAH FASHION INDUSTRY LTDMr Iqbal UtteemunBlouses, dresses, skirts, shirts, bedsheets2161671,
MFM CONFECTIONS LTEEMr Sudhakaran MenonReady made garments, pants, women's coats, women's trousers, shirt, women's shirt, women's
MI-AMIGO LTEEMr Amine RamjahnJeanswear and other readymade
MISTER SANMr Sanjeev PoteahMade to measure garments for individuals and corporate
MULTI DIMENSION FASHIONMr Arnaud Desvaux De MarignyT-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts 6970028/
NEW ERA GARMENTS LTDMr. Dyaneshwar Heeraumun T-shirts, Polo shirts, sleeveless shirts, Kidswear, Ladies Dress.419
NIVRA ENTREPRISES LTDMr Ramamurthy, Mr VenkatasamiTrousers, jackets, blouses, dresses, bermudas, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, track suits,caps, overall, bungaries4132310/
NOBEE LTDMr Ibrahim NobeebuxChildren's jerseywear (t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts), ladies' wear in jersey - tops, shorts, dresses,
NOOR ENTERPRISES CO LTDMr Noorally JhummunT-shirts, polo
NOUVELLE LINGERIE MAURICIENNE LTEE Mr Frederic FacchiniLadies underwear, night
Oceantex Garment Ltd Ms Roshni BhurtunChildren's wear 5 764
ORIGINAL CONFECTION LTDMr Patrick Lee ChungYarn 100% cotton, Grey Fabrics, Dyed Fabrics, Commission knitting and
PALMAR LIMITEE- KNITSMr Guillaume Heller Vertically integrated knits manufacturer with print, embroidery & wash plant facility- t-shirts, polos, sweat shirts, joggings, tops, tank
PALMAR LIMITEE- WOVENMr Guillaume HellerSemi-integrated woven manufacturer with print, embroidery & wash plant facility- jeanswear, shorts,
PASTEL BLUE (CIEL TEXTILE) Mr. Eric Eynaudladies blouses and skirts401
PEACE ANGELS LTDMr gaetano GnudiT-shirts, shirts and other
PROSIMEX INDUSTRIAL CO LTDMr Jean Paul Shi Shun                                              T-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, shorts, leggings & nightwear ,Skirts,
PURE KNITWEAR LTDMr Noorani Gokholknitwear - pullovers,
QUALITEX / LE DAUPHIN LTDMr M Koon Sun PatT-shirts, fancy dresses, shorts,
QUEENS FASHION CO LTDMrs Poulavi Sornumcasual wear, denimwear, woven
QUEENSWEAR LTDMr Brij MohabirsinghElastane jersey and elastane pique, jersey plain or feeder stripe, single/double pique and flat knits, double knits, fleece, brushed and unbrushed' collars and
QUENCH COLLECTION CO LTDMrs Veena SadafulLadies and men's garments- dresses, shirts, blouses, pants,
R.E.A.L GARMENTS LTDMr Akhtar Abdool LatiffDenim Jeans, (shorts, skirts, trousers, jackets)
RADATEX ENTERPRISES LTDMr Dipnarain RamdohinDenim Products
RAMBARRAN BROSMr. Said RambarranPrinted
RECYCLING INDUSTRIES (MTIUS) LTDMr Krishna Narainen Recycling of textile waste for export: (100% Cotton Hosiery Clips, 100% Cotton Hosiery Wipers, 100% Ecru Cotton/Fine/Ribbed Quality, 100% Bleached Cotton/Fine/Ribbed Quality, Light Colored, Dark Colored, Colored Polyester, Bleached White) Felt & Needled Wadding: Needled Felts from recycled fibers for the reinforcement of spring mattresses (Mattress Pads).
RIC ACTUEL CO. LTD Mr Ricardo AnamunthooMen's underwear 465
RIVERSIDE IMPEX CO LTDMr V. Sharma DoolooaDenimwear, t-shirts, skirts, bodies for men & women,
RIVERWALK INVESTMENT LTDMr François HugninFine Knitwear apparel - sweaters, scarves, hats, cardigans, pullovers, ponchos, shawls, leggings in any
ROSSANA TEXTILES & TARA KNITWEAR LTDMr Alain Chan SunT-shirts, polo shirts, slipovers, sweatshirts 2123715/
RT KNITS LTDMrs Geraldine Sing Fat knitted tops,T-shirts, dresses, pant, skirts, golfer, sweaters,
S.A.V. GARMENTSMr Rabindranath BaichooSportswear and casual wear
SEASONS' GARMENTS CO LTDMr N BhowaneedinJeans,trousers, shorts, salopettes, gilets, blouses, vests, shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, skirts,
SELECT STYLE LTDMrs Elodie Du MeeSwimwear, beachwear & dancewear
SHEENTEX LTDMr Iqbal MaghooHigh fashion knitwear- pullovers for kids ladies and
SHIVANI MANUFACTURING LTDMr Subhas RamchurnKnitwear for ladies, men's and kids accessories, cashmere apparel and
SISSI CREATION LTDMr Jean C. Sylvio LuboisBabywear, children's wear, ladies' wear 4357635,
SMART FOR SUCCESS LTD Mrs Patricia GenoidReady made garments in pure linen, corporate wear (suits),
SPY TRADING LTDMr S. BoolakeeT-shirt, polo shirt, sports garments- football, volley ,handball jersey and short, singlets and shorts for athletics,
ST MALO EXPORTS LTDMrs Koon Linchichen Po YuenT-shirts,
STAR KNITWEAR GROUP LTDMr Dirk RobensT-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, Knitted Men's, Ladies', Kid's and baby
STREAM TEXTILE LTD M. F KoodunT-shirt, boxer short, polo shirts, leggings, men's underwears245
STRICK LTDMr Tom PangSewing
STRUCTURED CLOTHING LTDMr Noel Kissiong T-shirts, tops, pants, sweaters,shirts, children's wear
SUNLIGHT LTDMr Rashid Ackbaraullee Workwear, uniforms,t-shirts
TAMAK TEXTILE LTD Mr Emmanuel Tsang Mang Kin Quality casual wears, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and shorts with prints (high density discharge) or embroidery (appliqués sequins or strass)
TEX AVENUE LTDMr Daniel NGGarments- t-shirts, ladies' tops, baby
TEX GROUP ( Tex Knits & Tex Denim Ltd )Mr Suresh Radha Fancy t-Shirts, printed shirts ,sweats ,polo shirts and denim products
TEXPULL LTDMr Jay BhoyrooKnitwear - cashmere poncho, pullovers, cardigans, scarves, ladies' shorts, socks, dresses
TEXTILAMA MANUFACTURING LTDMr Chris JankarMenswear, ladieswear & childrenwear in knitted & woven fabrics- t-shirts, polo-shirts, pants,
TEXTO LTEEMrs Marie-Line Ah MinKnitted products- t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, pants, nightgowns,
THE VFORMULA LTD Mrs Gunjan BhatnagarT-shirt and denim 57476048;
TIANLI SPINNING (MAURITIUS) CO LTDMs. Lily Zhang100% combed cotton yarn, carded yarn, open end yarn and cotton combed
TIBO & ZIAMrs Diane MaigrotChildren's wear4549026tiboetzia@intnet.mu
TOGUI LTDMr Guito Le PoignueurReady made garments- t-shirts, shirts, polo-shirts, pareo, caps,chef
TOP KNITS LTDMr Behary PanrayKnitted fabrics & knitted garments433
TROPIC KNITS LTD (CIEL TEXTILE)Mr Bertrand ThevenauFashion & basic t-shirts & polo shirts, ladies tops, dresses and
TROPICAL GARMENTS LTDMr Ahmed BundhooDenim products- denim parts, boot leg, shorts, skirts and jackets
VICTORY EXPORTS LTDMrs Caroline LiT-shirts, polo-shirts, sportwear, children's garments,
VICTORY GARMENTS LTDMr Reshad GoonajeeT-shirts, polo-shirts,
VR CREATIONS LTDMr Jugdish Bhoonye Pullovers,Shawls,Cardigans,
WASH PLUS LTDMr Sam MeeksTailor made denim jeans, garment washing and provision of other value added processes such as sand blasting, hand scrapping, spray effects, tints and special wash
WAVELINE LTDMs Valerie Harel Casual garments such as tops, T-shirts, dresses for ladies, & Kids ,resortwear,swimwear,casual wear.6709608/09
WENSUM LTD Mr Avinash GoburdhunHigh quality men's and ladies suits, jackets, trousers, skirts, waist coat, overcoats, made to measure suits670 0540,;
WORLD KNITS LTDMr Roland Espitalier NoelFine knits fashion and sleepwear- ladies and mens tops, loungewear, activewear and casual children's
WOVEN LABELS (MTIUS) LTDMs Danielle ChanWoven labels in polyester and satin, braids and diecut shapes 2332500/
X-SKY LTDMrs Savinah Cano JimenezParachutes and
ZINAIDA A.RAMJAN LTD Mrs Zinaida Ameeraly RamjanLingerie (bustiers, bras, briefs, camisole, boxers, shorts, tops, knickers, nightwears), Fancy Jewellery & Accessories 5 253