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Textile and Apparel exporters

A.R.P.B GROUP LTDMrs. Anastasia RamlallCocktail and evening wear, chic day wear for women, fabrics used- silk, crepe, mousseline, silk satin (all types of fabrics)263 2836[email protected]
A.V.M & CO LTDMr Vikash AppiahBlouses, skirts and ladies garments4246337[email protected]
AASII LTDMrs Shameena Ayoob CassimBaby wear & accessories4654109[email protected]
ACL GARMENTS LTDMr. Patrick BeerensUniforms, trousers, overalls, jackets, caps, children's wear, t-shirts, beachwear, swimwear6255679[email protected]
ACR MINOUCHIC CO LTDMrs Ameena SorefanLadies and childrenwear, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts ,blouses, nighties , bermudas4545024[email protected]
ACUTE STEP CO. LTD Mrs Marie ThillayMenswear, ladieswear57818014[email protected]
AQUARELLE CLOTHING LTD (CIEL TEXTILE)Mr Eric DorchiesShirts 402 1100[email protected]
ARTEX LTD Mr M PoranT-shirts, polos, caps, beachwear, pareos, bermudas, uniforms, shirts (plain & printed)4263041[email protected]
ARVANI LTDMrs Rekha CowaloosurSocks (cotton/silk/anti-microbial/merino/flame-retardant)Compression Socks, Stockings, Tights, Sun Protecting Arm Gloves, Footcovers, invisible socks, Toe socks

6271040[email protected]
AURDALLY BROTHERS CO LTD Mr M. Yousouf SalemohamedMen and boys' shirts, trousers, school and corporate uniforms2122859[email protected]
AVANT (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Mandhir GujralT-shirts, polo shirts, jogging suits, children's wear and ladies' wear4275490[email protected]
BACOTEX LTDMr Bruno LanceleurT-shirts, readymade garments, beachwear.2821320[email protected]
BEACHWEAR EXPORTS CO LTD Mr G.M ToolseeBeachwear, Swimwear4545600[email protected]
BESTWILL GARMENTS LTDMr K C ChungT-shirts, polo shirts2473868[email protected]
BIMRAJ HAUTE COUTURE LTDMr Mahendra SubliTrousers, shirts, tunics, coats, overcoats6318296[email protected]
BKRR CO. LTDMr. Bala Ramiah T-shirts, poloshirts, shirts, knitwear, pullovers, sweatshirts, jogging suits425 6528 [email protected]
BLUE EYES LTDMr Yashin SunasyShirts, polo shirts, trousers697 0528[email protected]
BODY CURVES LTDMrs Tina ToolseeSwimwear, beachwear, floatsuits, sun hats, maternity swimwear, beach shorts.432 0100[email protected]
BRAND NEW DAYS (MTIUS) LTDMrs Annabelle Kok ShunT-shirts, poloshirts, workwears, shirts, trousers, shorts, overalls, overcoats, caps, hotel amenities4658385[email protected]
C & Y Affordwear LTDMrs BoyjonauthT-shirts, polo shirts, uniforms, hoodies 5791 6216[email protected]
C.D.L LIMITEDMr Guillaume Dalais                 Dyed fine knits fabrics602 3800[email protected]
CADIZ GARMENTS CO LTDMr Yousouf Alikhan HeematallyShirts, boxer shorts, blouses6262376[email protected]
CAM DENIM LTDMrs Sweta DewnundunDenim pants , shorts and jeans 413 0034[email protected]
CAMEL TEXTILE MANUFACTURING CO LTDMr J Abedeen KodabaccusT-shirts, polo shirts2085079[email protected]
CAP KALI LTDMr.Sanjay K. HurchundHats,caps, bags, aprons, overall, uniforms,trousers, shirts, bermudas, boardshorts, swim shorts, boardshorts, underpants, blouses, dresses, jackets.2821754[email protected]
CAUSTAT APPAREL LTD / CAUSTAT & SONS LTDMr S. MenonWearing apparel - suits, uniforms, children wear686-6818[email protected]
CHANCERY SHIRTS CO LTDMr Ajeet BusjuthShirts for men, ladies and children, men's underwear, boxer shorts, bermudas, nightwear, men's swimwear2615335[email protected]
CHEMISERIE BELLVILL & CO. LTDMr. Satanansingh Manoj JuddooWoven men's and boy's shirts, woven ladies blouses.6863414[email protected]
CITIZEN EXPORT ENTERPRISE LTDMr Mahboob HossenbaccusSportwear: football jerseys, tracksuits, jogging suits, shorts, t-shirts, jeans, slips52586285
CITIZEN WEAR LTDMr M EmamsaibTracksuits, football jerseys, singlets, sport shorts4541670[email protected]
CITY FASHIONS LTD/ RKY & CO LTDMr Ramacresnah Gengudu                           Shirts, dress, trousers, children shorts, children pyjamas, pantacourt6961333, 6977178 [email protected]
CLAUDIA FASHION LTDMr. Andreas HarringerLadies' underwears especially brassières4192490[email protected]
CMT SPINNING MILLSMr Francois WooCombed and cotton yarn, and any mixed yarn234 1160 [email protected]; [email protected]
COMPAGNIE MAURICIENNE DE TEXTILE LTEEMr Francois WooCotton t-shirts, polo shirts, jogging suits, skirts, shorts, jackets, shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, trousers and pants for men, women and children6018888[email protected]; [email protected]
CONSOLIDATED FABRICS LTDMr. Pascal WalterWoven fabrics (100% cotton, linen, poly cotton, poly viscose), piece dyed and yarn dyed2041670[email protected]; [email protected]
DENIM BAYMr Simon SeebaluckDenim jeans , skirts, shorts ,jackets, dungarees for ladies, mens & kids[email protected]
DENIM DE L'ILE LTDMr Gilberto CacciaDenim fabrics and garments412 5190/412 5614[email protected]
ELISRA CREATIONSMrs Ahalia SooknahBabywear, children's wear, hand embroidery works, sequins smock, dresses, nightwear, woven - table linen and bed linen, dolls clothes and ethnic dolls686 8168[email protected];[email protected]
ElSHADAI UNIFORM CO LTDMrs.Lily Chow Uniforms and corporate Garments.52590059[email protected]
EMMANUEL CREATION LTDMs Josiane BisasurLycra swimwear & accessories, shorts, skirts, dresses, pareos, sportswear, dancewear, aerobics, bermudas, beachwear, underwear & lingerie2820896[email protected]
ESQUEL (MAURITIUS) LTDMr Hemant Kumar Jugnarain100% cotton shirts4019850[email protected]
EXOTIC GARMENTS LTDMrs Marylin Ah ChoungPrinted jersey wear and screen printed garments with special effects such as foil, high density, puff, glow in the dark etc4651678 (Exotic Design)[email protected]
FAIRY SHIRTS LTDMr Antish BhowaneedinShirts 674 5575[email protected]
FAIRY TEXTILES LTDMr Ajay BhowaneedinReady-made garments,trousers , shirts, jeanswear, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets.6745575[email protected]
FANCY (J.D.R.R) GARMENTS LTDMr Rungoo Soodesh KumarPants, shorts, jackets, skirts418-8665
FASHION INDUSTRIES LTDMr Jean TangPleated skirts2334959[email protected]
FAST PRINTMr M ChadeeT-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, caps, skirts, screen printing676 5898[email protected]
FERNEY SPINNING MILLS LTD (CIEL GROUP)Mr Mushtaq Sooltangos100% lambswool blends with synthetic and cashmere6013000[email protected]
FIL-ERE LTEE (UNE HISTOIRE D'AMOUR)Mr Nikita RamenLadies underwear, lingerie, nightwear and beachwear427 4949[email protected]
FINE TEXTILES LTDMr Hossen NohurT-shirts, polo-shirts, caps, men's seamless underwears2661092[email protected]
FIREMOUNT TEXTILES LTDMr Anil KohliJeans & Twill Garments .2832431[email protected]
FIT-U GARMENT LTDMs Jenny PidialT-shirts, golfers, dresses, tops, shirts, medical garments4333653[email protected]
FLAMESAFE MAXISOFT LTDMr Peter BloomFlame retardant fabrics and apparels such as workwear ( poloshirts, jackets, henleys, windcheaters, sweaters, T-shirts, vests, gloves), sleepwear ( nighties, gowns, pyjamas) 2472866[email protected]; [email protected]
FLOREAL KNITWEAR LTD (CIEL TEXTILE)Mr Jean Baptiste Doger de Spévilleknitted sweaters6011000[email protected]
FM DENIM CO LTDMr Anil KohliDenim fabrics 233 3000[email protected]; [email protected]
FRUTEIN LTDMrs. Nathalie RenardHigh quality lingerie ,children and babywear, Polo shirt , t-shirts etc2639640/ 422 0466[email protected];
FX CREATIONS LTDMr Denis Ng T-shirts, polo shirts, caps, shorts, screen printing, fancy garments & accessories5258 5888[email protected]
G & T ACTION WEAR LTDMr Gerard Chan KinT-shirts, shorts, caps, shirts, pants, pareos, printed textile2111889[email protected]
GANGA TEXTILE LTDMr Kevin GangaLight knitted garments (men's, women's, children)- T-shirts, polo-shirts, jackets, pants4258660[email protected]
GARDROB LTD Garment Design, manufacture, conception & production/ design consultancy 686 9252[email protected]
GH GARMENTS LTDMr Akhtar GolamhossenShirts, t-shirts, blouses2435591[email protected]
GME LTD Mr Georges Brad Cartick Ladies wear (Dresses, top, skirts, pants)5 293 5062; [email protected]
GNP WEAR CO LTDMr Guness BeedaseeJeans , trousers, shorts, shirts, corporate uniforms, skirts, jackets, chino pants4357458[email protected]
GOLDEN THREADS CO LTDMr Clifford DuvalLadies' and men's garments, corporate and medical suits, specialised uniforms, shirts, blouses, jackets, trousers2547958[email protected]
GREENFIELD & SONS LTDMr UtteemunGarments & textile products - shirts, pillow cases, bed sheets2122404[email protected]
HABIT COMPANY LTDMr Patrick Desvaux de MarignyBranded street wear- t-shirts, polo, shirts, shorts, pants, jeans, boardshorts, bikini, ladies tops, dresses, kite & surf equipment2611080, 2611188[email protected]; [email protected]
HARPERS TEXTILE LTDMr. Ismet Koussa Shirts, ties, socks, suits, pants433 8279[email protected]
HEAVY KNITTING CO LTDMr Siva KistnenPolo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tops6965863[email protected]
HIMAVAN ENTERPRISE LTDMr Ancharaz VishwadevKnitted garments- T-Shirts, ladieswear4184400[email protected]
HONG KONG GARMENTS / MAYDON FASHIONMr Chien Si PuiT-shirts, polo shirts, dresses, blouses, skirts, tops, jumpers233 6701[email protected]
INNOWEAR LTDMr Purrahoo NeerunjunCashmere pullovers6376869[email protected]
INTERNATIONAL TEXTILES LTDMr V RamrachiaBedsheets, towels, blankets, shirts, pullovers2080062[email protected]
IV PLAYMr Kevin LiReady made garments- t-shirts, shirts, shorts, jeans2331561[email protected]
IVY LEATHERS LTDMr Tariq MalikLeather garments - jackets, skirts, pants, coats2669560 /1[email protected]
JACK TELLOR INTERNATIONAL LTDMr Abdoul RavateHigh quality men suits, women suits, classic and sportswear2862163/4, 2869703/4[email protected]
JADE VANESSA LTDMrs Chin WongCorporate uniforms247-2871 / 2[email protected]
JI YUN KNITS LTD Mr Kwong Chung Fat YuenKnitwear (ladies top: pullovers, cardigans)283 6234[email protected]
JUPITER APPAREL LTDMr N K Ho Fon SingWoven shirts698 8693[email protected]
JUPITER JMK LTDMr. Anand JhoomuckT-shirts, towels, sega dresses, fancy dress, shirts, bags 413 4364[email protected]
KARINA INTERNATIONAL LTDMs Shirley DalaisPrinted and embroidered children's garments - dresses, blouses, shorts, pants & ladies' blouses 6867903[email protected]
KAVINDI CO LTDMr Koomaren MooneyanT-shirts, polo shirts, rugby, sweat shirts and all fancy styles6255836[email protected]
KIMCAT LTDMrs Brigitte CharoyHand knitted, crochetted and embroidered pullovers for ladies and babies; skirts, trousers, cotton tunics and hand-made fashion accessories for ladies2630963[email protected]
KLINE TEXTILES LTD / UNIVERSAL FABRICS LTDMr Ian Espitalier NoelKnitted fabrics (cotton and blends)6975155/[email protected]
KNE CO LTD Mr Tandrayen BrianT-shirts, trousers, pants, tops, dresses, shirts6960849 [email protected]
KNITEX GARMENTS CO LTD / KNITEX LTDMr Dominique LowingT-shirts, polo shirts, knitted fabrics, collars, cuffs247 2350[email protected]
KRITEX GARMENT LTDMr Heman RughooT-shirts, polo shirts, ladies, men and children's garments4278190, 2588004[email protected]Director
LA CHANCE LTEEMr Philippe LamusseT-shirts, dresses, tops, skirts6846735[email protected]
LAGUNA CLOTHING LTDMr Maneesh PatelGarments: casual wear, formal wear - shirts and blouses4019000[email protected]
LE COMPTOIR DE LA BRODERIEMr Michel AbadHand-embroidery works, smocks, handmade knitwear, cardigans, waistcoats, range of cashmere; tableclothes2633017[email protected]
LE TEXUMA LTEEMrs Uma ParbhunathT-shirt, Ladies, men's, and children's wear2087788[email protected]
LE TRICOT LTEEMr Ariff CurrimjeeT-Shirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, shorts, pullovers2833723[email protected]; [email protected]
LEO INT'L LTEEMrs Mishra LajwanteeJackets and trousers4198868[email protected]
LIAM TEXTILE LTDMr S. AppadooT-shirts, polo shirts, pareos,leggings, caps, screen printing & embroidery works2161741[email protected]
LIDA O'REILLYMrs Lida O'ReillyReady made garments for ladies and wedding gown6701546[email protected]
L'INATTENDU LTEEMrs Aline WongT-shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits, blouses, dresses, shorts, children's wear, skirts4165021[email protected]
LINDENWEAR LTDMr Leong Ho Fon SingT-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jogging suits 4124272[email protected]
M FAZIL BACKUS AND CO LTDMr. Fazil BackusScreen printed garments2637168[email protected]
MAC' ALLAN LTEEMr Jean Claude Ip Man PunLeather wallets, bags, folders, purses; textile products - polos, t-shirts, trousers, shirts261-7814[email protected]
MAURIFIL LTDMr Bundhoo NaimCotton, polyester cotton, spun polyester sewing thread52905555[email protected]
MAXIWEAR LTDMr Denis NgLight knitted garments, childrenswear and babieswear- ranging from semi-fashionable t-shirts to high value-added designer wear and sportswear2649640/41[email protected]
MEEMAH FASHION INDUSTRY LTDMr Iqbal UtteemunBlouses, dresses, skirts, shirts, bedsheets2161671, 2530848[email protected]
MELIWEAR CO LTDMr Lew Kim PingSocks2472773[email protected]
METRO GARMENTS MFG.LTDMrs Daisy LiUniforms248-2501[email protected]
MFM CONFECTIONS LTEEMr Sudhakaran MenonReady made garments, pants, women's coats, women's trousers, shirt, women's shirt, women's pant6863317[email protected]
MI-AMIGO LTEEMr Amine RamjahnJeanswear and other readymade garments4166133[email protected]
MISTER SANMr Sanjeev PoteahMade to measure garments for individuals and corporate bodies.52554950[email protected]
MULTI DIMENSION FASHIONMr Arnaud Desvaux De MarignyT-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts 6970028/29ade[email protected]
NEW ERA GARMENTS LTDMr. Dyaneshwar Heeraumun T-shirts, Polo shirts, sleeveless shirts, Kidswear, Ladies Dress.419 3229[email protected]
NIVRA ENTREPRISES LTDMr Ramamurthy, Mr VenkatasamiTrousers, jackets, blouses, dresses, bermudas, shorts, t-shirts, polo shirts, track suits,caps, overall, bungaries4132310/ 2913[email protected]
NOBEE LTDMr Ibrahim NobeebuxChildren's jerseywear (t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts), ladies' wear in jersey - tops, shorts, dresses, skirts2488484[email protected]
NOOR ENTERPRISES CO LTDMr Noorally JhummunT-shirts, polo shirts4374595[email protected]
NOUVELLE LINGERIE MAURICIENNE LTEE Mr Frederic FacchiniLadies underwear, night Wear4546410[email protected]
OCEAN DENIM LTDMr. Sadeck KeerpahJeanswear4116881[email protected]
Oceantex Garment Ltd Ms Roshni BhurtunChildren's wear 5 764 2753[email protected]
ORIGINAL CONFECTION LTDMr Patrick Lee ChungYarn 100% cotton, Grey Fabrics, Dyed Fabrics, Commission knitting and dyeing2472866[email protected]
PACIFIC SPORTSWEAR LTDMr Taheer Shaik RamanSportswear465-8155[email protected]
PALMAR LIMITEE- KNITSMr Guillaume Heller Vertically integrated knits manufacturer with print, embroidery & wash plant facility- t-shirts, polos, sweat shirts, joggings, tops, tank tops4017000[email protected]
PALMAR LIMITEE- WOVENMr Guillaume HellerSemi-integrated woven manufacturer with print, embroidery & wash plant facility- jeanswear, shorts, skirts4017000[email protected]
PASTEL BLUE (CIEL TEXTILE) Mr. Eric Eynaudladies blouses and skirts401 9565[email protected]
PEACE ANGELS LTDMr gaetano GnudiT-shirts, shirts and other garments2109576[email protected]
PROSIMEX INDUSTRIAL CO LTDMr Jean Paul Shi Shun                                              T-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, shorts, leggings & nightwear ,Skirts,Joggings.2482125[email protected]
PURE KNITWEAR LTDMr Noorani Gokholknitwear - pullovers, sweaters54218478[email protected]
QUALITEX / LE DAUPHIN LTDMr M Koon Sun PatT-shirts, fancy dresses, shorts, leggings2124926[email protected]
QUEENS FASHION CO LTDMrs Poulavi Sornumcasual wear, denimwear, woven garments2407081[email protected]
QUEENSWEAR LTDMr Brij MohabirsinghElastane jersey and elastane pique, jersey plain or feeder stripe, single/double pique and flat knits, double knits, fleece, brushed and unbrushed' collars and cuffs2109661[email protected]
QUENCH COLLECTION CO LTDMrs Veena SadafulLadies and men's garments- dresses, shirts, blouses, pants, shorts4355114[email protected]
R.E.A.L GARMENTS LTDMr Akhtar Abdool LatiffDenim Jeans, (shorts, skirts, trousers, jackets)2332634[email protected]
RADATEX ENTERPRISES LTDMr Dipnarain RamdohinDenim Products 4116409[email protected]
RAMBARRAN BROSMr. Said RambarranPrinted t-shirts4192179[email protected]
RECYCLING INDUSTRIES (MTIUS) LTDMr Krishna Narainen Recycling of textile waste for export: (100% Cotton Hosiery Clips, 100% Cotton Hosiery Wipers, 100% Ecru Cotton/Fine/Ribbed Quality, 100% Bleached Cotton/Fine/Ribbed Quality, Light Colored, Dark Colored, Colored Polyester, Bleached White) Felt & Needled Wadding: Needled Felts from recycled fibers for the reinforcement of spring mattresses (Mattress Pads). 2490171[email protected]
RIC ACTUEL CO. LTD Mr Ricardo AnamunthooMen's underwear 465 7587[email protected]
RIVERSIDE IMPEX CO LTDMr V. Sharma DoolooaDenimwear, t-shirts, skirts, bodies for men & women, kidswear59180969[email protected]
RIVERWALK INVESTMENT LTDMr François HugninFine Knitwear apparel - sweaters, scarves, hats, cardigans, pullovers, ponchos, shawls, leggings in any fibre6988386[email protected]
ROSSANA TEXTILES & TARA KNITWEAR LTDMr Alain Chan SunT-shirts, polo shirts, slipovers, sweatshirts 2123715/16[email protected]
RT KNITS LTDMrs Geraldine Sing Fat knitted tops,T-shirts, dresses, pant, skirts, golfer, sweaters, jackets.2068888[email protected]
S.A.V. GARMENTSMr Rabindranath BaichooSportswear and casual wear 4374588[email protected]
SEASONS' GARMENTS CO LTDMr N BhowaneedinJeans,trousers, shorts, salopettes, gilets, blouses, vests, shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, skirts, tracksuits4645048[email protected]
SELECT STYLE LTDMrs Elodie Du MeeSwimwear, beachwear & dancewear 6974139[email protected]
SHEENTEX LTDMr Iqbal MaghooHigh fashion knitwear- pullovers for kids ladies and men2490585[email protected]
SHIVANI MANUFACTURING LTDMr Subhas RamchurnKnitwear for ladies, men's and kids accessories, cashmere apparel and throws6975600[email protected]
SISSI CREATION LTDMr Jean C. Sylvio LuboisBabywear, children's wear, ladies' wear 4357635, 4357633[email protected]
SMART FOR SUCCESS LTD Mrs Patricia GenoidReady made garments in pure linen, corporate wear (suits), uniforms4836747[email protected]
SPY TRADING LTDMr S. BoolakeeT-shirt, polo shirt, sports garments- football, volley ,handball jersey and short, singlets and shorts for athletics, tracksuits2103165[email protected]
ST MALO EXPORTS LTDMrs Koon Linchichen Po YuenT-shirts, sweatshirts2471277[email protected]
STAR KNITWEAR GROUP LTDMr Dirk RobensT-shirts, polo-shirts, sweatshirts, dresses, Knitted Men's, Ladies', Kid's and baby wear4053200[email protected]
STREAM TEXTILE LTD M. F KoodunT-shirt, boxer short, polo shirts, leggings, men's underwears245 0991[email protected]
STRICK LTDMr Tom PangSewing thread2330549[email protected]
STRUCTURED CLOTHING LTDMr Noel Kissiong T-shirts, tops, pants, sweaters,shirts, children's wear 454-1332[email protected]
SUNLIGHT LTDMr Rashid Ackbaraullee Workwear, uniforms,t-shirts
5737 8241[email protected]
TAMAK TEXTILE LTD Mr Emmanuel Tsang Mang Kin Quality casual wears, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and shorts with prints (high density discharge) or embroidery (appliqués sequins or strass)2330020[email protected]
TEX AVENUE LTDMr Daniel NGGarments- t-shirts, ladies' tops, baby wear2649999[email protected]
TEX GROUP ( Tex Knits & Tex Denim Ltd )Mr Suresh Radha Fancy t-Shirts, printed shirts ,sweats ,polo shirts and denim products[email protected]
TEXPULL LTDMr Jay BhoyrooKnitwear - cashmere poncho, pullovers, cardigans, scarves, ladies' shorts, socks, dresses 6272137[email protected]
TEXTFIELD KNITTING LTDMr U K RamenT-shirts, polo shirts2490127[email protected]
TEXTILAMA MANUFACTURING LTDMr Chris JankarMenswear, ladieswear & childrenwear in knitted & woven fabrics- t-shirts, polo-shirts, pants, dress4372034[email protected]
TEXTO LTEEMrs Marie-Line Ah MinKnitted products- t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, pants, nightgowns, pyjamas4059232[email protected]
THE VFORMULA LTD Mrs Gunjan BhatnagarT-shirt and denim 57476048; 2333411[email protected]
TIANLI SPINNING (MAURITIUS) CO LTDMs. Lily Zhang100% combed cotton yarn, carded yarn, open end yarn and cotton combed noils6863981[email protected]
TIBO & ZIAMrs Diane MaigrotChildren's wear4549026[email protected]
TOGUI LTDMr Guito Le PoignueurReady made garments- t-shirts, shirts, polo-shirts, pareo, caps,chef hats4647572[email protected]
TOP KNITS LTDMr Behary PanrayKnitted fabrics & knitted garments433 5189[email protected]
TROPIC KNITS LTD (CIEL TEXTILE)Mr Bertrand ThevenauFashion & basic t-shirts & polo shirts, ladies tops, dresses and kidswear.6021000[email protected]
TROPICAL GARMENTS LTDMr Ahmed BundhooDenim products- denim parts, boot leg, shorts, skirts and jackets 4130034[email protected]
VICTORY EXPORTS LTDMrs Caroline LiT-shirts, polo-shirts, sportwear, children's garments, sweatshirts2126352[email protected]
VICTORY GARMENTS LTDMr Reshad GoonajeeT-shirts, polo-shirts, sportswear210-4246[email protected]
VR CREATIONS LTDMr Jugdish Bhoonye Pullovers,Shawls,Cardigans,Ponchos6779189[email protected]
WASH PLUS LTDMr Sam MeeksTailor made denim jeans, garment washing and provision of other value added processes such as sand blasting, hand scrapping, spray effects, tints and special wash effects2332680[email protected]
WAVELINE LTDMs Valerie Harel Casual garments such as tops, T-shirts, dresses for ladies, & Kids ,resortwear,swimwear,casual wear.6709608/09  [email protected]
WENSUM LTD Mr Avinash GoburdhunHigh quality men's and ladies suits, jackets, trousers, skirts, waist coat, overcoats, made to measure suits670 0540, 6753122[email protected]; [email protected]
WORLD KNITS LTDMr Roland Espitalier NoelFine knits fashion and sleepwear- ladies and mens tops, loungewear, activewear and casual children's wear4038552[email protected]
WOVEN LABELS (MTIUS) LTDMs Danielle ChanWoven labels in polyester and satin, braids and diecut shapes 2332500/03[email protected]
X-SKY LTDMrs Savinah Cano JimenezParachutes and wingsuits2617978[email protected]
YNC MEDIFIRST CO LTDMr.C.BoyjonauthShirts 54215773[email protected]
ZINAIDA A.RAMJAN LTD Mrs Zinaida Ameeraly RamjanLingerie (bustiers, bras, briefs, camisole, boxers, shorts, tops, knickers, nightwears), Fancy Jewellery & Accessories 5 253 5554[email protected]