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What is AMADE ?

The AMADE (Accés aux marchés publics pour le Développement Economique ) project is an initiative of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) to provide assistance to institutions in at least 20 French speaking developing countries in the process of enhancing the capacity of local enterprises in participating in national and international public tenders/ business opportunities arising from projects funded by donors’ institutions.

The project aims at;

  • Retrieving, compiling and processing information on international or regional tender announcements and approved projects.
  • Disseminating these opportunities and all related information to registered companies.
  • Providing assistance to these companies in the submission of applications for tenders when required and encourage them to operate in network.

Local enterprises are invited to participate in competitive bidding by submitting tender documents for tenders published by international or regional implementing agencies or funding institutions. Those enterprises that want to be informed regularly are invited to give their company profile and thus become subscribers. The list of identified tenders and projects are regularly through email and through the actual website. If interested and capable to participate, they need to download other documents and contact representatives of the respective agency/ies for more clarifications. They should then proceed with working appropriate solutions for the project, propose and submit the tender documents  by ensuring that the latters reach the agency on or before the deadline.

Moreover, enterprises are also informed on potential opportunities that exist as soon as projects are approved by funding agencies. Normally approved projects may comprise opportunities in different priority sectors and tenders will come out from each sector in future (sometimes  in 6 month’ or a year’s time). Before the tenders are published or advertised, entrepreneurs are invited to carry out  all research and analysis work that would help them to formulate the best solutions when submitting the tender documents.

The benefits of the project to enterprises:

  • Access to numerous opportunities on the public markets as principal applicant or as a member of a consortium or  as a sub-contractor
  • Possibility of enhancing or improving  technical capabilities; being innovative  in order to be internationally competitive and to be  the required standard
  • Possibility of developing strategic partner relationships in order to  be in better position to tap opportunities  available on national and international markets
  • Working with established transparent procedures and reliable funding
  • Access and develop networks among institutions and enterprises of the region.

For more details and support: Contact:

Billy Zephyr       –  email: [email protected] – Tel:  +230 213 7773

Reshma Napaul – email: [email protected] – Tel: +230 213 7774