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Exporting to Africa Workshop—Part 2
Marketing and Selling Your Products in Africa
23rd-24th November 2017


Increases in export figures towards new market destinations such as Kenya and Tanzania post these events, clearly indicate that Mauritian manufacturers have enormous potential for growth and expansion in the Africa. However, this potential is often hindered by lack of knowledge of export markets, export procedures, documentation, compliance to standards and lack of innovation.

In light of the identified scope of internal constraints and external impediments for exporting to Africa, for the first time, Enterprise Mauritius embarked on the ambitious project to organise an integrated workshop for Mauritian enterprises already exporting to Africa, and also targeting those wishing to export to Africa. On 17-18th July 2017, Enterprise Mauritius conducted a first The Exporting to Africa Workshop 1: Accessing the SADC, COMESA, IOC, Northern and Western African Markets.

The first workshop ended with a break-out session during which participants shared their recommendations for future action. One of the concerns raised was about the lack of awareness about marketing and sales opportunities and strategies in Africa. To this end, Enterprise Mauritius is organising Exporting to Africa Workshop 2: Marketing and Selling Your Products in Africa.

The Exporting to Africa Workshop 2: Marketing and Selling Your Products in Africa is scheduled for 23rd-24th November 2017. The venue selected for the event is BPML Tower, Conference Hall 1, Ebene.


Event Details:
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For Registration: 
Please call (+230) 2129760
Contact Persons:
1) Mr. Oumesh Prithipaul, email: [email protected],
2) Ms. Pritilukshmi Ramdawa, email: [email protected]

Reference Materials:
1)  Interim Economic Partnership Agreement Protocol Annex II
Refer to this document to identify the processing that your product needs to undergo to qualify for EUR 1 certificate

Presentation Materials: 

Day 1

Day 2